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The cold night wind made its way across the forest and farms, bringing with it the promise of rain and the edge of foreboding. The full moon danced fitfully from behind the clouds to lay its grace across the water beneath the ledge. Beneath the drop off. Beneath the star pierced sky. A lone crow flew across the landscape, its purpose a mystery crowded in myth. As it surveyed its world, both above and below, a voice floated along the wind, carried across the river by the crisp night air.

"Hey! Hey mister? Hey! Come on now, don't leave a lady all alone. Hey! Mister?"


"That's it, come on now, open your eyes and show me those emeralds. Please."

"St'p sh'kin' mm."

"I'll stop shaking you when you open your eyes and look at me. You hear?"

"God damn it lady I'm awake already."

"About bloody time."

Dean smiled carefully around his split lip at the woman sitting across from him on the small ledge.

"This is your rescue you know, you think I wouldn't finish the job?"

"No offence, but I think your part of this rescue is technically over."

"Nah, never."

Dean attempted to sit up but a sharp twinge in his side stole all remaining breath from his lungs.

"Hey? You ok?" The young woman leaned forward, alarmed at the sudden lack of colour in her rescuers face.

"I'm good, j's gimme minute." Dean controlled his breathing, tried to keep the groans to a minimum as he once again attempted to sit up, this time succeeding. Leaning his back against the looming rock behind he squinted in the darkness, trying to make out the features of the woman across from him.

"What?" She asked defensively.

"You look different, you know, to how you look in the diner."

"Ah, I see, take off the uniform and I'm another face in the crowd." She smiled good naturedly as she watched him reposition himself against the wall. "You sure you're ok?"

Dean waved a hand clumsily in the air. "Its nothing, just a few bruises. How are you, you ok?"

"Well thanks to you cushioning my fall I'm peachy. I don't think we fell that far, but I can't see the top . If we had fallen half an hour ago I would have seen perfectly."

A short laugh escaped Dean as he carefully raised his head skyward. "Well I did tell ya a storm was coming but you didn't believe me."

"Is that why you led us off a cliff? So we could wait it out to prove your point?" The woman had closed the gap between the two and was trying to assess a gash above Dean's left eye. He tried to bat away her hands but she smacked his arm before he had a chance.

"Let me make sure your brain isn't leaking out."

"You were nicer than this when you brought me breakfast this morning." Pouted Dean.

"Well, that was before you and I took a swan dive, in the dark, off a cliff after I, for the first time in my life, dug up the corpse of the man who took me to his cabin. Post demise I might add. As its been a strange night you'll allow me a small Florance Nightingale moment. Ok?"

"I knew you were fiesty, but damn lady, you're turning me on."

"Shut it." The woman dabbed the cut with her sleeve and carefully brushed dirt from around his eye. "Its not too deep so I don't think you'll need stitches."

"Thank you Florance."

She smiled then, a brilliant smile that engulfed her eyes and ignited a smile within the hunter. So much had happened lately, so much that had stolen any reason he had to be happy. What was the point anymore? He was losing focus, he was losing the battle and even more horrific, he was losing Sam. Dean shook his head and pushed all thoughts from his mind, all except one. How the hell were they gonna get back to town.

"You sure you're alright mister?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm good. Name's Dean."


"Nice to meet you."

"Well isn't this pleasant, shall we shake hands to make it official?"

Dean laughed despite himself and raised his right hand for a handshake, the second he did a shooting pain of mammoth proportions set fire to his side, he dropped his arm and closed his eyes tight. Counting to five. Breathing in, counting to five, breathing out. He was vaguely aware of hands on his jacket, in his jacket, against his skin.

"You've got a broken rib or two I'd say."

"Oh yeah." He took a breath. "Is that your professional opinion." another breath. "Nurse Nightingale?"

Sue smiled and carefully ran her hand up his muscled frame, counting the ribs underneath the muscle and wincing as two of them shifted beneath her touch.

"Two for sure."

"Well, not much, we can do about, those now. First off we've, got to get out, of here."

"My cell is back at the diner, you got yours?"

Dean fished around in his pockets, finally wrapping his hands around the prize and pulling the phone out, he'd call Sam, they'd be rescued, he'd have a nice long shower and then sleep for a week. Dean shook the broken phone redundantly in the hopes that somehow the movement would create a miracle.

