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I can hardly believe I'm doing this myself. I have wanted to finish this story for so long, and after years of it sitting here I finally was hit by the inspiration to try again. I'm not positive yet I'll carry drive through to the end as this story has had enough time in my mind to become extremely fleshed out. The good thing about that is I have a much more definite path that I want this story to follow, or at least a series of events that need to happen somehow.

This is not going to be a kid friendly story. This story is violent and gruesome and deals with horrible themes. I see this version of Pokémon as gritty and almost hyper realistic. Good people will be hurt and bad things will happen followed by even worse things. If you're up for it then I welcome you to the new Rapture.

Chapter 1: Viridian Providence

It was cold in the Viridian City gym. An icy prickling tickled at Red's skin as he pushed himself to his feet. A groan to his right caused him to quickly shake off the haze in his head, but it didn't clear the icy haze in the room, "Poli!" The young trainer ran to his downed Poliwrath's side. A frostbite like burn marred the side of the huge fighting frog Pokémon.

"It's a shame Red…" Red shot to his feet as the voice approached through the fog; the voice of Team Rocket's leader, the mysterious Giovanni, "It really is…"

Red stepped forward angrily towards the man, "What are you callin'…"

Giovanni put up a hand to interrupt the boy, "Don't misunderstand me… There was nothing shameful about your attack. The shame is that you're not on my side. I could use a trainer with your stubbornness, your explosive energy, your empathy with Pokémon."

In an even greater flood of anger, Red waved his hand to the side, "YOU THINK I'D JOIN YOU?!"

The fog in the room felt thicker as a sullen look crossed Giovanni's face as his gaze downturned, "No actually… I don't. You see your independence and honor are among the traits I admire in you." Giovanni began pacing around the trainer as the two appraised each other for the next move, "So then… how about a bet?"

Unsure what the Rocket boss was getting at, Red took a step back apprehensively. He watched carefully as Giovanni pulled his Poké Balls from his belt and tossed them all to the ground in front of him, "As you can see my Pokémon are on the floor far from me." Giovanni turned and took a few precise steps away before turning back, "It will take six seconds for me to seize one and attack. On the other hand you have five Pokémon still at your side."

Red reached for his Poké Balls almost subconsciously as if to confirm the statement but continued to watch the scene play out, "If you can win under these conditions I'll make no demands on you. I'll accept whatever you decide… However if I win…" a look of grim seriousness crossed Giovanni's eyes as the two combatants stared through each other's souls, "If I win you will spend the rest of your life battling for ME at my side! Well?"

A chilled breath escaped Red's mouth as he contemplated Giovanni's offer. One victory could end Team Rocket forever. One victory and no one would be harassed, bullied, or robbed by the notorious gang ever again. A competitive gleam shined through Red's eyes as he stared his opponent down. Red's hands went to his Poké Balls as he removed them and threw them all to the floor before taking several paces back, "I'll take your bet, but this is going to be a fair fight."

"Yes," a fire seemed to light in Giovanni's spirit, "that's what I love about you!"

The two stooped into a position ready for the mad dash for a Poké Ball. The tension made the room seem silent. The stares continued as each awaited the perfect moment for their death duel to begin. A sliver of ice forming in the mist fell to the floor and with but the faintest ping the two were off. Red reached his Poké Balls and immediately grabbed the one he knew contained, "SNORLAX, MEGA PUNCH!" The giant Pokémon materialized from its ball, its great paw already reeled back and glowing before driving forward into another Pokémon fresh on the field. Red's eyes widened as Giovanni's Nidoking actually caught the punch and dissipated the energy behind it.

"Sometime's it's best to use your opponent's speed and anxiousness against them, you'll learn that soon. Nidoking! Seismic Toss!" Giovanni commanded and his Nidoking actually lifted the huge Snorlax into the air.

"No way!" Red shouted in awe and panic as his Snorlax was slammed hard onto the floor. The foundation of the decrepit Viridian Gym crumbled under the impact of the incredible slam. The whole building shook violently as cracks formed along the floor and spread up the pillars supporting the ceiling. Snorlax began to stand but its lumbering movements caused even more vibrations to the structure and parts of the ceiling were beginning to fall. "Snorlax return!" The massive dozer was recalled to its Poké Ball just as a wooden beam fell over the spot he had been standing.

