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Naruto sighed as he looked across the village of Suna and then he looked behind him at the man standing in the doorway and said "How long will this go on my friend.."

Gaara looked at him and said "A year, maybe 2 if were lucky. There is just no way to stop it here. After defeating Akatasuki and then the war that followed took every country by storm, farm lands were turned to waste lands, rivers poisoned, ships sunk. No one could have predict the power vacuum that would be felt by that war. It was just to costly."

Naruto nods and said "2/3 of all the lives in the world were lost during it. I can still hear the screams of pain for everyone I killed during that time to save Konoha."

Gaara nods and said "I as well for Suna but in the end...." leaving the rest unsaid.

Naruto said "I have nothing left Gaara, everything I was fighting for is gone. Madara won even after I killed him he still won. Konoha was destroyed."

Gaara asked "What would you give to save Konoha if you could, my friend."

Naruto said "Anything." not really paying attention to him.

Gaara said "Would you be willing to change history. Completely and forever."

For the first time Naruto truly turned away from the destroyed village of Suna and asked "What are you up to Raccoon."

Gaara smiled and said "A lesson a Fox taught me. Never give up and never believe in fate. You more then anyone else have a chance to change it all starting with where your story truly began." as he finally showed he was making hand seals and Gaara said "Goodbye my friend." and he slammed his hands to the ground and suddenly the room was filled with yellow and blue light before fading.

Naruto slowly open his eyes and covered them because he was blinded by sunlight. He sat up and looked around and found himself in the middle of Suna but the village looked nothing like it had before.

Naruto blinked and looked at himself and thought "Well I can't see anything different but I feel different for some reason."

A man screamed "Hey kid, what the hell you doing on my roof, get off." catching Naruto attention.

Naruto looked down and said "Sorry." as he jumped away to another roof and then landed in an ally and he entered his mind and looked at the cage where Kyuubi had been and he saw the cage was empty. He frowned thought "that can't be good." and returned to normal and he held out his hand and began to gather chakra forming a Rasengan and thought "my chakra control seems about right but a little off." as he reached for a kunai and pulled one out and cut his finger and thought "well at least my healing factor is still working right.....think, Suna does not look like this but I saw the canyon walls that surround the village so it is Suna. Gaara said I could change the future so does that mean he sent me to the past....damn it, but when did he send me to and what did he have planned. I need to get to Konoha. Once there I can figure out where I am."

He sighed and looked around the village and saw there was a guard at the gate and he frowned and walked toward the gate.

The guard said "Halt, where do you think your going and who are you. I don't recognize you."

Naruto said "I'm just passing through on my way to Wave to see my aunt and uncle. My parents passed away from bandits north of here. I arrived late yesterday and want to get on my way."

The man looked at Naruto and said "Your armed like a shinobi and you have larger chakra reserves then I do."

Naruto nods and said "My father was a Shinobi before he lost his arm and married my mother. He taught me a few things so I could defend myself when we were traveling since he was a merchant and wanted me to be one."

The man asked "Are you interested in becoming a shinobi. We are always looking for new recruits here."

Naruto said "I don't know. I might someday but I have to see my family first."

The man smirked and said "You don't really expect me to believe that bullshit story, do you. Every ninja in the village has seen and felt you since the moment you arrived a little earlier today. Now why don't we go see the Kazekage and see what he wants to do with you spy." as he moved toward Naruto.

Naruto shrugged and as 3 more ninja appeared around Naruto he looked at them and over his shoulders and closed his eyes a moment and began to twist as he released chakra from his body and screamed "Kaiten." as the chakra dome shot out and threw the 4 men away and he took off running out of the village gates as fast as possible. He ran for about an hour when he began to feel really tired and thought "shit, that took a lot more out of me then I thought it would."

He turned his head as he detected several chakra signature coming and he frowned as he began flashing through hand seals to use a jutsu he created with Gaara help and suddenly a cloud of dust where he had been.

2 minutes later 20 ninja appeared around the spot the dust had been and they looked around and one man said "Find him, his track and chakra signature showed he was here just moments ago."

As the men looked around Naruto was inside a sand dune 20 feet away in a 3 ft cube and he had his eyes closed concentrating.

30 minutes later a19 of the men were back where Naruto had originally disappeared to and the leader said "Damn it, the Kazekage is not going to like this. Where is Calcer."

