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Squad Unit 19.


"So you're the winner's of Warped Steel. Mr. Z has told me about your skills, and I must say I'm impressed," Mr. X said with a curled grin. "You've shown potential in this contest. According to Mr. Z, you have a request for me?"

"You bet we do! We want you to end this contest for good!" Mickey stated firmly.

"And the rules state: 'Whatever you desire', remember?" Minnie added.

"Those were the rules I created," Mr. X said. "But I'm afraid that I can't end the contest just like that."

"Oh, really?" Mickey replied, crossing his arms.

"Yes, you see I've been holding this contest far too long to just give up. That is why I wanted to meet you." Both mice quirked a brow. "You managed to beat the other competitors and Mr. Z, but there is one more more obstacle... Me."

"Lemme guess: We must face you in a final match," Mickey surmised.

"You guessed it, kid." Mr. X replied.

"Alright, wise guy. If we win, you hafta end the contest for good," Mickey said.

"And you have to surrender," Minnie added.

"But if I win, you two won't live to see the light of day. Are you sure you're willing to risk you lives?" A sly grin came to Mickey's lips.

"You didn't think we'd get this far and quit, did ya?"

"We're not gonna back down that easily," Minnie grinned, placing her hand on her hips.

"You've got spunk. You better hope that shows in your driving." Mr. X held out his hand. "We'll race a two-on-two match. Mr. Z and I against you kids. You win, I'll follow your terms. But if I win, I'll bury you both where I want." Both mice glanced to each other and gave a small nod, then both shook his hand.

"Deal," Mickey said.

"Deal," Minnie said.

"Good. The location of the final match is the construction site down on Monty Avenue. Are you up to it?"

"We're ready!" both mice said. Mr. X nodded.

"Then make sure your vehicle is ready. I want to have a little fun with you both before I kill you." With that, he turned and began to walk toward his hummer, with Mr. Z right behind him. Mickey and Minnie also began walking back to their car.

"I hope that those officers O'Hara said he'd dispatch is keeping a close watch over this," she said.

"As long as we keep just one step ahead of these nuts, we should be fine," he said. As they got to the car, Minnie held out her hand.

"Gimme the keys. It's my turn to drive."

"Maybe I should drive in this race," he suggested. She lowered her hand.

"Don't you want me to drive?" she asked.

"In this race, no."

"Why not? I can handle them."

"I know you can. I just think it would be better if I drive," he explained. She placed her hands on her hips and looked firmly at him.

"This isn't that 'men are better drivers than women' is it?"

"It's not that."

"Then why can't I drive? It's my turn, remember?"

"I know. I just think it would be better if I drove. We don't know how tough this guy is, and we don't want to take any chances."

"I can handle them, Mickey," she declared.

"I know you can. But I don't want you getting hurt. Won't you please sit this race out?" Minnie's attitude softened. Then she stepped closer and took his hand.

"Oh, Mickey... That's really sweet of you, and I thank you for it, but I can't and won't sit this out. We've came this far together, and I'm sticking by you the rest of the way."


"No buts." She cut him off and gave him a firm grin. "We're a team, Mickey Mouse. You and I together. Face it, buster, you're stuck with me." She gave him a gentle poke on his chest with her index finger and giggled. He sighed and grinned.

"All right... But I'm still drivin'." She grinned, sighed a defeated sigh and nodded.

"Alright. Deal. Just be careful."

"Got it. Now get in and buckle up tight," he said with a light commanding voice.

"Yes, sir, captain!" she said lightly and sprinted over to the other side of the car. The mice got in and buckled up about time that the Hummer rolled past them. Mickey started the Monaco, then he and Minnie followed Mr. X and Mr. Z to the construction site. As they drove to the location, both mice had a little time to think.

"The construction site they're heading to - isn't that where they're building that new bank?" Minnie asked.

"The very same. There must be a reason they want us to go there," Mickey replied.

"Most likely, but I doubt we'll like the reason why."

"If Mr. X is as good a driver as Mr. Z in that thing, we'll have a harder time keeping up," Mickey mused.

"That thing is more nimble than that rig. It's not as fast as out car, but it certainly has more firepower. We don't have any," Minnie tossed back.

"Check the glove box."

"Huh?" Confused and curious, Minnie did as she was told and opened the glove compartment to find... "A flare gun?"

