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Summary: "Uchiha's do not grieve. They do not mourn. They move on. So move on. Find someone who can care for your son with you." When Sasuke said this to his brother, he didn't have his best friend in mind.

Pairings: ItaNaru

Warnings: YAOI, boyXboy, lemon, swearing etc.

Other: 'Thinking' Writing, Flashback/Dream

Moving On

By Tanuki-Mara

Beta'd by Imperial Mint.

Dedicated to Brera Sterne

"And then they all lived happily ever after," Naruto finished softly. "The end…"

Naruto looked up from the book as he closed it, smiling as he saw Shisui fast asleep. The young Uchiha was curled up tightly on his side, a small fist next to his cherub cheek. Naruto swooped down to kiss the dark head before setting the book on the bedside table silently. Rearranging the covers around his beloved son he stroked his hair lightly, the soft smile on his face never fading, staying as strong as it had been since it first blossomed after the wedding that took place a month ago.

Leaving the room, Naruto managed not to trip on anything as he made it out of the room. Stumbling slightly in the corridor, he made his way towards his and Itachi's room, humming softly. Naruto had managed to break the raven's three am habit, getting him to bed at a reasonable hour with some rather… persuasive methods.

Sure enough, when Naruto reached the bedroom Itachi was hunched over his desk, raven hair sweeping the papers. Naruto snuck up behind him, his arms sliding around his neck as he hugged the man tight from behind. Itachi's pen slowed before speeding up again.

"He's out," Naruto whispered as he nuzzled Itachi's neck. Itachi nodded before returning to his work.

Naruto pouted, annoyed by Itachi's ignoring of him. He hugged the man tighter, trailing soft kisses up his neck. Itachi chuckled softly, his pen dropping.

"Alright," his voice was soft as spun the chair, dislodging Naruto's hands as he whirled to face him. Cupping Naruto's face he claimed the blond's lips deeply, exploring his mouth eagerly before parting. "What do you want to do?"

"Nothing," Naruto whispered as he clambered onto Itachi's lap. "I just wanna spend time with you."

Itachi's arms snaked around Naruto and he lifted the blond up, gripping his behind firmly as he stood. Naruto curled his arms around the man's neck, nuzzling his neck again. Itachi strode calmly to the bed, placing Naruto on it gently. Naruto bounced happily on it, loving the soft covers as Itachi swooped back in to his lips. Naruto loved the bed. He spent ages on it; watching Itachi work, watching Itachi read, begging Itachi to pay attention to him – and lying happily sated after the raven thoroughly did.

Itachi's kisses became more demanding. His tongue mapped out every crevice, exploring and re-exploring eagerly. Naruto allowed the heat and taste to swamp him for a moment before he withdrew.

"So…" he breathed as Itachi slid down to his neck. "Is this what Sasuke meant when he told you to move on?"

Itachi bit Naruto's neck sharply before licking the spot.

"My little brother has good ideas sometimes,"

Yes, as Itachi's little blond moaned beneath him Itachi was very glad he had listened to Sasuke.

Now he was moving on.

And he couldn't think of anyone he would rather move on with than Naruto.

And that's the end.

I hope you all enjoyed it, namely Brera Sterne, who the story is dedicated to. I also want to give a big thank you to Imperial Mint, who beta'd this for me.

I'll probably start a new ItaNaru soon, so keep an eye out.