Dean looked up again, blinked moisture from his eyes. Any chance of his seeing the top vanished as rain began to fall.

"Shit." Came a voice from his right.

"S'not very lady like."

"I'm only a lady on the weekends." Retorted Sue.

"Well in that case I'll have to stay in town until the weekend."

Sue smiled and tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach, now was not the time to start feeling something toward the handsome stranger who came into the diner each morning for breakfast. The handsome stranger who flirted with her while the other tall, dark and handsome flirted with Amanda. Taking these guys orders had become a two waitress job. You know. For health and safety reasons.

"So what's the plan?"

Dean let his eyes travel her body, what he could see of it in the dark. He licked his lips and tried to ignore the nagging voice that tried to add 'sex on a ledge' to his list of things to do. It was that moment that his ribs decided to remind him there was no way he was gonna be doing anything of that nature for at least a month.

"We wait till morning, then climb out." At Sue's look of disbelief he added, "I can climb ok like this, just might need a little help at the top."

"Sure, you being a hero and all."

"You're not gonna let me live that line down are you?"

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be kidnapped by a ghost, add to that taken to a cabin in the woods, topped with almost being decapitated, along with a rescuer who vanishes the ghost with a rifle and then tells me to remain calm while the hero 'does his thang'."

"I don't think I said it quite like that."

"Oh I can assure you, you did."

Sue moved to sit next to Dean, both their legs dangling off the edge of the ledge, backs to the wall. Shoulder to shoulder they leant together to keep warm as the cold night air penetrated their clothes. Dean shivered and Sue moved closer. Her own shivers causing enough friction to keep them both warm for a time.

"So ghosts are really real." She said into the night.

"Yeah, I'm sorry to say they are."

"And the disappearances and headless bodies are the reason you and your brother are here?"

"Uh huh."

"And now its over?"

"Yeah, old man Hammond ain't gonna be bothering anyone again."

"Cos you salted and burned the bones."

"With a little help." His lopsided grin fell short as another wave of pain washed over him. Sue moved closer, concerned his injuries were worse than he let on. Broken ribs wouldn't make him sweat would they?

"You're really hot."

"Thanks, you're not so.."

"Don't even finish that sentence." Sue said around a snigger. Her probing hands could find no further injury along his torso. Maybe it was the concussion causing the fever. He'd been out for almost an hour after they'd fallen. As dark as the night was now, earlier they had been guided by the strong light of the moon, as the clouds had rolled in Dean had walked perilously close to the edge, she had pulled him gently back on track twice but thanks to their conversation she didn't catch him the third time. Her foot had fallen on nothing but air and before she'd had a chance to grab the hunter he'd walked too far into the nothingness also. It hadn't been the same as the coyote going over the edge chasing the roadrunner. There had been no moment of air running, no time to exchange startled glances. They'd fallen and landed in a heap on a ledge overhanging a drop off into the river below. A beautiful stretch of scenery if one wasn't trying to not fall further.

"So," Sue rubbed her body to fight off the cold. "What you were saying earlier, you know, before we were rudely interrupted by falling off a cliff, you said your brother had grown distant. What caused that?"

Dean frowned as he tried to recall the earlier conversation. His brain was a little muddled and his vision swam slightly. At least he was warm, that was one thing to be thankful for. He looked sideways at his other reason to be thankful and smiled sadly.

"Sammy and I used to be really close, but lately its like he's a stranger to me. I used to be able to predict his movements. I knew just what information he'd use or where he'd go, but now…."

"He's not so easy to read."


"When did it all start?"

"Well, see there's this girl."

Sue smiled sadly and nodded her head. "There's always a girl to confuse and muddle the closeness of men."

Dean smiled in the darkness and stifled a cough, knowing full well how painful that would be with broken ribs. Damn he was thirsty. It wasn't raining hard enough yet to satiate his thirst.

"Yeah well, this girl is the queen of all bitches."

"So I take it you don't get on?"

"She's a manipulating, whoring, sneaky, low down dirty, lying, thieving, scheming, infested bitch who deserves nothing but to die a horrible, prolonged, more painful than hell death."

"So you three never went out to dinner?"

