Why? I still don't understand it. Why did you close the door?

Dammit, how could you just stand there and spout those lies at me like they were all we needed?

I know I made a mistake.

Everything you told me was false. You were everything I believed.

Please, just forgive me.

Does that mean nothing's true anymore?

Please. I love you.

Please don't come back. Don't shake my world upside down and shatter the pieces again. I don't want that. I don't need that.

I want you back. You were mine and I was yours and we were happy. Now… nothing.

No! Leave me alone! I will not let you mess me around again! Not like last time.

Not like last time… I'll be better, I promise. I won't hurt you any more.

If you meant those soft words, then tell me why you did it.

I have no excuses, only regrets. Let me in, give me one last chance. It's been too long.

If you mean it, then let me go. I moved on, I don't want to move backwards, falling; never to rise again.

I fell for you. So hard, so fast. I know we had something beautiful. Don't let me let it go.

You let me go. I trusted you with my heart and you dropped it in the mud.

No. Don't, please. Don't say these words. You don't mean them. I know you don't. You can't.

I don't want you back, I mean it. Don't come back to haunt me. Don't twist your knife any harder.

I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry. Just please… take me back. I'll do anything. Anything.

I don't love you, not any more. I'm happy, I have someone. You don't matter to me. No, don't look me in the eyes.

No! No! Please! Don't shut me out with your distant gaze.

You'll see that I'm lying.

Just open the door. Let me see you. Please, just hold me one more time. That's all I ask. I'll go, I won't come back. If you ask it of me, I'll die. Then you won't have to see me anymore. If you truly want to be rid of me then just tell me. And look me in the eye. No more lies. I've lied enough for both of us and the taste is bitter, so bitter.

You know I can't say it. You knew, didn't you; that I'll always fall for your tricks. Every time. I can't help it.

Thank you. That's all I ever wanted; to see your face again. Well, to see you smile and be happy again, even without me. But I'll go. You don't need a liar like me. Be happy.

Thank you, Roxas. For letting me go.

I'll never forget; I'll release you to your happiness, but I'll never forget what we had. Who knows? Maybe in another life, we could have made this work. But 'what if's only dredge up horrors again. Goodbye.

I love you. Even now.

I love you too. Farewell.

No, wait, don't leave!

Your hand grabbing mine. Your face is so painful, almost like I really did stab you with that 'knife' you were talking about. No, please, this is torture. Don't tease me.

I'm not. I want this too. I want you back. I don't ever want you to leave. Please, just stay.

Do you really mean that? Did you mean it when you said to leave?

No, stay. I love you, even now.


With me. Don't abandon me.

I won't. I can't leave you. You knew it, didn't you?

You always knew. That no matter what, I'll always forgive you. That whatever happens, you'll still stay by my side. I want that back.

I want you back. I love you, Axel.

I love you, Roxas.

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