A Chunnin said "Um....his body is about a mile east of here sir. It looks like he was attacked by some kind of creature. He was in several pieces."

The man who was leading them frowned and said "Lets head back to inform the Kazekage but look for signs of any creature or him." as they began to head back to Suna. 5 minutes later there was another puff of dust and Naruto waited until an hour had passed by when he appeared in the open again and took a sip of water before he began to walk toward Konoha.

He suddenly tensed as he jumped to the side to avoid a kunai and the leader of the men was standing there again and Naruto looked at him and frowned and asked "What."

The man said "I must say that was a good trick you pulled back there but you made a mistake as I felt the iron in your weapons."

Naruto frowned as he saw black sand forming. Naruto asked "Are you the Jinchuuriki of Shukaku."

The man froze and said "No, why."

Naruto said "I assumed you were since you were manipulating sand."

The man asked "And how do you know about that."

Naruto said "I knew the host of it once." as he looked around.

The man said "Not possible kid. Its been sealed in a kettle for the last 30 years." as the sand moved around circling Naruto.

Naruto said "Tell me, what year is it. The Godaime Kazekage never did tell me when he sent me to." making the man stop a moment and eye Naruto.

He said "The Godaime Kazekage, we are currently under the Nidaime Kazekage."

Naruto looked at the sky and said "The Yondaime died 8 years ago and the Sandaime died 15 years before that. He ruled for nearly 20 years so that means that its about 45 years back....that means its around the time jiji team really began....cool, thanks." as he put his hands together and said "Harem Jutsu." as the area was covered with 30 naked woman of all different looks making out..

The man was blown back with a massive nosebleed and Naruto smirked as him and his clones each grabbed a kunai and shuriken each and ran off in different directions.

When the man woke up there was 25 men there all looking at him and he bowed as he saw one and said "Kazekage-sama."

The Nidaime Kazekage looked at the man and asked "What happened here Koto."

Koto said "Forgive me sir but he distracted me with talk of Shukaku and then he was able to surprise me with a jutsu that instantly knocked me out. I don't remember what it was he used though....I have memory loss for those few seconds. Also we have no idea what it was that killed Calcer."

The Kazekage eyed him and said "I see. I want a report on what he said and did in 2 days as well as the body checked to find out what attacked him. We don't need our traders attacked bringing in new supplies. It's obvious we won't find him so lets return to Suna."

Naruto had made it about 5 miles before he had to hide in the sand again letting the heat of the dessert pass by and releasing the clones.

2 hours later Naruto was traveling again toward the border. When Naruto made it to the plains between Wind country and Fire country he frowned as he felt KI and he turned just in time to see a 3 foot tall red fox jumping at him with its claws extended ready to end his life.

Before he had time to react a wall of energy formed in front of him stopping the creature who growled and said "Damn you and damn your father and damn you shinigami, that blasted seal keeps me from eating you." as it started to circle Naruto.

Naruto blinked and asked "Kyuubi. Is that you."

The fox glared at him and said "For once that small brain of yours was right about something."

Naruto asked as he was trying to figure out what saved him "What happened to you and how are you free."

Kyuubi growled and said "Free, FREE, does this look like I am fucking free to you. I can only go 2 miles from you before I am unable to move. I am still bound to that accursed seal and you even after I escaped during that jutsu the raccoon used."

Naruto said "At least its better then the cage right."

Kyuubi glared and said "I hate you boy. You have something that belongs to me. My POWER. I have 1 tail of chakra ONE. You have absorbed 3 tails of my chakra making it yours and your accursed father sealed the rest away in that damn toad scroll. I want my power back." as he released a lot of KI and snarled at him.

Naruto saw Kyuubi trying to be intimidating and he snickered and said "Ah, is Kyuubi mad."

Kyuubi made another leap at him only to be stopped just like before. He screamed "Damn you, damn you to hell. I want to eat your flesh from your bones and bath in your blood but the damn Shinigami still protects you."

Naruto feeling cocky walked over and grabbed Kyuubi and Kyuubi began to grow larger and Naruto quickly let go and Kyuubi fell back to a 2 foot tall fox and Kyuubi growled and said "Damn you. It took me eating that human to get enough strength to grow that tall and then you take my chakra just like that."

Naruto asked "What human."

Kyuubi sneered and said "One of those who were tracking you kit."

Naruto frowned and thought "so Kyuubi was what killed the one they were missing." and asked "You said I took your chakra, then why did you get bigger and how did I do it."

