Title: Recapturing the Future

Spoilers: Takes place in the setting from about chapter 137 in the manga.

Disclaimer: I do not own or lay any claim to the conent or characters of this series - only my imagination.

Pairing: Gokudera x Yamamoto - yaoi alert - you have been warned!

A/N: This is my first story from this series, so I hope you like it. I can't resist this pairing! This first chapter is very short and really quite tame but sets the scene for what will become some nice, dirty action later on.


The weak, breathy sound refused to form any coherent language but then, there were no words behind it – just blank, white shock. The same shock emptied Gokudera's head, easing the knot in his eyebrows. Nothing. He was only very vaguely aware that his cold hand was still clutching the piece of paper that had caused all this... nothingness.

When he, Tsuna and Yamamoto had found themselves trapped in the future, not three hours earlier, Gokudera had taken possession of his future self's briefcase. Upon opening it, he had only found time to be intrigued by its contents before becoming embroiled in a fight. Hint after hint teased at his mind as they travelled and fought: the G-writings, the systema C.A.I, the ancient-looking box were all a foggy mystery swimming in his head. There was one more item tugging at his curiosity: the piece of paper. Among the G-writings, there had been another, less crumpled piece of paper that he had not had a chance to inspect. What did it say, dammit?!!

Now, eight levels of Vongola fortressing down, the sheet was clasped between five digits, each one of them turning white at the tightening knuckles.

I can't believe this took ten years. Don't you dare die on me now.

Takeshi x

The air hitched in Gokudera's lungs as the door shuddered with a loud knock and started to open. Crap! Hide, hide, hide, HIDE! Adrenalin-infused panic tore him from his stunned slumber and into action as he leapt to replace the note in the briefcase, before re-knotting his eyebrows and slouching back down, his thoughts pushed to one side. Dammit, where's the privacy in this place?

Tsuna and Yamamoto appeared, smiling, in the doorway, only to be confronted by the usual sour-faced demeanour they had come to expect from the tenth's right-hand-man.

"Want to come and see if the food's nearly ready, Gokudera-kun?" Tsuna asked.

"It smells really good already," Yamamoto beamed, his carefree grin spread right across his face.

Gokudera peered, trying to perceive something, anything in the tall boy's smile – the tiniest micro-expression he might have missed for an entire ten years. He wasn't stupid by any means and was usually more perceptive than most but was always the last to consider himself. Hmm, nothing unusual... wait, is that the hint of a flush?

"G-Gokudera?" Yamamoto's voice lifted, tentatively, his eyes flitting between the floor tiles and a focus on the pale, scowling face.

Shit, how long was I looking? Looking? – more like staring!

"Whatever gets me more food than that stupid cow," he grumbled, his chest relaxing from the moment's tension.

With a flash of silver, the boy swept up beside the other guardians and followed them out of the door.

Whatever this means, I'll find out...

A/N: Ok... so it's stupidly short. Sorry. Please let me know what you think so far. I have already formulated the next chapter in my head so it shouldn't be too long now... Thanks for reading :)