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Conclusion of All because of a dress

Naruto said "Well, I think it's time to get the hell out of here. Bye." as he jumped away with Ino chasing after him and the others who began to follow at a slower pace.

Once they were out of sight the third sighed and thought "the future generation always surpasses the last. The black flames will ensure the will of fire will continue. It will be a long rough road and it pains me to see them gone but at least they have each other to keep them safe. Goodbye Kakashi, Anko, Kurenai, Zabuza, and my son Asuma. Please take care of them." as he looked at the sky and thought "Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Haku, Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Neji, Tenten, Lee, and last but not least, you as well Naruto."

Naruto after he allowed Ino to catch him and hit him over the head slowed down and waited for everyone to catch up and he saw them all looking confused and he said "Alright, I want you all to stop right now and listen to what I have to say."

As everyone looked at him Naruto said "I don't know what you all think is going to happen from here or what will happen in the future. There will be some good times and lots of bad times. You may never return to Konoha so I ask you each now, are you all sure you want to come with me. Neither I or anyone else here will hold it against you." as he looked at everyone there and after nobody turned or left and Naruto nods and said "Alright, then, I thank you all for coming with me, even if you don't know everything."

Kakashi asked "So where do you plan to go first Naruto."

Naruto smirked and said "Well...." and so the legend of the black flames began.

Story begins.....

Naruto smirked and said "Well, the first thing we have to do is separate ourselves from Konoha and your clans." making them all look at him.

Sasuke asked "What for brother."

Naruto looked around the group and said "As I said before there are going to be a lot of bad times. Those bad times will be starting very soon. Even though I am not Officially connected to Konoha I do have certain connections to it which make it where I will protect Konoha, but to do so I will have to stain my hands with blood, sweat, tears, pain, and death. When each of you placed that Hiate on your heads you all swore to do those things, even if you did not realize it. Now is the time to decide if you are ready for that." as he locked eyes with each of them.

Kakashi said " Naruto, you're so much like your father it is scary." as he pulled out his book and began to read.

Naruto sighed and said "Look. I wish I could tell you more right now, but I can't unless you all understand what you are signing up for. I am going to have to do things that are going to make me sick, things that will scar me for life but they are things that I have to do to protect Konoha and those who live in it so...."

Sasuke said "Just shut up dobe and get to the point. You're not going to talk us out of going with you, so what is going on."

Naruto closed his eyes and said "I....I just need you all to trust me for a little while and agree to whatever I say because there is more to me being exiled then I can tell you right now....at least until we meet up with the rest of the black flames." catching everyone's attention.

Asuma narrowed his eyes and said "What are you talking about Naruto."

Naruto snorts and said "I see the old man didn't tell any of you. You're just going to have to trust me for right now. The trees have ears and I can't take the risk that someone might hear what is going on."

Kakashi closed his book looking at full attention at Naruto now and asked "Afraid the same person who spied on us in Wave might be in the area since none of us detected them."

Naruto said "Yeah and as best as I can tell we only have two options of who was behind that, Uchiha Madara and Orochimaru." making Anko and as the other Jounin freeze and the Gennin look confused.

Sakura said "The snake sannin, what about him."

Naruto said "Our spy network has discovered that Orochimaru is after the Sharingan. Since there are currently only 3 total sets in the world, if you make Kakashi and me a set, that means he will have to come after Sasuke, Kakashi, or me since he would never dare go after Madara. If the information we got is correct on how far he is willing to go to get them, then it could possibly end up destroying Konoha. To protect ourselves and Konoha the Black Flames are going to have to go black ops. We can't have any connections to Konoha, we are going to have to depend on and support ourselves."

The sound of metal hitting the ground was heard and everyone turned and saw Kakashi had removed the metal hiate of his headband and said "He's right. If you are all going to follow him and be a part of the black flames you have to be loyal to the black flames, not Konoha....not this time. This is a choice that you all will have to make. It is the same choice ANBU black ops make when you sign up with them. If you are captured or killed, Konoha denies knowing anything about you and they won't be able to help you, only we can. This is the choice you each are going to have to make."

Sasuke snorts and threw his clan symbol on the ground along with his hiate and said "I have no connections to Konoha. My family and friends are here now."

Sakura slowly reached for her hiate, throwing it to the ground, and said "Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash. The original Team 7 re-unites."

Haku said as she threw hers on the ground "Now, new and improved."

Zabuza chuckled and said "Must be a record, going from missing, to regular, to missing again in less than a week, what the hell." as he tossed his on the ground.

Ino threw hers on the ground and said "I am not losing you Naruto....not after everything we been through." as she looked into Naruto's eyes.

Shikamaru sighed and said "Troublesome." as he tossed his on the ground.