Kyuubi glared and said "Think about it human, you have my power. I want it. When you picked me up I took some of my chakra from you but since you didn't give it to me freely the seal took it back plus more."

Naruto eyes glinted as he said "So I can just take your chakra and make it mine and kill you."

Kyuubi glared and said "Make no mistake boy, I am not your friend, I am not your pet, I am not your partner. I am your prisoner but I am bound to you by that accursed seal. If you die, I die and so I will make sure you do not die. I will make your life a living hell though. You can't kill me or you might kill yourself."

Naruto said "Trust me fox, I am more then willing to die to stop you. Remember when I prepared for Madara, I learned THAT jutsu, the one that still binds you to me. If you ever do anything I don't like the next thing you will see is the Shinigami taking both our asses. Do I make myself clear."

Kyuubi eyes looked in thought before a hidden smirk appeared as Naruto talked and he said "Madara."

Naruto blinked and asked "Yeah, what about him."

Kyuubi looked at Naruto and said "I think I know what that raccoon was talking about. If what I heard you say about how far back we are then Madara has not summoned me to this plane yet."

Naruto blinked and said "And." as he was thinking about all that would mean.

Kyuubi said "And, if I am not summoned to this plane yet then I am not bound to this world yet.......How about a little deal kit." as he got an evil smirk.

Naruto frowned and asked "What kind of deal." as he narrowed his eyes.

Kyuubi said "If I am right then that means that the summoning contract for my kind is still free. You can no longer use the toads, if you do then you may make it where the pervert will never get it."

Naruto blinked and said "I didn't think of that. Tell me, what do you have plan fox."

Kyuubi said "If the fox contract is still free then you can claim it for yourself giving you a new contract and preventing Madara from gaining access to it to summon me to fight the Shodaime resulting into me being bound to this world."

Naruto said "And if you were not bound to this world then would that mean that you would not be here to be sealed into me." as his eyes got bigger.

Kyuubi frowned and said "Not exactly. I won't be here to be bound to the future you but you will still be you. If it was not for my chakra in your system then you would have ceased to exist the moment we arrived because an object can not be in 2 place at the same time. It is one of Kami's rules. If you notice the necklace that woman gave you is gone now because it exist here."

Naruto eyes got wide and he looked at his chest and saw that it was gone and he closed his eyes as a tear fell and said "Alright, if what you said is true then what would happen if I were to summon the other you then."

Kyuubi smirked and said "Oh, that is easy. I will cease to exist just like that necklace and then pass on."

Naruto eyes were wide and he said "Wait, your willing to die to be free."

Kyuubi growled and said "Yes, now follow me. I will take you to the shrine of Inari where the Kitsune scroll is and we can end this petty excuse of a life we both share here and I can pass on." as he took off running.

Naruto frowned and took off following the fox.

A few hours later Naruto saw a cave and Kyuubi was standing at the door and he said "The Shrine is in the bottom of this cave. Hurry up and lets go."

Naruto looked at the fox and thought "could this be a trick, but if its not then I will be free of him forever and then Madara won't use Kyuubi and my future life will be better. If I do this then the future is changed."

Naruto after debating a few more seconds nods to himself and began walking into the cave.

20 minutes later he soon came across a torch filled room and thought "wonder how those torches are still working since it looked like no one has been here for years." as he removed a spiderweb from his body.

Kyuubi said "There it is kit, sign it and lets go outside to try it out."

Naruto frowned and walked over to it and asked "Are you sure about this Kyuubi. I mean I don't want Madara to get you and then ruin my life but are you sure you want to die."

Kyuubi growled and said "Boy, I hate you and you hate me. Neither of us want to see the others face again so hurry up."

Naruto sighed and unrolled the scroll and blinked as there was only 1 name on it and thought "Inari, the god of futility and kitsune. The name of a Kami." as he bit his thumb and sign his name on the scroll and then placed his hand print on it.

At that moment the cave glowed brightly and Kyuubi screamed "No, this isn't suppose to happen. I was to be freed when the bond was broken, NOOoooooo......." as he began to fade away.

Naruto turned and saw him disappear and he tensed as he felt something envelop him from behind and a soft female voice said "Be at peace human, I mean you no harm....I am Inari."

Naruto eyes were wide and said "Inari as in...."

