Ren swallowed nervously and drummed his fingers on the small airplane table in front of him. He was beginning to regret the entire decision.

What would he say to them? How would he apologize for all the years he never called? What should-

Ren's frantic thoughts were interrupted when a cool, small hand slid over his larger one.

"You should calm down, Ren. It won't do you any good to be throwing up from nerves."

The chestnut-haired woman seated beside him smiled gently.

Ren felt his heart melt. God, Kyoko was beautiful. He had loved her for so long that knowing she was finally his, made his entire being feel lighter. Kyoko had healed his damaged soul with her pure, innocent kindness, and had taught him to love again. She had proven she loved him back when she married him.

He smiled back at her. "You're right, I guess. It's just that, she tends to be over-dramatic. How she'll react to seeing me is…impossible to guess." Kyoko leaned forward to kiss Ren on the cheek.

"She will be bursting with happiness." Kyoko murmured against his skin.

The airport loudspeaker clicked on and the pilot's voice filtered through, breaking the tender moment between the couple. "We will be arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport in 15 minutes. The weather is at an even 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you for using Japan Airlines and we hope you enjoy your stay in the United States."


30 minutes later, Ren and Kyoko stepped into the blazing heat of Los Angeles. 45 minutes later, they were winding through a neighborhood of high-end celebrity houses. Kyoko stared in awe at the mansions adorning the street.

"Ren, these houses are like fairy princess castles!" she exclaimed tugging on his sleeve. "They're beautiful!" Kyoko continues to giggle and gasp over the giant homes, her eyes sparkling with her imagination.

Ren chuckled softly to himself. Kyoko had never really changed from the fantasy-loving child that she had once been.


Finally, they pulled in front of the grandest, most expensive looking house in the neighborhood. Ren stopped the car slowly, grasping the steering wheel to collect himself. Once again, Kyoko silently slipped her hand onto his, offering her loving support. They slid out of the rental and walked hand-in-hand toward the looming front door.

But before Ren could get the chance to knock, the door flung open and there Kuu Hizuri stood, beaming. "My children, home at last!" he cried, and promptly wrapped them both in a tight embrace.

In a voice rough with emotion, Ren replied, "We're home, Father."

Kuu stepped away, trying to brush his tears away without notice, and failing miserably. Ren looked at his wife, glowing with joy at the reunion. "We're finally home, Sensei."

Kuu nodded and smiled. Come on, Kyoko, Kuon. Let's go meet your mother."

Together, the family entered the house, reunited at long last.