Yes, I'm being bad. I'm starting a new story when I haven't finished my others. But this one has been glooping around in my head for a bit and I'd better start it before it gloops off.

'It's obviously one of those old water things that heat things up.'

'You sound very definite, Owen, are you sure?'

'Well I don't see any bright ideas coming from you, PC Cooper. And it's got that polished copper look.'

'Only it's not copper.'

'Yes, thank you, Tosh. I was aware of that.'

'I think it's an alien coffee machine,' Gwen tapped the object hesitantly, she leant forward to listen.

'Expecting an answer?'

'Shut up Owen, and it's not hollow.'

'Yeah well we already established that, nearly put my back out trying to lift it.'

'Jack'll be able to tell us what it is,' Tosh ran her scanner over it.

'Yeah, that or he'll be able to invent an interesting story for it.'

'How about we lift it off the floor? I nearly tripped over it before.'

'Fine, Tosh, Gwen, you take that side.'

'As if you can manage that side by yourself!'

'I'm strong!'

'Men! Give it here!'

'Stick to your side, muscling in on my territory!'


'Guys! It's tipping!'

'Squabbling again, kids?' Jack walked down the stairs towards them, his eyes widened, 'Put that do-'


'Ianto?' Gwen called down the Archive stairs, 'Ianto, are you there?' Ianto looked out curiously from behind the shelves. 'Ianto, it's Jack,' Gwen motioned for him to follow and disappeared quickly back up the stairs. Ianto made one last mark on the file then followed after Gwen.

'What happened?' Ianto stood back as Owen pulled Jack's boots off. Jack lay propped up against the steps, face pale and tremors running down his arms. Tosh was running the scanner over his legs while Jack argued weakly with a grim faced Owen.

'That,' Gwen gestured at the innocent looking copper box, 'fired something at Jack. We don't know how permanent the effects are.'

'Effects?' Ianto watched as Jack swatted Owen away and tried to stand up.

'He's para-' Gwen stopped with a gasp as Jack immediately fell head first back down. She darted and Tosh and Owen crowded around him. Ianto ran a distracted hand through his hair and heard the gasp as Jack came back to life.

'Legs' still numb?'

'Still numb,' Jack repeated irritably, 'and like hell I'm going to hospital.'

'And like hell you're staying here,' Owen snapped back equally irritably, 'Harkness, in case you haven't noticed, you can't walk. I can make up an excuse and get you into Cardiff A&E until we figure something out.'

Jack struggled to sit up with Gwen supporting his back, then he turned sideways and was sick.


Ianto glanced sideways as he drove home; Jack's head flopped loosely on the seat next to him.

'I have stairs up to my flat.'

'Good,' Owen heaved Jack into the passenger seat, 'that'll stop him escaping.'

'Can't he stay with you instead?'

'Only one bedroom and I'm not sharing. Nor am I sleeping on the couch. And he's not either.'

'And if something happens?'

'I have my phone on, and I'll be in the Hub running tests anyway. We'll figure it out.'

Ianto sighed and turned off the engine, reaching over to undo Jack's seat belt. The Captain immediately slid sideways and fell across the handbrake. Moving around the other door, Ianto hauled Jack out by his arms and let him fall limply onto his shoulder.

'Where am I?' Jack slurred into Ianto's collar.

'Can you walk at all?' Ianto ignored the question and maneuvered Jack around so he could kick the door shut.

'Below knees numb.'

'Ok,' with a heave, Ianto pulled Jack up higher and locked his arms around the Captain's waist, dragging him backwards towards the front door. He saw the distinct twitch of his neighbour's curtain as she spied on him. 'Now my neighbours think I'm kidnapping you,' he muttered into Jack's hair as they shuffled over the doorstep. 'Oh,' Ianto looked at the stairs leading to his flat then back at the man slumped against him. Steeling himself, Ianto looped his arms under Jack's knees and staggered up the stairs.

Dropping Jack on the spare bed, Ianto went back down for his bag.

'Ianto?' Jack said thickly when Ianto reappeared, 'Where am I?'

'My flat,' Ianto said shortly, 'Tosh packed your clothes,' he held up the bag.

'Hm,' Jack rolled onto his back and shut his eyes, 'did Owen drug me?'

'A lot. He said you should sleep. How do you feel?'

Jack chuckled weakly, 'Revolting, can't feel anything in my knees or below. Am I staying here?'

'Until Owen can figure out how to reverse this, yes,' Ianto sat down on the bed and unlaced Jack's boots.

'Are you doing something to my leg?' Jack asked without opening his eyes.

'Just taking your boots off.'

Jack sighed and rubbed his face, 'I hate this, I can't feel a thing.'

'You need to sleep,' Ianto stood up and turned the light off, 'Call me if you need help.'

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