The voice said "Yes Naruto. I am who you think I am. I have been waiting for you." still holding him from behind as his eyes felt heavy as he could feel himself relaxing.

Naruto asked "Waiting for me...why."

Inari said "Because you are special. I have watched over you since the day you were born and saw what has happened to you. You've been blessed by me even if you do not realize it. You were destined to change the world but to do so you had to see the way the world was so you could change it for the better. That was why I allowed the Uchiha to first sign the contract to gain control of Kyuubi. I know the world suffered for it but in the end you saw what would happen if the world was left as it was. You are still young and I know you do not understand but someday you will."

Naruto eyes were closing and he asked "But why me."

Inari whispered "You will understand someday. For now sleep so I can show you something." as Naruto passed out on the floor and the torches in the room went out.

Naruto found himself in a field full of flowers and he blinked as he saw several people he knew from his life and he felt Inari wrap her arms around him again from behind as the ones he saw came over and Inari said "Welcome to my home Naruto. You are one of a few blessed to ever be here. Now as you can see there are several people from you life that you know here. The reason they are here is they are going to aid you in your new life. You see, none of them will ever be born. They all were originally born because of the Kyuubi attack on your village. People who would have gotten together now wont because you have changed the world. There is an old saying about a butterfly on one side of the world flapping its wings can cause a Tsunami on the other side of the world. This is an example of that."

Naruto heard Inari and he had tears in his eyes and asked "But if they are never going to be born then what will happen to them."

Inari said "I am not a cruel kami Naruto. I know how you feel for each of them and how they feel for you so I offered them a choice and they agreed. The Kyuubi became arrogant with his position and power and he turned his back on me believing he was above me. He was foolish and will be punished. He tried to trick you earlier by changing history with you signing the contract he expected you to cease to exist since the bond between you and him will disappear because he would never have attacked your village. He used your own fears and doubts against you but I would not let that happen. You are precious to me Naruto as is all Kitsune's."

Naruto said "But I am not a Kitsune." still looking at the people he knew as Inari held him from behind.

Inari giggled and said "You are more Kitsune then you know Naruto. Those marks on you face are not from Kyuubi. They are from my blessing of you and choosing you as one of mine so I may watch you and see that you were truly worthy. You will live out your life as you see fit and when you pass on you will come here to be with your friends and family in my home to enjoy your well deserved rest but you will also become something more. I will wait until then to tell you what it is but know that your eternity will not be the pain you felt as a child. You will only find love and happiness here. Now as for your friends here I will explain what is to happen to them and the choice I gave them. You have signed the Kitsune contract which will become your family contract for as long as they live so only you and your descendants may sign it. Now up till this point there has only been 1 kitsune in the summoning and that was Kyuubi. I have taken your friends here and offered them to join you in eternity here and they have agreed and they and their families will aid you and yours by becoming your summon partners."

Naruto eyes were wide and he started to say something when Inari said "Shh child, your worries and thoughts are not valid. I know your worried about what will happen to them and if they get hurt but do not worry. They are under my protection. Now as I said they would not have been born now but I allowed them to be reborn as kitsune. Here in this place they shall stay as you remember them but when they are in the human world they will be in fox form. Now please step forward and tell him what you can do my children."

Naruto watched as they came forward and the first one said "Hello Naruto."

Naruto said "Sakura-chan.." as he choked on his words.

Sakura smiled and said "I know Naruto, relax, I am happy here and have been here since the day I passed on. Inari has taken care of me and the others very well and we can only wait for you to join us here. My mother met my father after Kyuubi passed through her village destroying it on his way to Konoha. He was a merchant that came to help repair it. Without them ever meeting I was not born. I will be a healer Naruto when you summoned me. If you or someone is injured and need medical attention just use about enough chakra for a regular Rasengan and think my name and I shall come. I want you to live a long and happy life with no regrets and have many great adventures to tell us about and lots of little Naruto's running around to annoy the future and you." as she turned into a 2 tailed red kitsune before walking back to the others and changing back into herself.

Naruto smiled sadly and the next figure stepped forward and Naruto asked "But you were no where near Konoha so how could the Kyuubi have effected you Haku."

The person said "It wasn't exactly the Kyuubi but Madara that effected me Naruto-kun. Remember, I came from the land of water and Madara was the Mizukage who started the bloodline purge. If it was not for that then my mother would never have went into hiding and I would never have been born. I am glad to hear and see that you took my words to heart Naruto-kun, like Sakura I take about the same amount of chakra and I am a water, wind, and Ice fox." as he changed into a 2 tailed white fox and walked over to Sakura and changed back human and put his head on her shoulder wrapping his arms around her waist.

