It took Temari 3 weeks to reach the town where the map directed her to go. Looking around Temari saw a sign that read Midnight Flame.

Seeing a sign listing adult entertainment she frowned and thought "That looks like the place...I can't believe I am going to do this but...what choice do I have."

Entering the Midnight Flame Temari saw several tables with one or 2 people sitting at them and girls dressed in matching black cocktail dresses sitting next the 2 men.

A woman at the bar said "Are you going to stay there all day girl or what."

Temari bit her lip and walked over to the bar and said "I...I'm looking for work."

The woman said "And you come here. Must be out of options. The boss is down the hall there at the end of the hall. Don't enter any of the other doors or you will be punished." as she motioned to the left.

Temari saw the hall and said "Thanks." as she moved down the hall and saw several doors along the way.

Once she reached the end of the hall she saw a sign that read OFFICE and took a deep breath before knocking.

A few moments later a male voice said "Enter."

Temari opened the door and walked in and saw a teenage male with a bucket hat on his head and a pair of red sunglasses on his face with a loose cotton shirt on and the teen said "Are you coming in or what. Hurry up and close the door either way." without looking up from the paperwork he was doing.

Temari closed the door and said "Hello I'm..."

The teen looked up and said "Are you here to file a complaint."

Temari said "No I..."

The teen said "Then are you here to thank us for our service."

Temari said "No I..."

The teen said "Are you a vender or seller."

Temari got a tick on her forehead and said "I'm looking for a job." quickly

The teen said "That was my next guess. We don't get very many people in the office here. The names Kage. I'm the owner of the Midnight Flames. Now since your here for a job listen. I run a strict but firm operation that is catered to serve the public but also protect those who are employed by me. Because of this inside these walls the rest of the world doesn't exist. Those who are employed by me are usually looking either for a chance at a new life or want to hide from the rest of the world. I won't tell you who or where but I've got people who are either former slaves, to orphans, to even missing ninja whose only crime was to stand up for what they thought was right. Inside these walls that world they lived in does not exist. In here when you are hired by me you create your own name and identity. You could make yourself be anything from a famous movie star to a feudal lords wife whose looking for a fling without her husband finding out to dominatrix whose looking for some men who like it rough. You understand. Now I don't care what your real name was. If you want to be hired here then you must give me a new name that you want to be called because that is the name you will have from now on while employed by me."

Temari said "Why do you do that."

Kage said "Because if someone comes here looking for someone and they give me thier name then I can honestly say I've never heard of them. I pay a small commision to the right people and they leave my business alone and in exchange that I deal with any problems that arise here so that the local authorities don't have to. I can tell your a ninja girl or was a ninja. Odds are by your age you were either a gennin or a chunnin and somethings happened in your home village and you don't or can't be there anymore. Now I don't know what village you are or what your name is so I can honestly say I don't know. I also wear these glasses all the time so I can't tell what color your hair or eyes is either. I don't care what reason you left your village for but if you are here for a job then think of a name for me to call you by. After that we can begin to discuss business. Just don't give me your real name because if I find out you did you will be punished sevearly."

Temari said "I me...Materi."

Kage said "Very well Materi. Now as I said I run a strict but firm business. You work for me, you live in my world. I provide a room for my employee's to live in for $20 a day. Since it's just you, you will get a twin size bed in a single room and a small bathroom with it's own tub and shower. I don't care what you personal hygene preference is but here you will make sure you shower every day before work. You will wear perfume that is provided for you with your uniform which is also provided and your uniform will be worn while you are on duty. No exceptions."

Temari nods and Kage said "Now I know because of your age you might be inexperienced. Don't fell bad about that because a lot of my employee's start out that way and some when they leave here are still as inexperienced...sometimes even still virgins."

Temari blinked at this as she blushed slightly and Kage said "While we premote sex and adult fun we don not force it here. If you wish to try your luck in seducing a client then do so at your own descretion."

Temari nods and Kage said "Now when a client come's in here they have to change thier cash into tokens. The girls who serve at the tables do not ever actually touch cash from a client. A bouncer at the door durring busy hours or the bartender durring slow hours like now will change the cash for tokens. We do this for several reasons. One is so our girls don't have to worry about being robbed or fear dropping thier money. Another is because our clients don't realise how valuable those tokens really are and will spend them faster then they would regular cash. This will cause them to cash in more money to continue to have fun which means more profits for the girls and for me. Now the tokens we use are only good at the Midnight flames establishments meaning if a client takes the tokens home then they can't spend them anywhere else so that's just cash that we get to keep."

