Holding Onto The Hero

Hero In The Hold – Ending Scene(s) – Rewritten & extended


At first - my version of the story isn't too much different from the Epi - I do however, add more insight into Booth's POV - and later into Brennan's too. The rescue is where I make changes that I hope you all like, & I lengthen the story as well.

Booth is still talking to his hallucination (more so than a Ghost) of Teddy Parker - this is most likely caused by the heavy drugs injected into him by his captor and his fragile mind's way of dealing with the traumatic situation, especially since he had spent time as a Prisoner Of War so that already messed him up, this time in captivity he knows could be his last.

As for the fact that Booth was able to do things that would normally have taken TWO men to accomplish - that was only due to the high levels of adrenaline surging through his veins as he went into FULL survival mode - once he realized what was going on.

This scene begins w/ Teddy & Booth in the damp & stale smelling holding area where all of the toys that were hand made by school children, are strewn about the area, awaiting their explosive destruction by demolition.

Booth had already escaped from the lower level of the ship - thanks to the gushing cold water that acted as a slow moving elevator, raising him up to the catwalk above. Once Booth has pried one of the heavy doors open, along with "Teddy's" help - they were able to get to ahigher level inside the ship.

I hope that my version of The Hero In the Hold, will give you a more exciting and realistic story/conclusion.

MUSIC: If you want a song to go with this story, one that is perfectly suited for Booth and Brennan! Of course I have to go with the obvious; "I Need A Hero" aka "Holding Out For A Hero" By Bonnie Tyler. I will put a link to the video and lyrics on my Profile shortly. Someone should make a video w/ Bones clips & that song.

Disclaimer - BONES doesn't belong to me, nor do any of the cast, staff, etc...etc.

{Scene One}

Deep inside the abandoned Ship...

"Hey uh Sarge?" Teddy asks, "How do you plan to complete the circuit from 100 yards away, at which distance you might survive the blast?"...

Booth was trying to concentrate on the dangerous task at hand, preparing to blast through the steel bulkhead wall where he could see the outline of the "connect the dot" looking bolts that outlined what could only be stairs leading up, and hopefully OUT of this ship that had become their prison. He knew they probably had an hour or two left before they ran out of time.

"They?! Oh great, just listen to yourself Booth", he says to himself out loud. "You are losing it! First there was your hallucination of Lucky Luc Robitaille after hitting your head on the ice in the Hockey arena, & now... you have just acknowledged that this ~ghost~ of Corporal Parker is really trapped in here with you." Yeah great, Sweets will have a field day with all of this!

Being that so many hours had passed since he was initially taken, the potent drugs in his system, used to render him unconscious for the purpose of transporting his unconscious body onto this ship, most of the effects had finally worn off to some extent, so that the earlier sluggishness he felt, had now been surpassed by raw, intense adrenaline. The shock of the icey cold water that flooded into the lower level of the ship, definitely intensified the adrenaline's affect on him.

He still can't believe that the criminal just walked right up to his door, knocked, and immediately tasered him - all before he could even react to the shock of seeing this person, all dressed in dark attire, with what looked like a dark winter scarf covering most of their face.

Hmmm, he thought for a moment, the fact that they covered their face so he could not fully identify them, was possibly a good sign.

Usually if a criminal planned to kill their victim, they never bothered to cover their face, because that victim would not survive to identify them later. This gave him a burst of extra energy that he needed – a glimmer of hope that there was some kind of ransom, a ransom that his partner would not hesitate to pay - seeing as she was loaded, and he liked to think she cared about him at least a little more than money.

He remembers that, as the perpetrator first reached towards him with the taser, that was hidden from sight until it was too late, Booth thought that something about their eyes looked familiar, almost feminine if he had to guess, but he just couldn't place the face.

At this point, he hadn't even thought of himself as being another Gravedigger kidnapping victim, with the similar exception of the taser that the person used.

All of these thoughts were rapidly flying through his tired and troubled mind, he finally shook his head to somewhat erase the thoughts for the time being, almost like an old Etch-a-Sketch he laughed to himself. If only you could just shake your head and make thoughts or memories disappear that easily.

If that was possible, he would have shaken away all of the nightmares & traumatic memories of his abusive childhood, as well as the horrors of War including, and most importantly, his time as a POW!

To Be Continued...