Naruto smiled at that and the next person walked up and said "I see the flames of youth burn brightly in you Naruto-kun."

Naruto shook his head and said "Somethings never change, do they Lee."

Lee smiled sadly and said "And somethings do. Unlike the others, I will be born in a since but never born. My mother was attacked by bandits on her way home to a nearby village a few months after the Kyuubi attack and was injured. Originally she died because of the injury but a medic-nin who was returning from a mission to help victims of the Kyuubi attack who were disfigured came across her in time to deliver me but since the medic won't be coming by I will die with my mother and yet never be born. I do not regret the choice I made to agree to be a kitsune. I will require about as much chakra as your sexy no jutsu and like the others think my name. I am a speed freak even now. I will be able to move as I was in life. I can deliver messages or items, and do some quick attacks." as he changed into a brown fox with green on its paws.

Naruto snickered at that as Lee smiled and walked over to the other 2 and changed back.

Naruto looked sad a little as he looked at them and then looked at the other 4 people. As the next person walked over he said "Fate it seems is not without a sense of humor huh."

Naruto said "Oh fate has a sense of humor alright, she just has a weird way of displaying it Neji."

Inari thought "true."

Neji said "My fate is simple really. My father and mother did not want to comfort each other after the death of everyone who died because of Kyuubi and so I was not conceived. They would later have a daughter before my father died to save Hinata. I am a scout and can shut down some chakra holes and I require about as much chakra as your Kaiten."

Naruto saw as Neji changed into a gray fox and joined Lee, Sakura, and Haku.

Naruto looked at the last 3 and thought "this should be interesting."

The next person walked over and said "Hello again Naruto-kun."

Naruto said "hello to you as well Yakumo, how are you."

Yakumo nods and said "I am good. Like Neji I was born when my clan tried to replace our numbers after the Kyuubi attack. Since there is no attack my parents later had a son instead of me. I am a Genjutsu fox, ironic huh. I require as much chakra as a replacement and calling my name." as she changed into a brown fox and ran over and jumped into Lee's arms and Naruto thought "OK, did not see THAT pairing."

Naruto saw the next person come over and he asked "Do I even want to know."

The person said "No but I am going to tell you anyways."

Naruto said "If you so much as mention the teme name one time I will kick your red ass."

The person said "And I was sure that you would forgive little old me when you learned the truth."

Naruto glared and said "You tried to rape me to keep your cover. Then you tried to kill Sakura-chan. After that you stabbed Kiba."

The person said "Hey, the mutt deserved it after he groped my ass and I told you I was sorry besides, I always have a thing for a guy with large chakra reserves and as for Sakura....I didn't hit anything vital."

Sakura snorts and said "I lost one of my ovaries bitch."

The person said "You know you love me cousin."

Naruto said "Alright Karin, whats your story."

Karin said "Yeah....well my story basically the same as hers except my mom was her aunt and mom left after the attack to start over and came to Konoha where she met up with Danzo and agreed to make me a test tube baby my bloodline he got a sample somewhere for. Jiraiya-sama saved me and put me in his spy network where I eventually got into Orochimaru circle as best as I could but since mom never went to Konoha, no me. As for what I am, Infiltration, I can shape shift to spy for short periods of time." as she turned into a red fox and walked over and rubbed against Neji leg.

Naruto said "O....K, well you I am dying to hear."

The person walked forward and said "I'm replacing Kyuubi as the boss summon, give me pocky and you wont get hurt."

Inari said "Um Itachi, they don't make pocky yet."

Itachi makes a scroll appear and quickly rights on it before he handed Naruto a scroll and said "This is the recipe for pocky, do not summon me without a box of pocky, Do you understand."

Naruto looked at his friend for help and Inari who was still holding him from behind said "Sorry Naruto-kun, I actually wanted to get Zabuza as the new Kyuubi but hes currently fighting in a tournament to see who is the most bad ass swordsmen ever. Shinigami gave me Itachi here as part of the group package. Itachi found out they had a forbidden pocky tree in the afterlife and he sort of went ape shit on those who were worshiping it because they would not move so he could get to it. Turns out the real reason he killed his best friend in the first place was because he ate the last of Itachi pocky. Basically hes your boss summon, he will appear the size of Kyuubi and he can use fire attacks and mind fuck anyone who stupid enough to look into his eyes with his Genjutsu."