Dean laughed, careful to not move his body. "When'd you get to be so funny? You weren't this funny in the diner."

"That's because in the diner I have nothing but sexism and bad pick up lines to deal with."

"Duly noted. I'll refrain from the bad pick ups."

"Why thank you kind sir."

"Really, they were that bad?"

"How'd I like my eggs in the morning?"

"Ok fair comment."

Dean started to drift off, his head throbbed in time with his ribs and the pain in his thigh had grown to a level demanding attention. Attention he couldn't give. What was the point in mentioning the gash on his thigh? Nothing that could be done. Even though he was sure it was still seeping. But still, why worry the poor woman now? They needed to get through the night and then get out. Simple.

"Listen, I don't mean to make Sam out to be stupid, but its just this girl has got him blinkered into thinking he can do something he really shouldn't. Every time I try to talk to him about it we end up in a fight."

"What happens when you fight?"

"It gets really heated then usually one of us leaves."

"And the last time?"

"He stormed out. Probably a good thing too cos I know I was about to throw a punch his way."

"So is it just this girl that's got between you? I can't believe that if you're as close as you say you were, that a girl would be doing this much damage to your relationship."

"Yeah, well you'd be surprised. She's a special kind of girl. Plus, he's been lying to me, I know he's been calling her when he thinks I'm asleep. I give him everything you know, I gave up everything so he would have so many somethings and its like he's had enough of me, he doesn't listen anymore. I feel like he doesn't need me, but I can't walk away. Then tonight, when Amanda came breaking down my door at the motel screaming about the fact you were gone, Sammy wasn't there."

"Thank god Amanda got you, although this isn't the rescue I was picturing." Dean smiled at that. "So" continued Sue, "where'd Sam go?"

"I don't know. But its not the first time I've woken up and he's not been there. I know he's out with her though."

Dean wiped a hand across his sweaty brow and tried to reel in his emotion. Why he felt he could talk to this woman he couldn't fathom, but she seemed to understand, she listened to him, she asked questions. There was an honesty and a genuine concern for his problems in her eyes. It had been a long time since anyone had paid that close attention. Of course had he not been revealing so much he would have kept his mind on the job and not walked them off a cliff. So really when you got down to it, it was Sue's fault for being so easy to talk to. But he'd keep that one to himself, just in case she pushed him all the way off the edge.

"Hey, Dean? Don't fall asleep on me. Tell me something funny about Sam?"

"Something funny? Um, ok, well there was this time, he must have been about ten or eleven, we were staying in a house for once." At Sue's puzzled look Dean quickly explained. "My dad, he worked all over so a lot of the time we were in motels. So we're in this house, had been there for about three weeks and dad's out working, I had to run out and get some groceries. While I'm gone little Sammy goes looking for trouble, he claims he was bored , I get back and there he is, in his underwear, a quarter empty bottle of Jack in his hand, dancing to Michael Jackson's thriller."

Sue stiffled a laugh but as Dean told more she couldn't keep it hidden any longer.

"In his underwear?"

"Oh yeah, the kid's in his underwear, dancing like the king of pop himself, but the real kicker was the white glove he'd found someplace and was wearing proudly! He had his arm up high just like Jackson does it and all I can hear is OW's and OH's as I come through the door!"

"Oh god please tell me you got a picture."

"I wish, I was gonna but that was about the time the alcohol moved aside for the hangover and I spent the rest of the evening helping him puke and cleaning him up. Kid's still got no tolerance for drink."

"How often do you think of those kind of stories?"

Dean sobered and thought, frowning against the pain, both physical and residual.

"Not as much as I used to."

"I think you should think about those moments more. It'll help you remember who Sam really is, not this version of him you're at loggerheads with at the moment, but the real Sam. The Sam only you can know. He'll make his way back to you Dean. You're his big brother. No girl can ever take that away from you both."

"You're pretty smart for a broad you know that."

"I have my moments." Sue rested her head against Dean's shoulder. One hand resting on his stomach in an effort to not only keep him warm, but to gauge if he really did have a fever or not. "Tell me some more stories."

"Ok, well, this one time…"

"At band camp."


"You know, from American Pie."

"The song?"

"No dimwad, the movie."


"Nevermind, carry on with the story."



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