Red scrambled to collect his other Poké Balls but as the floor collapsed further they began to roll away in random directions and under debris. He managed to grab only a few when another large ceiling beam began to fall. He turned to see it falling toward his still unconscious Poliwrath. Without a moment of hesitation Red dashed for his oldest Pokémon, "Poli, no!" He leapt through the air and shielded Poli with his own body not even a second before a large wooden beam fell upon them. Red howled in pain as he was pinned by the beam that had fallen on his back. He managed to push himself up enough to roll the beam back but the weight on his legs caused him to have to twist in abnormal ways in order to free himself.

Once free Red managed to return Poli to his Poké Ball and then limped from the collapsing building. He knew the Poké Balls were sturdy enough to keep his other Pokémon safe for the time being.

Red barely made it through the door when a thunderous roar signified the entire building had caved in on itself and huge clouds of dust rose into the air. Red tried to take a few breaths to compose himself, but he realized in the midst of the confusion that he had completely lost track of Giovanni. He squinted his eyes willing them to see through the dust to find the first trace of his opponent. An eerie laugh echoing through the rubble told him he had been spotted first.

Red braced himself as several sets of monstrous footsteps approached him. The intimidating figures of Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhydon, and Dugtrio all emerged from the dust cloud together, "It would seem in the time it took you to safely whisk away a few of your Pokémon I was able to pull out more of mine. Say hello to my A-Team!"

Red grit his teeth and threw the first Poké Ball into the fray, "SAUR!" In a flash of light the great plant beast Venusaur stood formidably before Giovanni's four ground Pokémon.

Not entirely surprised by Red's team, Giovanni pointed forward, "Rhydon, use Horn Drill!" Energy swirled around Rhydon's horn as it dashed forward and ready to impale the Venusaur.

"Vine whip now!" Saur's vines emerged and wrapped around the giant rhino tightly and were strong enough to lift the creature from the ground, spin it in the air, and throw it back toward the nido couple.

"Not bad," Giovanni smirked. Red wasn't sure what Giovanni had up his sleeve next, but no other orders were being given. It was then that Red realized Dugtrio was nowhere in sight.

"Watch out from below…!" Red hardly finished his warning before the ground began to shake and with a great rumble a fissure split open, one wide enough for the Venusaur to fall into. Surrounded by high walls, Saur was effectively immobilized, "No…"

The other three ground types were back on their feet and surrounded Saur quickly. Red needed time, and something that could catch Giovanni off guard. As he was beginning to understand his opponent, Red looked up at the sky towards the sun.

Giovanni's eyes widened as he caught Red's skywards glance. He realized if the Venusaur managed to absorb enough energy to use Solar Beam things could turn disadvantageous for him. "Quake!" he commanded his Pokémon as they all immediately focused on quaking the ground hurling huge amounts of rock and dust into the air. Red tried not to smirk as everything around them began to darken once again.

Having thwarted Red's strategy, Giovanni crossed his arms and waited a moment before sending his Pokémon in to finish the job. He squinted his eyes as he noticed a faint glimmer through the thick dust. A low grumble echoed through the area and immediately Giovanni knew it was no Venusaur making that noise.

Red waited as the dust cleared just enough to have a straight shot, "HYPER BEAM!" The dust cloud was split asunder as a beam of energy cut through it and impacted Giovanni's Nidoking dead on. The huge Pokémon was thrown back into the rubble of the gym where it flinched and then fainted. No longer hidden behind the dirt was a mighty Gyarados who let out a leviathan like howl which immediately intimidated all of Giovani's Pokémon.

Giovanni cursed under his breath. Red had played him well to have delayed him long enough to pull out another Pokémon, especially one as formidable as a Gyarados. Giovanni threw another Poké Ball into the fray and a Rhyhorn materialized from within it. With a stomp of his foot Giovanni regained his Pokémon's attention, and with a wave of his hand he sent them charging the sea serpent. He had to take it down before it recovered from firing the hyper beam.