Naruto looked at Itachi and said "Right um....welcome aboard, glad to have you......any specific flavor." as he began to sweat.

Itachi said "I am to pocky as you are to ramen, you don't have it I will go mid evil on your ass."

Naruto sweat dropped and said "Right......Itachi.....no offense but your actually scarring me a little bit."

Itachi turned and walked away and said "Do not forget my pocky." as he disappeared onto the field.

Sakura said "Don't worry, he is that way with all of us. We are thinking about putting up a sign that says does not play well with others and give him his own little section."

Naruto said "Yeah, might be a good idea. Now I just need to find someone to make pocky."

Inari said "Well as much fun as it has been having you here Naruto it is about time for you to go back. Before you go though I must tell you that things are not as you remember hearing about them as. Madara has not done anything wrong as of yet and may never so you can't hate him for anything yet. Tsunade is not the Tsunade you know. She is still young and has not faced the heartache that the one you knew had known. Do not tell anyone that your from the future. If they ask you are just a nomad whose home was destroyed which was true in a sense. What you do now is your choice. You have your summons and you have your skills and yourself to rely on. Do what you think is best and don't try to change the world, just live, the world will change itself. Goodbye." as Naruto fell asleep again.

When Naruto awoke he found himself in the darkened temple and saw the scroll he had signed before was now gone. He got up and left the temple and stretched a little before he felt a gentle touch around his neck and he looked down and went wide eyed seeing the Shodaime's necklace and he looked at it and saw that it was changed and now had a fox inside of it and he smiled and thought "thank you Inari." as he started to make his way toward Konoha.

3 days later Naruto was nearing Konoha when he stopped and looked around him and thought "That's strange, I know I just felt a surge of chakra for a moment almost as if....." as he looked at the trees before changing directions.

He soon arrived on a road and saw a Gennin team and saw the Jounin was dead with a kunai in his head and saw an Iwa nin bringing a kunai down on a girl about 12 years old with black hair and wearing a blue dress with red shorts underneath who had her eyes closed in fear, cowering. Naruto quickly replaced the girl with a log and the Iwa nin said "Replacement." as he looked around removing the stab kunai from the log.

The girl who Naruto had replaced was now under one of his arms and he looked over and saw 2 other Konoha Gennin by their headbands and said "Oi, dipshit one, dipshit 2. Your Konoha nins, not little coward, catch your teammate while I deal with these 3." as he held the girl by her pants over his head and threw her at the 2 boys who were looking shocked only for all 3 to crash hard into the ground.

The nin from before asked "Who are you." as 2 ninja appeared on the limbs on both sides of him and both were wearing Iwa headband.

Naruto said "Dead men don't need to know my name, so why are you attacking the kiddies."

One asked "None of your business dead man." as he finished the hand signs he was making and said "Earth style: Earth dragon jutsu." as a dragon of earth rose out of the ground and charged at Naruto.

Naruto yawned and jumped on the head of the dragon running down it shocking everyone as he charged toward the one who tried to kill the girl pulling a kunai but then as he jumped off the dragon to stab the man he quickly threw the kunai at a spot 20 feet away and the nin he was about to land on disappeared and a log appeared where he was but Naruto disappeared in a puff of smoke and the kunai he threw landed on the ground beside the log and he appeared right where the log originally was before it was used as a replacement which was where he threw the kunai toward and he did a leg sweep of the shocked man who had replaced himself and as the man fell grabbed him by the neck slamming him neck first in the ground crushing his windpipe.

Before anyone could say anything 10 kunai stabbed him in the back only for him to go up in a puff of smoke as well.

Just then Naruto burst out of the ground with a hay maker to the 2nd Iwa nins groin making him scream out in pain as he covered himself but Naruto then grabbed him spinning the man to get behind him and snapped his neck.

The third Iwa nin was already flashing through hand signs and he turned toward the 3 Gennins and he said "Earth style:Four sided coffin." as 4 slabs of earth formed around the 3 and began to crash down on them.

Naruto acting quickly dashed under the 4 slabs of earth forming a Rasengan in each hand and slammed them into the slabs above his head destroying the wall and sending the dirt into the air. As the dirt disappeared Naruto was panting a little and asked "Are you 3 alright." as he looked around the area.