"I thought I'd put it in there just in case we needed it."

"Don'tcha think we might need something with a little more 'umph'?"

"Not necessarily. If you aim for just the right target, this'll be all the firepower we need. You think you can handle it?" She grinned.

"You can count on me."

The drive to the construction site didn't take but just several minutes. The mouse duo followed behind the Hummer as it pulled up to the site. I-beams, several bags of concrete, and other building equipment lay scattered about the area. Construction of the main building hadn't even begun yet. They followed behind the Hummer until it rolled to a stop in the dirt. They saw the reverse lights come on and go off indicating that it had been shifted into park. Mickey put the Monaco in park and he and Minnie unbuckled their seat belts, then they saw the doors of the Hummer open. Once Mr. Z and Mr. X had stepped out, the mice did the same.

"Welcome to your final challenge, contenders," Mr. X said, addressing the mice. "I hope you're both ready for a showdown." Both mice grinned firmly at the men.

"Heh. We're ready!" Mickey stated.

"Well I suppose I should explain the rules then," Mr. X said. "The rules for this race are different from anything you've faced thus far. The rules are simple enough: All you have to do is beat me however you can. But keep in mind that I won't go easy on you."

"Well we're not gonna go easy on you either, pal," Mickey smirked.

"We're going to give it all we've got," Minnie added. Mr. X smirked.

"Good. You two might actually be some formidable competition. However this isn't a race. It's a showdown. The last one standing will be the winner. Is that clear?"

"Crystal," both mice answered.

"Good. Now ready your vehicle." The mouse duo turned to get back into their Monaco as the dog duo did the same with the Hummer. The mice buckled themselves in and watched as the Hummer turned around to face them and backed up a little. Then Mr. Z stuck his head out the passenger side window and waved his pistol in the air.

"On your mark! Get set!" Both mice tensed a little in wait... "GO!" BANG! At the sound of the gunshot, the turret on the roof of the Hummer began to fire a barred of bullets just a few feet from the front of the Monaco. Both mice gasped and Mickey quickly threw the car into reverse and hit the gas. He backed up, then turned the wheel and hit the brakes. He spun a 180, shifted into drive and hit the gas.

"Are those two crazy?!" Minnie shrieked.

"More like completely insane!" Mickey said. He sped the Monaco over the dirt as they tried to outrun their insane pursuers. They could hear the sound of the turret firing behind them as they sped away. Mickey swerved around a right corner and the Hummer followed them. He swerved left around some I-beams, but the Hummer remained on their tail.

Speeding through the construction equipment, Mickey swerved around a pickup that was parked off to the left side. The Hummer crashed right into the truck and knocked it out of the way like it was a mere toy, with the Hummer almost unscathed from the crash. Minnie opened the glove box, pulled out the flare gun and loaded the first flare into the barrel.

"You just point out the target and when to shoot it," she said with a smirk. Mickey grinned. She never ceased to amaze him.

"We have to wait for just the right opportunity. I'll see if I can get behind them," he said. "Just hang on tight!" Mickey sped up a little and looked for the right opportunity to make his move. Glancing behind them, the Hummer was still there, but a few car-lengths behind. Naturally, the Hummer wasn't as nimble or fast as the Monaco, but it was stronger and the firepower it wielded beat theirs by a long shot. Sliding around a large pile of sand, he decided to make his move...

As Mr. Z and Mr. X rounded the same plie of sand, they come to realize that the mice were no longer in vision. Then Mr. Z looked behind them to see the Monaco.

"They're behind us, sir!"

"Those little vermin's must have turned around. Well let's see what they can do," Mr. X said with a evil grin. Mickey and Minnie noticed the Hummer begin to speed up.

"They've spotted us!" Minnie said.

"Now! Aim for the back of the turret!" Mickey ordered.

"Roger!" she replied as she stuck her right arm out the passenger window and took aim at the back of the turret. "Hold it steady." She aimed at the back of the turret and fired. The first flare hit the target. Minnie quickly reloaded the next flare into the gun and took aim again. But the turret swiveled around and took aim at them. "Mickey!"

Mickey quickly swerved the Monaco just in time to avoid the barred of gunfire. Thankfully, none of the bullets hit its target.

"You okay?" Mickey asked his wife.