Temari said "Pretty smart."

Kage said "Thank you. Now every new female employee starts off as a server at the tables in the main lounge. If you get good enough that the manager feels you are ready and been here long enough they will move you to a waitress in the casino part. That is where the big money is but because it is so much more valuable to be there only those who serve loyaly for a time get to go there. Now as a server what your job to do is get a client to drink and eat as much as possible. The prices for all the food and drinks are on the table under a clear glass top. When a client orders the food you get the tokens for it and take it to the bar along with the order. Everything is rounded off to even money. You give the bartender the order and the money and the bartender will give you the food and drink and you return to the client and serve them and try to get them to order more. The best way to do it is to try and get several small orders like drinks first and then appatisers then the main coarse, more drinks and deserts and more drinks. The more times you can get a client to send you to a bar the more times you are making money."

Kage saw Temari about to open her mouth and said "Before you ask, the food is at higher prices and all our tokens are in denominations of $5. You know $5, $10, $15 etc. A drink would be $3. The client gives you a $5 token. That's 2 dollars change. Change is never taken back to a customer. That rule is written on the menu on the table and if a customer has a problem with that then they can come see me or the manager. Any change left over from a token is put on your books as your pay which you can collect the next day You do not get a standard pay. You work for tips. We get our money out of the higher price drinks and food. The reason we do this is not everyone I have employed for me stays in the rooms I provide. Some have homes elsewhere or have family they need to support. If you tried to leave here with your pay at night when people are drunk and looking for a good time you might be robbed and raped. For your safety that is why we wait to pay you the next day anytime from 10 am till noon. Your $20 rent is taken out before you are paid so you don't have to worry about it. If you don't collect it then it will just be added to your next nights books."

Temari said "What about eating."

Kage said "A lot of the girls here try and get the clients to buy them food and drinks to keep them company longer and to spend more money. To keep fighting between girls down you are assigned one client when they come in and one table. Until they leave either to go into the casino section or leave to go home that is your only client. Getting them to spend thier tokens is your main job. Now remember when I said that if you try to seduce a client that you do so at your own descretion. You don't have sex here and what ever you charge the client is up to you but the moment you leave this building you are no longer under my protection. That is why I provide the uniforms for you so that you will remember that while here you serve me and I protect you. Understand."

Temari said "Yes Kage."

Kage said "Good, now I didn't meantion this yet but your uniform is $25. If you have that much on you now you can pay me or you can have it taken off your books. Each copy of your uniform is also $25. Until 1 is paid off then you can't get another. Your uniform is to be clean at the beginning of each business day. You will draw a number from a box like every other girl here. We do this every Monday at 10 am. I want every girl I have working for me in the main lounge at that time. That number that you draw will give you your schedule for the week. You will be working 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. If your shift ends while you are still entertaining a client then you stay working until that client leaves. You are also responsible for cleaning your tables when your serving your client and when they leave. If you have problems with a client we have a code to signal for help. On your order book the inside cover has a picture of an Uchiha clan symbol. Flip your book over and hold it in a way the bartender or another girl who works here can see it. If they see it then we will have another girl come over to take your place and you come to this office and tell the manager what is wrong and the manager will deal with it...Now do you have any questions Materi."

Temari shook her head no and Kage said "Good. Now I normally won't be here. My manager for this location has become pregnant and has decided to go on maternity leave to be with her husband and not stress herself out. Once I can get a replacement here I'll probably be gone to another location. Since you missed the weakly drawing already then you will have to take the left overs on the rotations which the bartender will give you. Now are you sure you wish to work for the Midnight Flames."

Temari said "Yes."

Kage said "Very well. When you leave my office go until you see a room with a blue star on it. That is are supply coordiator. She will assist you in getting your uniform and also showing you the room you will be given if you want to stay here...Good luck and welcome to the Midnight Flames."

Temari said "Thank you." as she got up and left.

Once she was gone Kage took off his glasses and hat showing Naruto who smirked and thought "Black as Midnight. Midnight Flames, Black Flames. God I love fucking with people's minds. Now to test her will. 2 weeks should be enough. To bad this is a minning town. The Miners come in here looking for a good time since we opened up and can get pretty roudy. Just enough to see if Temari will can be broken."