One boy with sandy brown hair wearing a gray and blue shirt looked up and said in a stutter voice "Yeah....who are you."

Naruto looked at the 3 and his eyes locked on the kid who spoke or more specifically on what was on his neck and he said "The names Naruto, whats yours kid."

The boy said "I'm Nawaki Senju and these are my teammate Choko Kobo and Dango Sake." pointing to the girl as Choko and a brown haired boy with brown eyes all about the same age as Dango.

Naruto blinked at the names and said "I see, I take it the guy over there was your sensei." pointing with his head.

Nawaki said "Yeah, this was our first mission out of the village. Is....Is he dead."

Naruto said "If hes not dead he isn't happy." trying to cheer the kids up. He sighed seeing it didn't work and said "Yeah, that was a fatal hit, the 3rd Iwa nin got away so we can't stay here to long. What was your mission."

Nawaki asked "I don't know if I should tell you. You could be a spy or something."

Naruto said "Smart kid, well whatever it was is over now. You all 3 have a new mission, look around the area for anything that looks like it might not belong here like a piece of paper or maybe a scroll or a kunai or anything like that and bring it to me. I will seal up the bodies of your teacher and those 2 Iwa nins and escort you all back to Konoha."

By this time Dango had recovered and asked "Why should we trust you."

Naruto said "You shouldn't but what chance do you think you will have if I leave your asses here and could kill those 2 that easily. Your 3 scared shit Gennin who just had your first taste of combat, your sensei dead and odds are you can't find your way out of a paper bag so either you listen to me and follow my orders or I leave your asses."

Nawaki quickly said "We will follow your orders."

Naruto said "Good, now move."

As both boys got busy working Naruto looked at the girl and said "That means you also."

The girl looked down and said "Um......" as Naruto smelled something and took a closer look at the girl and sighed and thought "great." and making a decision he bit his thumb and flashed through some hand signs and slammed his hand on the ground and thought "Sakura." as a puff of smoke appeared.

A 2 tailed red fox appeared and looked around and said "That was quick, you already need my help baka."

Naruto said "Yeah yeah, good to see you again Sakura but I got a problem that needs a woman touch." as he looked at the girl.

Sakura looked at the girl catching the scent that had caught Naruto and said "Damn Naruto, you usually only do that to people who can fight back."

Naruto said "Hardy har har, a Gennin team got jumped by 3 Iwa nins, their sensei toast and I'm taking them back to Konoha, check out shades."

Sakura looked around recognizing the code word to look at the direction the shadows were facing and her eyes locked on the form of Nawaki and then the necklace he was wearing and got wide a moment and said "I see. Is that...."

Naruto nods and looked at the girl who was fidgeting and said "Look girl, I know your scared and everything about almost dying but that was almost. You need to pull yourself together and move because your still alive. Now I want you to go over to those trees over there with my summon and get that wound treated, I don't want you to get reinjured later or get an infection." earning a smile from Sakura for trying to help save the girl from embarrassment.

The girl looked at him wide eyed realizing what he did and mouth 'thank you.' as she turned and went into the woods with Sakura.

Nawaki came over and Naruto quickly stood in front of the woods blocking his view and Nawaki asked "What wound, I didn't see here get hurt and what was with that fox."

Naruto said "That was one of my summons and the girl had a small wound on her leg. I am trained to notice things like that but your not trained yet. Return to your duties Gennin"

Nawaki said "hey what makes you boss."

Naruto showed him his hiate on his belt and said "I out rank you."

Nawaki was wide eyed and said "Right, sorry about that sir." having been trained by his family to show respect to those of higher rank as he returned to work.

Naruto created a Kagebunshin who began to seal the 3 bodies.

A few minutes later Sakura walked back out of the woods with Choko and said "I checked her out and got that wound cleaned up and she ready to go but her reserves are like mine when we first teamed up."

Naruto blinked and said "I see. Thank you for coming Sakura, I know this wasn't what you were expecting."

Sakura said "No problem Naruto. I am very happy to help and see you understand woman finally. If you need us don't wait until your half dead to call, we are a team Naruto, we always will be a team....now go get lost on the road of life or something."

Naruto had to laugh and said "Maybe. Miss you."

Sakura smiled and said "Cya later." as she went up in smoke.

The 2 boys walked over and asked "Are you OK Choko."