It would be a gamble to put the next phase of his plan into action, but Red knew he was looking at his best opportunity. The path was clear now that Giovanni's Pokémon had moved so Red held a Poké Ball out. The beam collided with the Venusaur and returned him to the ball for just as long as it took for Red to flip the ball and release Venusaur again at a more favorable position. "Now, Razor Leaf!"

Though disoriented from the maneuver, Saur shot volleys of leaves at Giovanni's approaching Pokémon. Not much of the attack hit, but they did stop which bought Gyara a little more time.

Before the attacking Pokémon carried forward, Giovanni stomped his foot on the ground. A slight rumble was felt just before the Dugtrio burst upward from underneath Saur and hurdled the leafy beast meters into the air. Red's eyes widened in panic but he couldn't afford to lose his cool now. Saur had bought them the time they needed, "Hydro Pump!"

Gyara roared again before releasing a torrent of water from its mouth. The water impacted the fresh Rhyhorn who took the full brunt of the attack and was knocked out in a single blow. That cold chill ran down Red's spine again and by reflex he threw his Snorlax back into battle. "LAX! DEFENSE CURL!" Lax appeared back to back with the Gyarados in a defensive position just in time to shield it from a surprise Ice Beam launched by Giovanni's Cloyster which had been lurking in the back.

"Absolutely amazing, to think your intuition as a battler would be this refined." Giovanni praised Red's work. "You fight very well, and are proving to be a far greater challenge than even I was expecting. No one has ever done this to me before…"

Though Giovanni was talking Red continued to focus on the field. He was doing well but was still surrounded and couldn't afford to let up yet. He knew if he could hold on like this for a bit longer that he could turn this around and take control of the battle. Though he was hardly conscious of it, Red had several scenarios playing through his head and was calculating the outcomes of each one.

Giovanni could tell Red was only a move away from turning the tide on him. He couldn't allow this, "Though you've done well, this is a battle I can't afford to lose!" Giovanni snapped his finger, "You and your Pokémon are fast on your feet, but again sometimes you have to use your opponent's speed against him, Trick Room!" The Cloyster immediately gave off a brilliant light. Red turned to look at it but the rest of the world darkened around him as he watched himself and his Pokémon moving in slow motion as everything else roared past him faster than his eyes could keep up with.

The effect faded and Red immediately noticed the cloyster had moved around Snorlax's defense.

"Cloyster, use Ice Beam! Rhydon, Nidoqueen, Take Down!" Without a chance to react, Gyara took the full brunt of each attack and howled in pain as ice encased it to keep it still while the Rhydon and Nidoqueen charged at it from opposing sides. Their attacks sandwiched the sea serpent and shattered the ice sending frozen scales flying off into the distance. Gyara's great struggling howl continued to wail loudly in the distance as the beast collapsed to the ground.

"I've never seen a move like that before…" Red whispered to himself out of shock. He gritted his teeth and tried to keep his determination high, "We're not done yet!" Red turned his hat backwards, "Mega Punch!"

The hefty Snorlax lumbered forward and threw its fist at the Rhydon. Rhydon flew back several meters but remained standing. It was obviously hurting from both the recent Take Down's recoil as the strong punch.

"You are incredible Red, so passionate even in the worst of situations." Giovanni seemed to pause the battle with his words, "I truly am tempted to allow you to go on living this way, full of life and energy. I don't want that to end…" The man's gaze darkened as he looked away, as if unable to meet Red's questioning eyes, "but if I'm going to succeed then I need you with me and there is far too much at stake for me to turn back now."

"I don't understand…" Red was unsure what points Giovanni was trying to make. It all sounded like gibberish to him, "What do you mean by all that?"

"No need to concern yourself with that yet," Giovanni turned back to the battle. "What you should be more worried about is the ground of which your Snorlax relies HEAVILY on!"

The quaking ground signified Dugtrio bursting through the ground once again, this time with Snorlax as its target.

Red grabbed the brim of his hat and turned it back around as some kind of signal, "Solarbeam!"

Giovanni's eyes widened as he turned to the Venusaur who was indeed back on its feet. A powerful blast erupted from its flowering top. Dugtrio's head burst from the ground within range of Snorlax but the Solarbeam made impact first and flooded the area with a crashing light.

