After Tsunade left to go find Naruto wherever he landed Hashirama looked at his brother and said "Do you still think this was a good idea."

The Nidaime Hokage shrugged his shoulders and said "To late now...the future is in thier hands now."

Tsunade found Naruto at the park sitting on a bench and she sat down next to him and said "So are you OK. I didn't mean to hit you that hard."

Naruto said "Yeah, I'm fine. You've hit me harder in the future so it's no biggy...look over there."

Tsunade followed his line of sight and said "Isn't that..."

Naruto said "Yeah, that's my dad and he's talking to mom."

Just then Kushina drew back and punched Minato in the face and screamed "I AM NOT A TOMATO HEAD."

Tsunade sweatdropped and said "You know, I'm starting to see a family trait...hmm, wonder what he said to her to make her blush and play with her hair."

Naruto said "Who knows...hmm...wonder where Gaara is."

Tsunade looked at him and said "Still asleep near the cabin you stayed at before."

Naruto said "No, he's not. I know Gaara chakra signature almost as good as my own. He's no where near the fact he's not even within 10 miles of the village."

Tsunade said "He may have decided to start a new life somewhere."

Naruto said " are you ready to become a mother to a pair of hot heads."

Tsunade said "Mother is still a few years away...but aunt does have a nice ring to it."

Naruto said "Good, then lets go get the kids and head to the Uchiha district. I've been asked to be the godfather to both Sasuke kids and the cerimony is today."

Tsunade said "So that's it, your not going to fight against this or anything."

Naruto smirked and said "The day I go with the flow will be the day hell freezes over...but I am looking forward to what the future will bring."

Tsunade said "Me too." as she grabbed his hand and held it.

Both smiled slightly while watching Minato and Kushina play.

Jiraiya who walked by blinked and said "Hey flatchest, what the hells going on here. Why are you holding his hand."

Naruto said "Please leave my fiance alone you pervert."

Jiraiya said "Fiance...yeah right."

Tsunade smirked and said "It's true, see." as she leaned over and kissed Naruto passionately causing Jiraiya to gape.

Once they broke apart the kiss Tsunade said "See, now be a good little toad and hop along."

Jiraiya just walked away with a dazed look on his face.

Tsunade said "Now where were we." as she went to kiss Naruto again who returned the kiss with interest.

On a boat bound for Water country Madara Uchiha screamed and said "I'll kill you both. You dare do this to the great Madara Uchiha." as he held his hands over his eyes that were bleeding.

Gaara voice said "My sand has gotten in your eyes without you noticing and has blinded you making sure you will never be able to use them again."

Bii voice said "And I'm here to make sure that you stay dead." as he walked forward with his swords and began to slice into Madara.

As Madara body fell to the ground Gaara used his sand to crush Madara body into dust.

After it was over Bii said "You were right that Madara would head here after his defeat."

Gaara said " the question is what shall we do. I have no purpose now."

Bii looked at Gaara and said "We could always take over the Mist. It's far enough away that our presence won't have major impact and you were a Kage so running a village would be right up your ally...besides, didn't Uzumaki say one of his first friends family was destroyed by a bloodline civil war...maybe you can repay Uzumaki by saving another like he saved you."

Gaara said "And what about you.'

Bii said "Someone has to be your bodyguard and head of security."

Gaara said "Very well...but no rapping in my office."

Bii said "Yes Mizukage-sama."

Gaara thought "Today marks the begining of a new future for all of us...may Kami bless us and ensure our future does not repeat itself."