Blood Servant

Summary: AU. The year is 3050 and vampires have taken over the world. The King is cruel and ruthless. Can a small servant help change his heart for the better or will the slave become broken. And what about the evil grudge one of the harem girls have against the small servant. What will happen to the small servant?

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~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~ Chapter 1 ~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~

In the year 3050, the vampires have ruled over the world for nearly 1000years. The King of the Vampires is over 4000years old and is the most powerful and feared. He is completely cold, cruel and ruthless. No one over steps him, human or vampire, because it results in their death.

After he took over the world all humans in each city were placed into a housing community that was bared and watched constantly. The only time they left was when they turned 13 and if they were to work for the ones that ruled over each city.

Children at birth were place into categories where when they turned of age they would leave and go to where they were placed. The placings were for the King and Lords of each city. There are harems, blood servants to the King's and Lords, cooks and cleaning servants and along with personal servants for the ones of high status. The ones that didn't fit the criteria were left to stay in the community and were the ones to just continue life and give birth to the next generation or were drunk from the soldiers and guards but were never killed during it.

There was certain criteria for harem and blood servants for the King and Lords. For the harem it was complete and utter beauty and not a single blemish on the skin. For the blood servants their blood was to be sweet and it was rare for the blood to be incredibly sweet. If it was than no matter where they were in the world when they were of age they were transferred to the King's palace. It was always unfortunate to have that incredibly sweet bloody, because the blood was craved for in higher amounts by the King. If any was found to be drinking from the King's personal blood supply or using the King's personal human harem they were found, tortured and killed by the King. He was the only one to take from others harem or blood supply because A: He was King and B: No one was game to complain about it.


The King stood on his balcony of his chamber looking out at everything he ruled over. He had strong black powerful leather wings, two strong pearly white fangs that sat inside his mouth, visible when he spoke and then lengthened when he was feeding or angry. His body was naturally strong being a vampire but had strong visible muscles from when he was human.

It was early morning when the King stood on his balcony, as the sun rose. His anger had started about 2000years after his turning, because the humans were always able to find some to spend their live with and anyone he found were afraid of him and ran off. So for a thousand years he had the vampire community grow before they took over. He still hoped he'd find someone. So for the next thousand years he started his rule he continued to look for someone, but everyone feared him to much and this just caused his hate to grow and he became cold.

The King moved back into his chambers as the servants came in to get his clothes ready and fill his bath. The King walked into his bath chamber and striped off his clothes and moved into the bath as servants started to wash him in preparation for the day. After cleaning off he got out and was dried off before dressed and then his hair and jewellery was done.

"Bring me my blood servant." He spoke.

"Yes my King."

The servants ran off and the King walked back to the balcony. He stood there staring for 10mins before there was knock on the door and he called them to enter. When the door closed he saw his blood servant walking over with her head down. No one dared to look at him apart from the council. The King walked forward and grabbed her hair and tilted her head to the side and bit in and drank his fill before licking the marks and tossed her aside.

"Tidy yourself up and go back to your servant quarters."

"Yes my King."

The King turned back to the balcony as the servant girl picked herself up and left. He enjoyed his blood and among other things. There was a knock at his door and he growled.


He heard the door open and close and then footsteps coming closer. He turned and saw his High Priest standing there. The High Priest was also his cousin.

"What is it?"

"You coming to the meeting? All the other Lords have arrived and are waiting my King."

"Yeah I'm on my way. I'll meet you there."

The priest hesitated about leaving but didn't. "You still have hope don't you?"

"Yes. Not much but enough."

"I understand. I'll see you in the meeting."

The priest left, leaving the King to his thoughts for a few minutes. He was never cold and cruel to his cousin; he was after all his only living family member left. After deciding to leave he left his chambers.

~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~ End of Chapter 1 ~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~

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