Choji took his metal plate of his headband and tied the headband back on before throwing the plate down and touched the headband as a bag of chips popped out and Ino shook her head and said "So THAT was where you kept getting your food from!"

Asuma said "Well, dad always wanted me to go into cloak and dagger shit. Might as well make sure someone has your back."

Naruto looked at team 8 and 9 Tenten threw hers down and said "Can't let my boss die because he ran out of weapons." getting a strange look from everyone but Naruto.

Sakura asked "What are you talking about Tenten."

Tenten said "My family is one of Naruto underworld connections, I am his weapon supplier. The bow for Lee from demon country will be ready in two weeks time Naruto. I had to have it custom order so he didn't break it from his super strength."

Naruto nods ignoring the shocked looks everyone was giving him and her. Lee said "Then I must go as well to show the world the flames of youth burn brightly, even when they are black!"

Gai said "Yes my favorite student, we must show the world the glory of the black flames!"

Neji shook his head as he took the metal plate of his and threw it on the ground along with his clan symbol and said "For now I am a free bird, until my cage is destroyed, or I am. I will come with you."

Naruto looked at team 8 and said "It's your call now, do we have a united class, or do you want to go back."

Kiba growled and said "Even strays defend their pack in their own way. I'm not going to let you show me up again Naruto." as he tossed his hiate.

Shino said "Often, one of the colony must leave the hive to create their own if the hive is to survive." as he tossed his hiate on the ground.

Hinata closed her eyes and asked "Exactly how much of our past have you told Naruto-kun."

Naruto blinked and said "Um, what do you mean Hinata."

Hinata to the shock of everyone bloodline activated and she glared at him and said "Do you remember a little promise you made to me."

Naruto gulped and nods slowly and Hinata asked "And Neji here came and told me he knew about certain things."

Naruto stepped behind Ino who looked confused and he said "I might have said something, why."

Hinata closed her eyes and said "You're going to have to pay me back with interest. After all you enjoyed yourself if I remember correctly."

Naruto sighed and Ino said "Are you talking about the blow job Hinata." as she looked between her boyfriend and Hinata.

Hinata said "Partially, I spent several years of humiliation to free Neji here from the branch family and lover boy over here ruined it."

Naruto blinked and said "Actually, what if I told you I got someone who could remove that seal for you. Would that make us even?"

Hinata thought a moment and said "You still owe me for my cherry." making everyone wide eyed and Ino turned and decked Naruto sending him across the ground.

Naruto grabbed his nose as Hinata smirked and he said "I hate you Hinata, you and me both know you're talking about that damn tattoo you have on your ass and not the other cherry."

Ino glared at him and turned to Hinata who burst out laughing and said "I couldn't resist. It's your fault for picking a girl with a jealous bone the size of Kumo."

Kurenai said "Hinata, I'm shocked you would do that to him."

Hinata giggled and Kiba asked "What's come over you Hinata, you're.....different."

Naruto stood up and said "Meet the real Hinata, a total pain in my ass."

Hinata glared at him and said "And you were a pain in mine foxy. You actually had the balls to pull that prank and I paid up by getting that tattoo."

Ino asked "Will one of you please tell us what the hell you're both talking about."

Naruto said "Hinata's father has trouble staying calm when he drinks. In fact he gets drunk real quick. Hinata dared me to use my sexy no jutsu and flirt with her father and get him drunk enough to get a picture of him dancing with a lampshade on his head. If I could do it she agreed to quit planning what she was planning and see someone about getting her cherry covered ass fixed."

Kiba asked "Cherry covered ass."

Naruto opened his mouth and Hinata said "My bathing suit had cherries on it and Naruto completed the prank and got me the photo and so I did go see someone about getting my cherry covered ass fixed. I had someone put a tattoo on my ass of a cherry getting fixed." as she shot Naruto a glare and he thought "lair, it was your panties that had cherries on them and by getting fixed you mean that it was a cherry with a band aid on it cheater."

As everyone processed the info Zabuza asked "So what's the plan kid."

Naruto said "Anko, you ever do any shopping in towns around the fire country for cloths."

Anko looked at him and said "Sometimes, why."

Naruto said "We need to get some new cloths for all of us, not ones that scream Konoha like you trained me to and all the woman need to get something........slutty." making everyone blink.

Ino asked "Exactly what the hell is going on in that head of yours Naruto."

Kurenai said "I think you might have spent too much time with Kakashi, Naruto, I don't see a reason for us to change our cloths."

Naruto smirked and said "Trust me, after all slave girls and hookers don't dress like ninja." as he gave them all a foxy grin.

Kiba said "Does anyone else feel that we just made a deal with the devil."