Choko said "Yes, Sakura was very helpful." as her cheeks turned red a little.

Nawaki said "Yeah, I can't even see a scar or anything." as he looked her over.

Choko blushed redder and said "I don't have any scars."

Naruto cleared his throat and said "Are you done."

Both boys nod and show a few weapons and a scroll and Naruto took the scroll seeing it was still sealed and opened it and read it before he asked "Where did you find this."

Dango said "It was over there in the woods tied to a tree. Why."

Naruto pocketed the scroll and said "Nothing. Lets go." as the kagebunshin brought a scroll over with the 3 bodies and he pocketed it also and began to walk toward Konoha with the 3 Gennin following.

About 20 minutes later Nawaki asked "Hey, how come I don't recognize you. I mean I know there are a lot of ninja in Konoha that I don't know but there are not that many blonds so you should stick out."

Naruto looked over his shoulder and said "That's a secret. If the Hokage allows it I will tell you later, OK."

All 3 Gennin looked confused and Choko asked "Why can't you tell us."

Naruto said "A ninja life is deception and secrets. I have many secrets that I don't want to tell about and you must learn to accept that."

Nawaki asked "How did you get a fox summoning. I've never heard of it before."

Naruto frowned a moment and said "Its my family summoning and nobody knows I have it. I ask all 3 of you not to tell anyone about it because I want to keep it a secret. Not even the Hokage knows about it."

Dango said "But doesn't your family know you have it."

Naruto said "My family is dead." shocking all 3.

A few minutes later Nawaki asked "How did you beat those guys so fast back there."

Naruto said "It was just 2 Chunnin and a Jounin and they underestimated me because of my age but the Jounin got away."

Choko asked "How old are you."

Naruto said "17."

Dango asked "Whats you last name Naruto."

Naruto said "I rather not say.......tell me, what skills do you 3 have. I mean what did your sensei teach you." changing the subject.

Nawaki said "He taught us all 3 the leaf balancing and Katon:phoenix fireball jutsu, target practicing and how to improve our Taijutsu."

Naruto nods and asked "What else."

All 3 looked confused and Dango asked "What do you mean what else."

Naruto actually stopped walking and looked back at them and said "I know your in a clan Nawaki but are the other 2 also."

Both shook their head no and he asked "Do you have ninja parents."

Dango said "No, besides the clans everyone who just came out of the academy this year is from non ninja family. Don't you know that."

Naruto asked "Do you know the basic 3."

All 3 looked confused and Naruto slapped his head and said "Nawaki, when we get to Konoha I am killing your grandfather." as he began to walk toward the village.

Nawaki got fear in his face and screamed "No, you can't." as he ran and grabbed Naruto arm.

Naruto looked at him and shook his head and placed his hand on Nawaki head and said "It is just me running my mouth. I won't kill him but you 3 should not have been sent on a mission outside of the village. You are all 3 poorly trained."

Nawaki said "But we were the top 3 students in our class."

Naruto looked up at the sky and said "Kami help us, how the hell did we survive." as he looked back down and said "Alright, do you 3 know all 12 of the hand signs."

All 3 nod and Naruto said "Good, for the next hour I do not want you to say a word. I want you to walk in a triangle around me with Nawaki starting in front, Dango on the left and Choko on the right, you will walk while practicing your hand signs going through all 12 over and over again trying to go faster each time. If you mess up you have to say the word 'Right.' and all 3 of you will have to switch places with Dango going where Choko was, Choko to where Nawaki was and Nawaki to where Dango was. Do not lie about messing up or I will punish you. Every time that Nawaki makes it back in front of me will count as 1 point. By the time we get to Konoha every point you have will be 1 hour of running from the Hokage mountain to training ground 1, however I will be timing you from your starting speed on the hand signs and if all 3 of you can decrease your 12 hand signs to less then 5 seconds I will teach you a jutsu that will make you stronger and make you better ninja. Do you all 3 understand."

All 3 looked at each other and Nawaki asked "Why are you telling us all this Naruto."

Naruto said "Until the Hokage says otherwise that is Naruto-sensei to you Gennin"

All 3 eyes lighted up and Choko asked "Are you really going to be our new sensei."

Naruto said "If the Hokage will let me. Now lets go, get in formation and begin and don't stop walking, you need to learn to multi task and keep an eye on your surroundings as well." as he began to walk.