"Yeah. I'm okay. Thanks, Mickey," she replied with a light smile. They may love cheese, but they didn't want to become Swiss cheese. Mickey quickly pulled a 180 and began driving in the other direction. Mr. X saw this and turned the Hummer around and began to give chase. Mickey swerved the Monaco around a parked truck and drove by a cement mixer, while the Hummer stayed on their tail.

"If we could just outmaneuver that thing, we could get another shot," Mickey mentioned.

"All you gotta do is get me behind it long enough for me to get a shot," Minnie stated. Mickey sped up and tried to put a little distance between them and the Hummer. He decided to see if the same trick would work again. He drove up to a cement truck, spun around it and hit the brakes.

Mr. X drove around the truck, trying to find the Monaco, unaware that it was behind him. Mickey got close enough and Minnie put her arm out the window and took aim at the back of the turret. She pulled the trigger and fired. The flare hit the back of the turret and a shower of sparks ignited from the turret.

"I got it!" Minnie shouted happily.

"Good job, Minnie!" Mickey complimented proudly.

"Thanks, Mickey," she replied with a modest smile as she pulled her arm back inside. Mr. X became aware of the mice' presence and tried to control the turret, but he couldn't do as he expected.

"What's wrong with this thing?!" he shouted in anger.

"They must have disabled it!" Mr. Z mused. Mr. X growled. He wasn't about to let a couple of young mice beat him.

"I'm going to kill those mice!"

"Easy, sir. Remember your blood pressure."

"I don't care about my blood pressure!!"

Mickey and Minnie watched as the Hummer began to maneuver erratically, swerving from side to side. They couldn't help but wonder if Mr. X had finally lost what marbles he had. The Hummer bounded over the terrain and either swerved around objects or just plowed straight into them. Finally, the Hummer's taillights came on and it skidded to a stop in the dirt and remained idle. Both mice watched suspiciously.

"What're they up to?" Mickey pondered.

"I don't know. But I bet it isn't good," Minnie remarked. As a precaution, she loaded the next flare into the gun. Just then the reverse lights of the Hummer came on and it began backing up toward them. Mickey shifted into reverse and hit the throttle. They backed up a ways before the Hummer swerved around and began facing the Monaco.

"We end this now, vermin!" Mr. X hollered from inside the Hummer. "There can be only one winner of Warped Steel!"

"Minnie," Mickey said, not taking his eyes off the Hummer," Shoot for the grill. Got it."

"Got it," Minnie answered. She gripped the gun in her hand, ready to fire. Mr. X hit the throttle and the Hummer accelerated toward the Monaco head on. Mickey punched the throttle and the Monaco began to accelerate toward the Hummer.

"Now!" he shouted. Minnie stuck her hand out the window and aimed for the Hummer's front grill. She fired the first shot which hit its target. She quickly brought her hand inside and loaded the next flare.

"This is our last flare!" she said as she took aim at the grill once more.

"Try not to miss!"

"I won't." She pulled the trigger and fired the final flare. Direct hit. It hit the grill and punctured the radiator. A cloud of white smoke blew from under the hood, indicating the damage had been done. Mr. X couldn't see through the smoke and began to lose control. The Hummer swerved to the left, then swerved to the right and lost control.

Mickey swerved the Monaco to the right to avoid being slammed by the Hummer as it drove past them on the left. It crashed into a parked pickup, flipped over and rolled two times before coming to a rest on it tires. Mickey quickly turned the Monaco around and raced back to the crash scene. As soon as he brought the Monaco to a stop, he and Minnie jumped out and ran to the wrecked Hummer. Both mice could see that the vehicle was in danger of exploding.

They ran up to the smoking vehicle and tried to get the driver door open, but it was jammed shut. They dashed over to the right side, and together, managed to pull open the passenger door. Mr. Z and Mr. X were injured, but alive.

"Come on! This thing's gonna explode!" Mickey said.

"We've gotta go!" Minnie said. They helped Mr. Z out of the wreck, who gave no resistance, then all three helped out Mr. X. Once he was clear, all three started to run away from the wreck, Mickey and Minnie side by side and the men behind them. But Mr. X lost his balance and stumbled. Mickey and Minnie glanced back.

"Just go! I've got him!" Mr. Z ordered, helping Mr. X to his feet. Mickey and Minnie took off running with Mr. Z and Mr. X behind them. The mice ran behind the Monaco and ducked down as they wrapped their arms around each other protectively. Mr. Z helped Mr. X behind the car and both hunkered down.


