Sorry if you were hoping this update was more of the story – it's just a quick note to all of you re: Ch 28 being the end or me going on to what will now (thanks to this Author's note) be Ch 30, a perfect place to end!

First and foremost I want to sincerely thank all of you whom have not only been reading my story, but whom have taken the time to review and in such a positive way! So based on the overall consensus I am going to add ONE more chapter and then move on to a sequel. I remembered a couple of things I want to wrap up on this one anyway - and the only reason I don't just continue this story instead of starting a new story for the sequel, is that I want a different title to reflect the new scenes, and because I personally find stories with 50 plus chapters to be a little daunting when I am reading a fan fic.

So, I will post a new final chapter within a day or so.

Stay Tuned!