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~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~ Chapter 37 ~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~

Atemu's eyes narrowed considerable. "Where?"

"Where only you should touch me." Yugi whimpered and shrunk back.

Yugi shook as Atemu hand shot out and seized his arm and pulled him to his chest. Yugi had tears running down his face. He knew Atemu was angry, no pissed. Atemu leaned down to his neck and started sniffing. Yugi would have found it funny had Atemu not been angry.

Atemu picked up on Marik and another that he didn't want to find here. Atemu stiffened and accidently knocked Yugi to the ground and let out a loud screeched. His fangs, claws on his hands and the elbows of his wings either lengthened or came out, his eyes started glowing brightly. Also depending on how pissed off and angry he was, spikes would lengthen from his arms, which they did.

Yugi whimpered and looked over to the door to see the council entering. Ryou and Malik gasped seeing Yugi on the ground and ran over but stopped when Atemu suddenly leapt on to Yugi and kept him under him and started hissing at them angrily, acting like a rabid dog. Yugi started crying and was shaking, he'd never seen Atemu this angrily and it was starting to scare him a lot.

Bakura and Marik took Ryou and Malik back to the council before they approached Atemu. They need to put him to sleep to calm down before he hurt someone, especially Yugi. They knew Atemu would never forgive himself if he hurt Yugi unintentionally. Bakura and Marik jumped at him and Atemu jumped at them as well. The two grappled with him for a little while, claws going everywhere before Atemu was forced on his back onto the floor and Bakura and Marik were kneeling on his wings. Bakura put his forehead with Atemu's chanting a small spell.

"Please stop, don't hurt him. Please." Yugi said moving forward and stood by Atemu's feet.

"We aren't, don't worry." Marik said.

"Yugi..." Atemu spoke softly before giving in and fell asleep.

Marik and Bakura got off and Marik lifted Atemu into his arms. Bakura picked Yugi up who was crying. Both headed out to Atemu's room, Ryou and Malik ran after them. Marik placed Atemu down on the bed and Bakura sat down on a chair and rested Yugi on his lap.

"Yugi what got Atemu so angry?"

"A...Another vampire touched me."

"You mean me?" Marik asked.

"What!? No, no not you, another and as in... felt me up."

"Oh! We can see how that would get him pissed. But I wonder who?"

Bakura leaned down and sniffed him slightly and stiffened. "Pegasus? Yugi who did this guy look like?"

"Um... silver straight hair, his hair covered one of his eyes, he wore a red suit and had brown eyes."

Bakura and Marik looked at each other and nodded. "It was Pegasus. Why would he be here though?"

"I don't..." Bakura started before Yugi cut him off.

"He knew Atemu's taken me as his mate. He said he was going to find a way to make me his."

"He won't. Atemu won't let him. Why don't you go and rest we'll get some of the army to make sure he's left."

"Please don't leave me alone with Atemu."

"Yugi, Atemu never meant to hurt or scare you. He is angry and worried about you."

"Trust us Yugi. Just stay with him. He would be so scared if you weren't here when he wakes."


Yugi climbed off Bakura and slipped into bed with Atemu. His claws were still lengthened and the claws on his wings were out along with the spikes on his arms. Yugi could see the fangs sitting out part of his mouth. Yugi moved closer before Atemu turned and wrapped his arms around his waist and held him close. Yugi gave a startled cry and tried to struggle and it brought out an unconscious growl from Atemu. Yugi whimpered and settled down and Atemu's arms relaxed. Yugi slowly stopped shaking and fell asleep hoping the spikes wouldn't puncture him in his sleep.


Atemu woke and looked around to see it was getting late and the sky was going orange. Atemu groaned and sat up. His body was back to normal now. He saw Yugi sitting by the balcony doors in a chair he'd moved there. His knees were to his chest and arms wrapped around them. Atemu got up and walked over and placed a hand on Yugi's shoulder. When he got no response he stood in front and found Yugi was asleep. Atemu smiled and lifted Yugi into his arms and walked back to the bed.

Atemu smelt something on him as he put him down. He leaned over and sniffed Yugi's body and found Bakura's and Marik's scent on him and brushed it away as they were their friends and were mostly around him when he was asleep. He found the other and stiffened and growled angrily, his transformation coming back instantly.

There was a knock at the door which caused Atemu to hiss angrily and crouch over Yugi's sleeping form. The door opened and Bakura stepped in and Atemu hissed louder waking Yugi who saw Atemu above him angry. Yugi whimpered in fear and tried to scurry away but Atemu grabbed his hand and looked at him confused. Yugi tried to pull his wrist away from him and Atemu got a hurt look on his face and slowly let go.

"Yugi, Atemu doesn't mean to scare you he's just protecting you. Pegasus will try and steal you and he knows this. That's why he's like this. It's to protect you. When you try to get away it shows you are rejecting him."

"Bakura I'm not, I'm just scared."

"I know you are but he would never try and hurt you."

Yugi looked at Atemu who was watching him and also keeping a close eye on Bakura. Yugi bit his lip and slowly inched forward. Atemu held out his hand to him and Yugi noticed the long claws and placed his hand on Atemu's and jumped slightly when the fingers closed. Atemu pulled him closer and once he was close wrapped his arms carefully around Yugi and growled at Bakura.

"Hahaha you can keep him Atemu. I already have Ryou. He's all yours but you both might want something to eat and you need to calm your mate."

Bakura had the servants come in and place the food on the desk that was opposite the bed before they all left and Atemu relaxed and laid Yugi down on the bed and he curled his body around Yugi's and laid his wing over them, his body slowly returning to normal, starting with the spikes.

Yugi looked at him and shook slightly. "Atemu?"


"P...Pl-Please don't hurt me." Yugi sniffed.

Atemu shot up and looked down at him. Yugi whimpered softly and Atemu gathered him up in his arms and rocked him gently. Yugi sniffed and wrapped his arms around Atemu and cried. Atemu buried his face in Yugi's hair and continued to rock him gently.

"I...I'm sorry." Yugi said in between sobs.

"You shouldn't be, I should. I didn't mean to scare you Yugi. I was angry and worried. I don't want to lose you."

"Atemu he scared me badly."

"I know."

Yugi reached for his hand and brought it to the top of his pants. Atemu gently slid his hand through and wrapped around his cock and Yugi gasped and whimpered softly. Atemu gently stroked it before taking his hand out and laid Yugi down and undid his pants and slipped them down and off and tossed them to the floor. Atemu slipped Yugi's shirt from his body and licked every inch of skin on his chest and stomach he could reach. Yugi moaned softly and gripped the sheets.

Atemu could smell Pegasus heavily on Yugi's cock and growled angrily and took it in his mouth causing Yugi to gasp and buck his hips if Atemu hadn't held them down. Atemu chuckled and sucked gently and gently rolled his balls in his hands. Yugi panted and moaned before screaming and releasing in Atemu's mouth. Atemu drank it in greedily and sat up and kissed him gently before stipping himself down and then gathered Yugi's body in his arms and lay down, pulling the sheets over them. Yugi sighed softly and curled up to his chest.

"I'm sorry if I scared you. I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No. You accidently pushed me to the ground but it was a good thing. You had swiped your claws after that and if you hadn't of pushed me to the ground I'd be with Isis."

"I'm sorry." Yugi just giggled and kissed his cheek.

"There's nothing to forgive."

Atemu smiled and kissed Yugi gently. "You are truly beautiful and will always be mine."

"Always yours."

Their peace wouldn't last for long seeing revenge was coming very soon.

~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~ End of chapter 37 ~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~

~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~ End of story ~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~

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