Mickey and Minnie shook as they heard the explosion and felt the tremor of the blast, which jarred the old cop cruiser they took shelter behind. After they knew it was clear, Mickey and Minnie unclenched their arms from around one another and instinctively looked at one another.

"Are you okay?" both asked at the same time. Both grinned.

"I'm okay," both answered again, then smiled and chuckled. They stood up, along with Mr. Z and Mr. X, and looked at what remained of the Hummer. Nothing but a chard shell that was engulfed in flames.

"You saved us..." Mr. Z said, sounding surprised, getting the mice attention as they turned to the men.

"You may be bad guys, but we couldn't let you die," Mickey explained with a light tone.

"We had to help you. Even if you are bad guys," Minnie added, also with a light tone. A grin formed on Mr. Z's face.

"Perhaps you two aren't so bad after all."

"I suppose now that you saved us, we really don't have much choice but to surrender to your demands," Mr. X said.

"We had a deal," Mickey reminded.

"And we shook on it," Minnie added. Just then, a dark blue Chevy Impala and a grey Ford Crown Victoria rolled up, and some undercover officers stepped out, some with their guns drawn.

"Get on your knees and put your hands behind your head!" one of the officers ordered.

"We surrender," Mr. X implied as he and Mr. Z did as the cop commanded. Mickey and Minnie stepped back as a few officers moved in and frisked the men, removing the gun from Mr. Z's pocket, then placed them into handcuffs. Then a marked patrol car rolled up, getting the mice' attention.

"Congratulations, kids!" Chief O'Hara complimented, stepping out of his car. "You actually brought down the guys behind Warped Steel. Thank you both!"

"Gosh, you're welcome, chief," Mickey said as he shook O'Hara's hand.

"We're glad these guys are out of business," Minnie said as she, too, shook O'Hara's hand.

"Well you both put a lot of work into it. What you did was dangerous, but you came through and caught the bad guys."

"We're just glad that these guys can't hold the contest again," Mickey said with a relieved tone.

"The contest is finally over for good," Minnie said, also with a relieved tone.

"Well I owe you both." O'Hara reached his hand out to shake the mice' hands again. "Thank you."

"You're welcome!" both mice said.

"Oh!" Mickey reached into his pocket and pulled out the silver cell phone. "Here's the phone he gave us."

"Thanks, Mickey," O'Hara said. Just then, Roger and Julia rolled up and got out of the car.

"Congratulations, you did it!" Julia said happily as she shook the mice' hands.

"You really did it," Roger said.

"Thanks. I hope we brought your brother some justice," Mickey said.

"Believe me, you have," Julia smiled.

"How is your brother?" Minnie asked.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Julia grinned. A man steeped out of the back seat of the Crown Victoria.

"I'm doing just fine. I made a full recovery, and have been working for quite a while now. I want to thank you for not letting my sister and my brother-in-law do anything to get themselves hurt," he said as he shook the mice hands.

"You're welcome!" both mice said. Later, after the police and Roger, Julia and the family member had left...

"We did it," Mickey said, letting out a sigh. "We actually did it."

"Yes we did," Minnie said as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around her waist. "We did it together."

"It's finally over. The contest is over for good."

"We put a stop to that crazy contest." Mickey smiled gently.

"Thanks for all your help, Minnie. I couldn't have done it without you."

"Oh, Mickey. You're welcome. I wanted to help you. Anytime," Minnie smiled. "I told you we're a team," she added playfully.

"Yes, you did. Thank you."

"You're welcome." Minnie leaned up and nuzzled her nose against his as she hugged him close and vice versa. Then she pressed her lips to his. After a few seconds, both pulled back. "So what are we going to to do about the car?" she asked curiously. He thought for a moment.

"Hmm. I think I have an idea..."

Mickey and Minnie gave the car back to O'Hara's friend, Smith, at the junkyard. He was pleased to know that the old cop cruiser served its duty once again, and said that he would hold onto the car for them and keep it restored, should they ever need it again. Smith was happy to give the young mice a ride back home, since the '78 Monaco was their ride. Mr. Z confessed about the murders and told the police where to find the bodies. The bodies of four men; the two men from the tuners, the driver of the wrecker and the driver of the ambulance were discovered all wrapped up in tarps. Mr. Z would be charged with four counts of murder, and Mr. X an associate to the murders. Both would be convicted.

