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Chapter 4: Cassie's secret

Mal was sitting in the cockpit later that night, being the only one that was up for the graveyard shift onboard Serenity. He was starting to drift to sleep when a blanket was wrapped around his shoulders. He looked up to find his sister there with a hot mug of whatever in one hand and something wrapped up in her other hand.

"Thought you wanted something to eat while you were here," Cassie said as she put the two items down away from any major controls on the control panel.

"Xiexie, mei-mei," Mal said as he sat up on the chair a bit straighter than before. "You wanna tell me something you're not sharing with the rest of us, 'Sandra?"

Cassie stared down at the floor. Only Mal called her that when he saw something he didn't like that she did. Sighing, Cassie took the other available seat across from Mal. Staring out into space, she sighed again before she spoke.

"I'm to report back on Persephone in a week's time. So much for me taking a small vacation from the Guild..." Cassie said as she ran a hand through her hair. "Apparently, they need someone more you jing yan [experienced] than the one they have already there..."

"Experienced in what way...?" Mal asked as he took a sip of the contents in the mug...it was coffee, just the way Mal liked it.

"Gathering Intel for the Guild in regards to the Alliance's move on smugglers like us," Cassie replied as the older Reynolds looked at his younger sibling.

"Nothing about you and Jayne at all then?"

Cassie's vibrant lavender eyes looked over at the tone of the question. She narrowed them a bit to where they were slits, piercing a glance so strong that Mal thought the room got a bit colder.

"What goes on between me and Cobb has nothing to do with my assignment. Believe me, there are things I bury deep in my liang xin [conscience] that you have no idea what I carry in the depths of my mind, Malcolm. And one of them is how I live my love life. I could say the same for you and 'Nara too, but I'm better than to question it, ge-ge," Cassie said, her words carried a bit of venom in them.

'Apparently there was something going on between Jayne and Cassie,' Mal thought to himself as he dismissed the idea from his mind.

"Then I apologize, mei-mei. Just wanted to make sure that you're not here to ruin us."

"Now, why would I do that if I'm one of the two owners of Serenity? If I wasn't, that's a different story for a different day. But you should know better, since I paid for her with money I had."

And with that, Cassie got up to her feet and walked out of the cockpit.

'So much for trying to get along with her...' Mal thought to himself as he took another gulp of his coffee.

Mal wanted to try and re-establish whatever there was left of the sister he knew and cared about, but whatever happened to Cassie while she was at the Academy must have really made her try and watch out of where her loyalty went...even if it meant not trusting her own flesh and blood.

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