"That's…" Giovanni shielded his eyes from the light to try and see what was going on and just barely caught the shadow of Snorlax as it emerged from the light and Body Slammed his Nidoqueen. The Nidoqueen was bounced from Lax's belly and skipped across the ground like a stone over water until she crashed into more of the building's rubble. The titanic nido still managed to slowly climb to her feet, but it was obvious she was hurting bad.

Giovanni looked around at his team, Dugtrio was out like Nidoking and Rhyhorn, Nidoqueen didn't have much fight left in her, and his Rhydon was also wearing down. On the other side of the field Red's Venusaur could barely stand, but the Snorlax still had fight left in it. The ludicrousness of Red's ability was finally setting in, "He's doing it…" Giovanni said to himself in barely a whisper, "with but three of his Pokémon he's still doing it… The blood of a champion…" Giovanni shook his head vigorously to recompose himself, "You still won't win! Rhydon, use Fissure on that Snorlax!" Rhydon seemed to grow in size and focused all its strength into one spot in its fist.

Red had heard of Fissure, a move that guaranteed defeat of a Pokémon if it hit, "Get out of the way Lax!" The lumbering Snorlax was too slow this time and Rhydon's power collided with its oversized body. Lax's eyes actually opened wide as it was ripped through several meters of solid rock as the attack split the earth apart through sheer force. Lax continued to quiver until the Rhydon pulled back its fist and allowed heavyweight to crumble to the ground.

"Lax, no…" Red stared in disbelief as the Rhydon and Nidoqueen regrouped and converged on his weak Venusaur. Venusaur swatted at them with vine whips, but in its current state Rhydon was easily able to knock them away. "No…" Red stumbled back and fell to his knees, "I…" He had given the battle everything he could, but the shock of what that meant was still setting in as he willed himself not to shed any tears, "I…"

Giovanni's expression showed he was taking no pleasure in this as he slowly approached the boy and solemnly asked, "Are you giving up?"

Red held out his Poké Balls and recalled his defeated team. Silence reigned over the area for a long moment and then Red finally nodded.

"You love your Pokémon a great deal don't you?" Red answered again with only a nod. "It pains you to see them suffer, you'd much rather put yourself in danger than see them hurt." Giovanni had taken notice of Red limping earlier and upon closer inspection could see the boy's clothes were torn and a few bloody smears were visible through his shirt and pants. "Please join me and we can save all Pokémon from a far worse fate that still looms over us all."

Red's mouth hung open for a moment as he looked up to Giovanni as if not quite comprehending the words he was being told, "But Team Rocket does horrible things to Pokémon. You steal, hurt, experiment, and do all those horrible things to Pokémon and people just for fun without a care about it. How is that saving them?"

A hand calmly lowered onto Red's shoulder, "You don't yet understand the purpose of Team Rocket and our experiments. Nor do you understand the evils of the world and what must be done to stop it. I assure you Team Rocket does no more than what is necessary to see to the continued prosperity of Pokémon everywhere."

Red turned and tried to push himself away, "N… No! I don't believe you! I won't be part of that!"

The look in Giovanni's eyes darkened, "But we had a deal."

All of the times Red fought against Team Rocket flashed through his mind. They weren't nice people, and he didn't want to be like that, "No… I… I can't!"

"As I said," Giovanni gripped on tighter to Red's arm, "you don't yet understand… but don't worry… you soon will."

True fear flashed briefly in Red's eyes as he knew not what would happen next. But in the next moment he felt a prick and those same eyes dulled. He finally broke away from Giovanni's stare and looked down to his arm which the man held tightly and saw the syringe Giovanni had just injected him with.

"You can't… can't…" Red's eyes closed and he fell limply forward, supported only by the grip Giovanni still held on him.

The last words Red heard before his consciousness left him entirely were, "You will soon understand… all of this was for you…"

End Chapter

This chapter of course ended up being not too different from the original. I feel this accomplished the goal of setting a quality and detail standard at a higher level though as well throwing in a few more elements of foreshadowing that should remain consistent as the story progresses now.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you next week!