Julia's brother had made a full recovery from his own encounter with Mr. Z. He was a firefighter, and wanted to try to make his neighborhood a better place. After his recovery, he returned back to work serving his community. Roger and Julia were happy to know that Mr. Z and Mr. X were finally behind bars. Justice had been served.

After getting back home, Mickey and Minnie both decided to eat dinner out in the back yard together. They made it a victory dinner to celebrate their success with the mission. After they ate and did the dishes, they sprawled out together in the hammock, lying curled up together as they relaxed.

"Hmmm..." Mickey sighed. "It feels good to know that we don't have to worry about that contest anymore."

"I'll say," Minnie agreed. "I'm so glad that we put an end to it and that we don't have to worry about it."

"Me, too." She tilted her head to look at him.

"And I think we earned a little relaxation time, just the two of us," she said with a grin.

"I agree. We can just kick back and relax," he said.

"Mmm, yeah," she sighed softly and happily as she snuggled closer against him. Mickey lay on his back with one arm behind his head and his free hand on his companion's side. Minnie lay with her head on her lover's chest and shoulder and one arm draped across his frame, as her body was nestled against his. She titled her head to meet his deep brown eyes with her own. "I love you, Mickey," she smiled.

"I love you, Minnie," he smiled. She leaned up and pressed her lips to his in a loving kiss for a few seconds before she broke the kiss and pulled back to meet his eyes and smile. Then she snuggled against him again with a happy and content sigh. The two young mouse lover's lay curled up together a little longer, just enjoying the feel of having each other near.

"Minnie?" Mickey spoke, getting Minnie's attention as she looked up at him.

"Yes, Mickey?"

"What would you say to a..." She watched him move his hand that was behind his head and felt him place it on her side just before he began to-"Tickle fight!"

"Ahhh! Mickeeeyy!" she squealed as she burst into laughter and began to squirm and wriggle in his grasp, laughing all the while. He, too, began to laugh as he tickled his young wife's sides and stomach, making her squeal and squeak with laughter. After a little bit, he ceased his tickle assault and let her catch her breath. "You're a very sneaky mouse," she said with a sly smile in between her breaths.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist," he chuckled.

"That's okay. I like it when you tickle me," she smiled slyly. Then she moved her hands to his sides. "And I'm game for a tickle fight..." Then she began to tickle his sides and stomach.

"Ahhh! Minniiiee!" he yelped as he burst into laughter and also began to squirm within her grasp. She was also laughing as she tickled her husband's sides and stomach. After a little bit, she stopped her tickle attack and let him catch his breath. "Now you're being a sneaky little mouse," he said with a sly smile as he caught his breath.

"I learned from Mr. Sneaky himself," she grinned as she stroked her index finger along his chest. Then she gave him a quick and playful peck on his cheek and giggled. Then she noticed the glint in his eyes and the devious smile on his lips.

"You know... I'm not done with the tickle fight yet..." At that he began to tickle her again, once again making her wriggle and squirm in his arms as she laughed, squealing and squeaking in between. After a bit, he stopped, letting her rest.

"Hee hee, you're very sneaky, Mickey Mouse," she giggled. "But I've learned your tricks," she added slyly. She then started to tickle him.

"Oh, no you don't!" Mickey jumped out of the hammock and stood upright. "You'll hafta catch me first, Minnie," he grinned playfully.

"Oh, I'll catch you..." she grinned deviously. Minnie jumped out of the hammock and Mickey took off running, with her close behind. "I'm gonna catch you, Mickey!"

"We'll see about that!" Both young mice laughed as they chased each other in the backyard in a fun game of tickle-tag. Naturally, Minnie caught Mickey and tickled him, then she broke to run and he chased after her. Naturally, he caught her, too, and tickled her. Both had a great time playing around. It felt good to not have to worry about the contest anymore, so both could just relax. Mickey and Minnie chased each other around the backyard for a while, both having a grand time, before they went back inside their house. The night was still young, so both could have their own private victory celebration in their bedroom...

Both were glad to finally have the Warped Steel contest over with. But what both were the most thankful for was that neither got hurt, and that they were still together. Both could agree that they make a great team.



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