A week later the black flames were in a canyon standing in front of a cave. Each of the males had a cloak with black flames on the bottom. Kiba was red, Shino was brown, Neji was gray, Lee was green, Choji was silver, Shikamaru was black but the bottom of it had a white outline to make the black flames and Naruto was white with black flames on the bottom and sleeves and the kanji for Doctor Seven. The male Jounin each had a black cloak on as well with the flames but Kakashi had the kanji for lightning on the back, Asuma had the kanji for knife, Zabuza had the kanji for demon, and Gai had a green cloak a shade darker then Lee and his had the kanji for youth."

The women on the other hand, were a little different. Currently each of the Gennin girls had short miniskirts with shorts made into them, but could not tell that unless they jumped and they were the same color as their eyes, a tank top with a shirt that showed much of their stomach, all in the same color as their eyes.

Kurenai asked "So were had us take fashion advice from Anko, dragged us all across the fire country and lead us into this ravine to stand in front of a cave. NOW will you tell us what is going on? We have been very trusting so far."

Naruto sighed as he looked at the group and said "Things are not as they always appear. There is someone inside this cave I need to talk to. To even get to see him I have to make it appear as if I am the leader here and that each of you has a purpose to follow me. The problem is that not all of you will be able to come in with me. You will have to wait out here and cover us if we need to make a quick escape."

Kakashi asked "So who's going in and who's staying here?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders trying to get a kink out of them and said "Now Zabuza here is my personal bodyguard."

Anko asked "And what about me."

Naruto smirked and said "Well that simple Anko, your my lover and also the one who has to train my.....property." as he looked at Haku, Sakura, Hinata, and Ino.

Ino growled and Naruto said "Relax Ino, we all know the truth, but it's the only cover story I can come up with to get us in to see the man I need to see." as he pulled out a bottle of water and put his hands together and a then the water formed Miko, Naruto sexy no jutsu that he created with the help of his 'sister' that looks like his mother appeared just as the girls were dressed with her outfit matching her.

Naruto said "For those of you who don't know this is Miko, one of my personalities. Anyways, where were we....oh yes, now besides Zabuza and Anko and her little presents, Sakura, Hinata, Haku, Tenten, and Miko, she gave me when she came with me I can take two of the other Gennins. Sasuke and Shikamaru are the two I would like to take with me into the cave to the meeting."

Kiba said "I am almost afraid to ask what kind of story you have for those two."

Naruto said "Shikamaru is here because he is my most trusted friend who I have spent years manipulating into being loyal to me and Sasuke is here officially because he claims to be my brother but secretly he harbors great hatred for me and he follows me learning all my secrets so he can one day betray me for stealing his revenge by killing Itachi."

Ino rubbed her arms and said "Those are some stories Naruto. It almost scares me because they both could have been true."

Kakashi asked "And how will we know if you need help in there. If someone is really in this cave then there must be a lot more to it than you're telling us."

Naruto said "I need Shino to place a bug on each of us so he can track us if need be and place one Miko as well. Tell that bug if Miko is destroyed to return to you immediately and then you come in ready to fight.

Shino said "Very well." as one bug flew to Miko and everyone was waiting for the other bugs and he said "I have already placed one on each you." getting a sick look from the girls besides Hinata.

Sakura asked "So let me get this straight, you want us to go in as slaves?"

Naruto said "Yes, and you are to act like one as well. Keep your eyes on the ground when we are in the meeting trying to look defeated and keep your mouth shut. This guy we're going to see is the second largest underworld boss in the fire country. He is more connected then my sister is, and from what she said he only sees woman as sex objects and property. He won't even acknowledge her and she's the third largest."

Everyone was wide eyed and Kiba said "And he lives in a cave."

Naruto said "Everyone, this cave leads to an underground city. In this cave is the TRUE black market. Each of the underworld bosses has connections to this place and it is run by the man who we are going to see. He is the man who has the info I need. Originally I wanted to go in alone, but I know that you all won't let me so this is the only thing I can think of to get us in. If you have a problem in trusting me or my plans then step out now because this is no game."

Everyone was wide eyed and the Jounin's were now each looking at the cave with increased interest and each marking this location in their minds for future use and Ino asked "But why does she get to be your lover."

Naruto said "Because it was either her or Kurenai-sensei. I can't just take everyone here in hoping to explain why you are with me without telling the truth which won't do anything but get us killed. I need to make sure all of us come out alive so I needed two Jounin's, Zabuza is my bodyguard and Anko is my lover since she is more of a hand to hand fighter then Kurenai from what I hear."

Asuma said "I hate to admit it, but you do have a good plan."

Kurenai asked "Then why did I have to get new cloths then?"

Naruto said "Simple, your supporting the others and in case something goes wrong you could infiltrate better then Gai, Asuma, or Kakashi."

Kurenai sighed and said "And here I thought you wanted to see me naked again." as she smirked.

Naruto looked at Asuma who was glaring at him and Naruto raised his hands and said "I plead the fifth man."

