Chapter Two: MC Royalty

The skies were mutinous as the attractive blonde man pulled his bike into the nearly deserted parking lot. The weatherman had predicted a record-breaking rainfall for the surrounding counties, and by the murderous look of the storm front moving in, he was correct.

The handsome man dismounted his motorcycle, removing his helmet and hanging it unsteadily off of one of the handlebars. He could already hear the faint prattle of voices leeching their way from the clubhouse as he made his way toward the door. Juice and Kip were going at it again.

"She liked me more!"
"In your dreams prospect, …you don't have the 'goods' to satisfy a girl like that!"

"Still at it, I see."
"Ay, Jax, we were just umm…" Juice mumbled uncomfortably.
"Getting back to work?" Jax concluded.

The arguing ceased as both men grabbed their stuff, heading for the door. Jax followed, picking up a blue sleeveless work shirt on his way out.

They crossed the lot in silence making their way toward the large garage on the other side. Huge, bold letters in red and yellow ran along the length of the building, spelling out the words Teller- Morrow. The parking lot was unusually empty, typically playing host to a vast majority of automobiles. It was a little unnerving to see it so desolate.

"Hey mom." Jax sighed, kissing her cheek as he entered the small office.
"Hey, baby." She cooed acknowledging his gesture. "You remember Taylor, right?"

He scanned the room, it's smoky colored walls lined with clusters of old pinups and business cards, his eyes soon coming to a rest on the pretty brunette girl his mother was obviously referring to. She was just as intriguing as he remembered from the night before.

" I was just telling her about the fundraiser for the school we're having tomorrow." Gemma sang, pulling Jax out of his mild stupor.
"What, that 'Taste of Charming' thing?"
"Yeah, she's even volunteered to help out with that little kissing booth problem we were having. Isn't that great?"

Jax smiled, his mind instantly flooding with impure thoughts as he cleared his throat to speak

"Sounds good mom. I'll have to remember to stop by then" He smirked, allowing his eyes to travel down the girls' body in an uninvited manner. " It's all for charity right?"

Taylor grinned, narrowing her eyes at the mischievous man. She knew exactly what he was thinking, and she wasn't entirely sure that she minded the implied innuendo that seemed to roll off his tongue with every syllable. C-h-a-r-i-t-y. In fact, the mere idea of it made her go a little weak at the knees, leaving her suddenly thankful that she was seated firmly in the small black chair at the corner of the room, at least appearing to be unfazed by the current topic of discussion.

"Yeah" Taylor scoffed, uncrossing her legs as the grin on her face grew a little more prominent in contrast against her rosy cheeks. "I can see that you're real charitable, so I'll be expecting a big tip come tomorrow."

Jax chuckled, staring down at the pretty girl. Her expression was that of an angry kitten, and he couldn't help but find amusement in it, wondering if she'd be able to strike fear in anyone with that delightful, angelic face of hers.

"What, no discount for the prince of Charming?' He asked smoothly, removing the half crushed pack of cigarettes from his left breast pocket.
"Prince" she mocked, flashing a toothy grin. "Self appointed, I presume?"

He laughed, admiring her Moxie. Most girls would have just gone along with the idea of his self-proclaimed royalty, maybe even asked to be his princess, but not her. No, she had to make things difficult.

"Well." He pouted inching his way closer to her, his deep voice glazed in sarcasm. "My mommy says I'm her little prince. That should count for something."
"Don't be an asshole." Gemma chortled, shaking her head as she handed her son the lighter she knew he'd been waiting for.

Thunder shook the dark sky as Jax lit up, taking a long fluent drag off the quickly waning stogie in his hand. It was a nasty habit, but something that was almost unavoidable in the MC world.

"It's kicking up pretty good out there." He said, deliberately blowing a smoke ring in Taylor's direction.
"Radio said it's gonna be a big one." Gemma nodded peering through the weathered blinds. "Listen baby, would you mind driving Taylor back before the storm hits. I'm buried here"

She stared down at the cluttered desk of papers and post it notes, disgusted. "This place is a fucking pigsty. Damn it Clay!"

"Yeah mom, no problem" He coughed, sucking in the plume of smoke that had escaped his lips during the brief exchange of words, a distinct smirk spreading across his features. "You're not afraid of motorcycles, are you?" He side-glanced at the girl in question.

She glared at him, lifting herself from the corner chair. "You just keep your eyes on the road funny man."

And on that note, she walked from the room, nodding goodbye to Gemma on her way out.

"She's feisty, ain't she?!" He laughed, pushing the pack of cigarettes back into his pocket.

"You just keep it in your pants and get her home safely!" Gemma advised, shooting her son a warning look.

" Aiight, aiight. I'll be back soon." He kissed her cheek once more and followed Taylor out the door.

The wind whipped past fiercely, blowing his golden locks astray as he crossed the deserted lot in precession toward his bike. The storm wasn't going to hold out for much longer, and apparently neither was his attention span.

