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Fuck me, Hale, she really wants you…! I thought to myself - very unsettled by the fact after last night - as I looked around from the TV, having felt suddenly overcome by the waves of unashamed lust, and realised who those waves were rolling languidly off of. The little brunette on the other squishy white sofa from the one I was sprawled on, trying to be subtle about that fact it was me she was watching. Only my vampire enhanced vision allowed me to catch her gaze before her eyes flickered back to her book, but I was sure I caught the flicker of an embarrassedly little smirk. She clearly thought I hadn't noticed her latest little fantasy moment, but after all she only had human eyes to guide her….and clearly Bella knew nothing of my ability.

This bizarre, hidden - or so she thought - dance had been going on for weeks now and I remained none the wiser as to what was behind it. It was flattering yeah but totally baffled me. It had started one night when Edward had gone hunting (or "visiting family in Seattle") with Emmett and Rose, leaving Bella at the house having a "sleepover" with Alice. This is what they had told Charlie I guessed - no way would he let her stay if he thought they would be together! I chuckled internally at the thought of poor, oblivious Charlie and this whole over-protective father shit that he had going on when it came to his virginal only daughter. Ironically, in this house it was her blood not her body that was lusted after - she was theoretically more in danger of losing her life than her innocence - and he knew absolutely nothing about it.

But in reality, after all the shit with James in the spring and the fact that her and Edward were so in love (a fact I knew only too well having felt it all for myself every moment they are here!), we had welcomed her into the family and none of us would want to see her get hurt.

Well maybe Rose but we all know that's just bitchiness not murderous intent!

Even I had grown quite….content with her presence, now I had gotten to know her better during those days in the hotel room. I admit her erratic emotions were those of a human teenager and a complex individual, and therefore a little harder to cope with than those of the controlled ancient creatures I was used to, but I could deal for her sake

and I could chill her out undetected when I couldn't be bothered to deal! I thought with a satisfied grin

I figured that this might be part of why she liked it so much here - always talking about how safe and happy she felt - but hey I like making people happy. Happy is certainly an easier emotion than this new, and very odd one….

I remembered the first time I felt it from her. Having said goodbye to the hunting party, and to Carlisle and Esme who were off to celebrate their anniversary.

"You have fun now" said Esme with a smile as she hugged us all "but Bella you get some sleep at some point, please!"

"You too! I'm way jealous of this hotel you are going to, it sounds Ahmazing!" Alice had replied excitedly.

They left and then Bella was curled up with Alice watching some chick movie and I found myself at a bit of a loose end for company. I didn't mind I mean its obvious to most I'm no party animal and I did like being near the girls when they were together - their bond had gotten very strong as the summer went on and I felt calmed by the contented love they projected. Not to mention the fact that their over-excited girly crap in reaction to bits of the movies they watched was kinda funny! So I had laid on the opposite couch from them - where I am now - with my headphones in and closed my eyes to the music.

I had felt Bella's lust before, and it was not the most pleasant to endure when you knew the object was your own brother - especially considering the hormonal, first-love strength of the thing. However it was always tinged with something else - frustration and…..resignation. In truth it was driving me crazy despite getting my release from Alice, I could still feel her tension so it hadn't escaped my attention (nor my heightened senses in the next room to Edward's) that clearly he was turning down like, even her most creative of advances and it was affecting her more than I think he realised.

Don't get me wrong he wanted her (I felt his lust all too unwillingly as well) but as much as I love my brother there ain't no denying he is uptight - all worry and morals and self denial. I had heard him - I couldn't help but her him with his "We can't" and "We shouldn't" and "Not yet love" and all the rest of it and rolled my eyes at his self denial. The hope Bella had was still there whenever they retired to his room I could tell but it was fading, almost imperceptibly, all the time and I think she was getting a little bit pissed to be honest - not to mention a big bit impatient - that girl wanted him bad!

This time had been different though.

Edward wasn't even there, nor being mentioned, and the movie was pretty chaste so at first, I thought the arousal was coming from my Alice, thinking about later tonight, but when I looked up to give her a seductive smile, the scene in front of me didn't fit with the mood or my own thoughts and for an instant I was knocked off balance. It was Bella who had hurriedly cast her eyes back to the screen and blushed in the way Edward loved so much. It was cute there was no denying but it made me a little panicky knowing what she had just been feeling, although now embarassment and fear had overshadowed the lustful feelings. Whereas romcom junkie Alice had never been anything but transfixed by whatever sap was happening with Johnny and Baby or whoever the hell it was tonight. Does not compute - I mean if Bella was fantasising over the male lead why was she staring unseen at me before I caught her??? I just shrugged it off as that weird human and her crazy mind and went back to my cd.

But it had kept on happening. Maybe 5 or 6 times now I caught her surge of desire…and now curiosity….caught her looking and been bemused by the whole damn skit. I knew she didn't know I was an empath or she would have run a mile from me these days so I acted normal when we chatted. That was until today….well last night.

Alice was hunting with Edward and it was pretty late by human standards so Bella was in his bed - a big, showy, luxurious thing bought solely for her - and I was next door in my room watching a movie when I heard something only my exceptional ears could hear and at the same moment felt the turned on feeling start to creep in. I was used to this of course, what with 2 other vampire coulples being in the same house and having the hearing that we did, we were all pretty used to this and were decades past the awkwardness. But this was not a familiar sound and my curiosity had gotten the better of me making me pause the movie to see if I would hear it again.


And there it was, a soft little moan - not Esme since she and Carlisle were still downstairs doing mundane, downstairs type things; and certainly not Rose because damn she was a screamer - so I deduced it had to be Bella. Alone. The realisation of what that implied was….

Pretty hot I thought, with a smirk That boy needs his head checked leaving her in that state AGAIN ……oh well at least she gets what she needs. Finally.

"mmm" "uhhh"

Shit….it was starting to turn me on, I could fell myself getting hard just listening to the effects of her shy little self-exploration…..she made some pretty hot little sex noises and I'm nothing if not a red blooded young guy (well not literally anymore but you get the idea).


That one was a little louder….damn it was naughty but I couldn't stop myself from listening now…..I undid my zipper and put my hand down my tight boxers to stroke my, now very hard, cock; laying back and closing my eyes. I wasn't really thinking of Bella or even Alice, but just getting lost in those cute little moans and the feeling of pleasure seeping through the wall…..

"mmmm" "mmmMMM"

They were getting more impatient and closer together…she was close and aww hell so was I! I stroked faster up and down the length of my shaft - I could even hear her breath catching now - and I could feel myself tensing up…

"oh yes……JASPER!"

My hand had literally frozen in its tracks and my eyes flew open.


I heard her come and only dully registered how ridiculously hot it sounded - SOME day Edward is gonna be pretty darn lucky - in the back of my head because right then up until right now after the latest round of Bella's secret watching me game the front of my head had only one thought What the FUCK is going on with her????"

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