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"Roxas, I… I need you."

It was kind of funny, really, how those few words could change everything about their relationship, and then at the same time, keep everything the same. It brought both of them right to the very threshold, a point they both knew they could not return from, not if they took that one step right over it- a point in which their lives that would be forever changed. And yet, they were both able to realize that they had been waiting in that same spot, right at the edge of what is moral and good and what is sinful and wrong, for their entire lives. A step forward or a step back?

It didn't take more than a look into each others eyes, identical mirrors to their souls, to know which path they would take.


Neither of them were exactly sure when the entire thing had started. So, it was easy for them to assume it had all just begun when they were born.

It had been a rather dreary April day when they were both born. Rain fell heavily on Destiny Islands. Their father, Cloud Strife, had often told them of how he almost drove the car off the road while driving their mother Aerith to the hospital, because he could hardly see through the rain.

It had been a very long 12 hours of labor before their mother was finally wheeled into an operating room. They were delivered by Cesarean section, Sora born a whole two minutes before his identical twin Roxas, a fact Sora would never let Roxas forget easily.

From the minute they were born, they were inseparable. At the hospital, they looked angelic, sleeping side by side in the nursery, all wrapped up in blue. It was nearly impossible for the nurses to tell them apart, had it not been for the fact that Sora's hair was just slightly darker. They yawned and stretched in their small nursery boxes at the same time, the perfect image of each other. The Strife family could not believe their luck.

From then on, they grew even closer, if one could believe that possible. Some people still say that the bond shared between twins in nothing more than a myth, but they'd be mistaken. People could see it immediately between the Strife twins. Upon being brought home from the hospital, Aerith and Cloud would find out that the twins woke only seconds apart from each other, no matter the circumstance, a fact that tired them to no end. One of the expensive mahogany cribs would go to waste when the twins refused to sleep while separated. When they began to laugh, one look at each other was all it'd take to send both small baby boys into a fit of giggles- an inside joke no one would ever know. When Roxas began walking before his brother, it took only one day before Sora began to take clumsy, unbalanced steps in an attempt to follow his now mobile brother around.

They lived a life of relative happiness, with their parents, until suddenly their world was turned upside down.

When the boys were thirteen, their mother was attacked in the street as she did her weekly shopping by a mysterious man with silver hair. She did not survive. The boys were never told much about what happened to her, in people's attempt to shield them from the gruesome story of their mother's murder. Not much longer after their mother's burial, their father had told them to pack all of their things, before taking them on a very long car ride. They never returned to the islands.

Instead, they found themselves in Radiant Garden. Their father ushered them along in silence, through the crowds of people until he reached a small building called 7th Heaven. Their father directed them upstairs into a bedroom with two beds and not much else while he spoke to the owner of the bar downstairs. They sat on the beds, numb and confused, just able to overhear the discussion taking place below them.

"Cloud, you can't do this to them! They're still just children! They need you!"

"Don't you get it? I can't take care of them. I'm not fit to take care of anyone. Not my family. Not my friends. Nobody."

Those were the last words they ever heard from their father. Tifa did the best she could to keep them happy and taken care of, but she could not replace what they had lost. It was from that moment on that they knew they were alone in this world. All they would ever have was each other. But even then, that didn't seem so bad. Having one another was all they would ever need.


It had been years since then, and they'd been able to pick up the pieces of what seemed to be a broken life. They studied hard during high school and were both able to receive full-scholarships to a topnotch University in Twilight Town. They took all of the money out of their shared bank account, money that they had gotten in exchange for helping around at 7th Heaven, and used it to get a rather nice apartment near campus. The idea of sleeping in dorms with strangers was scary enough. The idea of sleeping apart from each other for the first time in eighteen years was even scarier.

Things had been going well since they moved to Twilight Town. They had each made their own friends, enjoyed their classes, but most importantly, enjoyed the time they shared together in their apartment, holding hands lazily while watching television, chatting happily over meals, and cuddled together warm and safe in bed. From time to time, they shared tender kisses, lips closed and gently brushing together, a promise that they'd always be together. Their relationship was unconventional, sure, but they were happy this way. They treasured their lives, bound together by fate from the moment they took their first breaths.


Their attraction towards one another more or less started as soon as they entered high school. It all began one night when Roxas had asked his brother if he could trust him with a secret.

"Of course you can, little brother," had been Sora's simple reply.

"Any secret?" Roxas asked, his voice wavering nervously.

"Any secret. Promise."

Roxas just turned a very bright shade of red and admitted to his brother, "I think I'm gay."

Sora looked at his brother curiously for a moment before beginning to laugh. Finally, he looked up at his brother with that silly grin on his face before saying, "No kidding! Me too."

Then they both began to laugh in hysterics. What were the chances of that?

But Sora had, in a sense, lied to his brother. Unlike Roxas, who pursued other guys and dated regularly, he was not interested in anyone from either sex. He only had eyes for his brother.


Roxas stood at the foot of the bed, his heart beating rapidly. He tried to force his eyes to look away, but they would not listen. Instead, they continued to stare at the scene in front of them.

Sora's bare chest glistening with sweat in the glow of the moonlight that came in through the window blinds, lost in the throes of passion. Under the heavy quilt cover he could still see Sora's arousal, and the hand desperately trying to relieve himself. He wanted to ignore it, to wish it all away, but deep down, that part of him that he had spent many years trying to repress, was in yearning.

His heart beat even faster when Sora looked directly at him, their identical stares gazing at each other, and then Sora called out to him.

"Roxas, I… I need you."

Roxas was finally able to look away. He had spent so many years searching for that one guy who would steal his heart and make him stop feeling this way for his brother, but each time he tried, the disappointment grew worse, and Sora was always at his side, trying to ease the pain. If only he knew how much it had hurt Roxas to hear Sora whisper those words of comfort, not knowing why he was hurt to begin with. He knew it was wrong, these things that he felt. He had tried so hard to do the right thing. And there it was, Sora saying those words and all those years of torture, all those good intentions would be useless, gone.

Roxas could hardly speak, but he managed.

"I know, Sora."

Sora stopped what he was doing beneath the sheets and sat up then, smiling at Roxas tenderly. He then extended his hand before speaking.

"You've always known… Come here, please?" It was a desperate plea.

One step forward.
One step back.

Roxas took Sora's hand.


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