Without cause, his eyes began to travel as if without his conscious mind guiding them to the girl's figure in front of him. He wasn't entirely sure whether it was the obvious grin on his face or the fact that his eyes were still busy memorizing every inch of her body that left him standing beside his motorcycle some seconds later, the recipient of a near venomous glare.

"You looking at something?" She asked, folding her thin arms in front of herself.

He laughed, his mind once again plagued by the images of an angry kitten.

"Just you, darlin'." Even as he said it, he could see the amusement radiating out of her. He knew she wasn't really mad. People were rarely ever mad at him. Like he said, he was the prince after all.

She couldn't help but smile as she swung her leg over the back of his Harley, the low rumble of the engine sending tremors up her spine as she adjusted herself onto the space behind him. It wasn't an all together bad feeling, riding second. Not to him anyway.

"You ready?" He shouted, his voice nearly deafened by the forceful gusts of wind closing around them.
"Yeah!" She answered back, instinctively snaking her arms around his waist as the custom Dyna sprung into action.

Although straddling the prince of Charming was a generally nice feeling, it was not enough to distract her from the bitter coldness that was soon making itself clearly known on her body.

She tightened her grip around Jax's stomach, burying her face deep into the back of the leather-clad biker, as the thunderous sky roared with life above them. They were barely a mile away from the shop when the sky finally decided to unleash its hell, the heavy curtain of rain engulfing them instantly in a nearly blinding downpour. It was a quick couple of moments that felt like hours as the ice cold liquid seemed to direct all of it's wrath at the weather-worn girl clinging to the back of the Harley.

Searing pain. That's all that raced through her mind as they made their way down the empty streets. Tiny daggers, each one cutting through her skin, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. Pain she was used to; but battling pain and a rain storm at the same time, all the while trying not to fall off of a speeding motorcycle was a little much, even for her.

"We gotta stop!" She heard Jax yell over the roar of the engine. She had never felt so relieved in her life.

She didn't even bother to ask when the bike made a sudden turn in the opposite direction. She didn't care where they were headed, just as long as this mystery place had heat.

The time seemed to pass quickly as she entertained the thought of a safe refuge, and before she knew it, they were pulling into the unfamiliar driveway of a house that she had never seen before, and for once, the details were the farthest thing from her mind.

She winced feeling a tug on her hand, realizing that Jax was trying to guide her into the house and out of the rain. Everything hurt. It was amazing how such a short ride could leave her feeling so drained.

He moved swiftly, switching on lights, gathering blankets and towels. She wasn't sure how long it had been before she found herself being steered toward the bathroom with a pile of dry clothes in her hands, soon emerging, looking like a drowned rat in an oversized SOA T-shirt.

She pulled at the foreign fabric, trying to mentally slow down the action taking place around her. The lights were no longer on; the only bit of light was now coming from the large fireplace at the far side of the room.

Ghostly shadows flickered across the walls as she made her way into what she assumed to be the living room, nearly jumping out of her skin as she found a large blanket being draped over her unsuspecting shoulders.

"Better?" Jax's soothing voice rang through her ears, as she found herself being spun around to face him.

Her cheeks were engulfed in warmth as his hands found their way onto her face, cupping her gently as he asked the question for a second time.


Taylor gasped, feeling that heat once again, racing like liquid fire to her cheeks.

He stared at her, his thumbs tracing lines on her Jaw as he waited for her answer.

All she was able to give him was a nod, and for now, that was all he needed.

"Gemma's gonna kill me." He sighed, guiding Taylor to the couch.
"Why?" She managed to ask, powering over the brain block he had just inflicted on her.

He smiled, placing a steamy mug down in front of her.
"Because I promised her I'd get you home safely, and here we are at her house. I don't think a pit stop was what she had in mind."

"Well" Taylor mumbled, dazedly inspecting the steaming coffee mug in front of her. "She never said whose home you were to get me safely to... looks to me, you're still in the clear." She picked up the mug, bringing it hesitantly to her mouth, inwardly hoping that its murky contents were that of hot chocolate and not coffee.

He laughed at her innocence, a little annoyed at the fact that he was finding her corky expressions so endearing. It had been so long since he had hung out with a girl without sex being the primary objective. It was something that he was sure he was going to need to get used to in the coming weeks.

The time seemed to pass without notice, the sudden thunder claps from above reminding them that they had not yet reached their true destination. They spent the afternoon mostly silent, letting their looks do the talking for them. Jax would smile at her, his Casanova attitude filling the room with almost unbearable suaveness, and she would return the gesture by occasionally throwing a pillow at his smug face. It was almost as if they had known each other their entire lives.

"Look at this" He called sometime later, flattening down a page in the photo album he was looking through.

Taylor leaned over to catch a glimpse of the small black and white picture Jax was referring to, it's contents not that for childrens' eyes.

She sucked her teeth at him and turned her attention back to the book in her own hands. Pictures of family gatherings and motorcycle rallies littered its pages. This intricately planned puzzle was slowly beginning to piece itself together, one rough edged portion at a time, and she knew it wouldn't be long before she found her place in the Teller-Morrow time line.

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