Sasuke decided to have some fun and asked "And what about the thing you said about a girl with a stutter gives the best blow jobs"

Naruto paled as Hinata rubbed her hands and she asked in a sickening sweet voice "Really."

Naruto said "Look, let's talk about it later. Let's go. Anko, you take the rear." as he began to walk toward the cave.

Ino shot Hinata a glare and she shot one back and said "Looks like you got a lot of ground to make up if I give the best."

Anko saw Kurenai sulk a moment and thought "wonder what's with the look."

Kurenai thought "I still can't believe he said her blow job was better than my having sex with him."

As the group entered the cave they soon found torches lighting the path and after about a mile walk came into a huge cavern and all of their eyes widened when they saw the number of people in there but then they also notice that a lot of the people were woman who were either in cages or chained up as well as some children.

Naruto said "Hmm, wonder how hard it would be to kill everyone here." as he clenched his fist.

Anko said "Remember the plan fox."

Naruto said "Just watch our back snake." as he began walking down a set of stairs. As the group made it to the ground Anko looked up and thought "looks like we're in a dead volcano because that is a cone for one which is how we have light and air down here. No wonder nobody ever found this place."

As they began to walk through the village a fat man with several scars on his face said "Well, well, well. Never seen your face around here." as he eyed the girls.

Naruto looked at the man and said "I'm looking for someone."

As his eyes traced Ino's legs the man said "And someone you have found. So what's a kid like you doing here. Buying, selling, or trading?"

Naruto said "Depends."

The man blinked and asked "Depends on what?"

Naruto said "You see my merchandise, let me see yours."

The man smirked and said "Sure kid." as he walked over and pulled a flap over a cage with wheels on it and there were about twenty women inside the cage.

Naruto walked up to the cage and said "hmm.....pretty weak looking inventory you have here. Any here you have that might be special. You might not be able to tell it but I trade in mostly bloodlines. Each of the girls here but two have bloodlines. Picked them up as a group trade when I had this plant wielder a few weeks back."

The man looked at Naruto and then at the flames and said "I see a Hyuuga, but what about the others."

Naruto walked over and raised Haku head with her chin and said "Ice." as she jerked her head to the side and he walked to Ino and said "Mind reader." as he grabbed her head."

The man looked at Anko and said "And the snake bitch."

Naruto said "She's my lover. Helped me secure the Hyuuga and the mind reader right from under Konoha nose. She also keeps the girls in line."

Anko licked her lips and said "I do so love the taste of blood." as she eyed the man.

The man said "Sorry, bloodline whores are too hot for me but I got one from an old debt if you're willing to trade the two regular girls."

Naruto said "Really, what kind of bloodline you got."

The man smirked and said "Sharingan." making Naruto eye widen a moment and he said "Show me."

The man smirked and walked over to a black haired girl who was in the corner and he grabbed her hair and pulled.

The girl screamed out as Naruto saw her face and thought "Could she really be an Uchiha." and Naruto said "How can I be sure she got the Sharingan."

The man smirked and said "Show him girl."

The girl eyes changed and Naruto saw the Sharingan but narrowed his eyes and said "Who you trying to fool, that's not the Sharingan. I don't know what it is but it's not the Sharingan."

The man asked "And how would you know kid."

Naruto reached up and uncovered his eye and said "Because this is the Sharingan." as it changed to the Mangekyo before he pulled it back down.

The man's eyes were wide and he looked at the girl whose hair he was pulling and then shoved her head against the cage and said "That lying bitch! I will kill him when I see him again!"

Naruto said "Look, tell you what. You help me find who I am looking for and I will take the girl off your hands."

The man said "Really, how do you plan to pay."

Naruto pulled out a wad of cash and said "I can cover it."

The man smirked and said "Good, who are you looking for."

Naruto said "Pikau, Ken Pikau."

The man said "I know him, he runs things around here. What do you need him for."

Naruto said "Sorry, that's personal. So can you help me find him."

The man said "Sure, I know right where he is. Follow me."

Naruto said "Anko, check the girl out." as he started to walk away.

The man said "Hold it. Not till...." Naruto handed him a stack of bills and he said "She's yours. Get her out of my sight."

Anko looked at Naruto who held his hand toward her and she saw a seed and she nods and said "Come on girl." as she took the girl out of the cage and took her back toward the way they came in.

Naruto said "Don't try any funny business or I will have Anko retrain each of you." as he eyed the girls before he turned and started to follow the man and Zabuza took position at the end of the girls to watch their backs.

Once out of sight Anko grabbed the girl and shushined away only to reappear outside the cave and Kurenai quickly asked "What's wrong."

As she shushined away Anko said, "Take the girl here. She was a slave, I'll be back."

The girl passed out moments later and Choji caught her to the surprise everyone.