The Bickering B's


Chapter 2

Booth and Brennan are now in one of the ER cubicles after Brennan used her clout to get him in faster, She had called the Agency on the way to the Hospital letting them know Booth was on his way to the hospital and was unable to work. She requested that Agent Perotta be assigned to work on the new case that they were supposed to be working, which was the reason Brennan had gone to Booth's place, his place was closer to the crime scene where the new gruesome body had been discovered.

That was how Booth and Brennan determined where they would meet up for each new case. If the crime scene had been closer to Brennan's home, Booth would have gone to her place to get her.

The Nurse had given Booth one of the Hospital gowns, telling him to remove his shirt and put it on. As soon as she left the room Booth looked at Brennan saying, "Nope, that's ugly, I am NOT putting that on. I would rather sit here and freeze with my shirt off. Besides, I can barely move my arms without my back spasming worse!" he complained in obvious agony.

"Booth, will you stop being such a – child? It's not that ugly for one thing" she said, "and for another – you can't just sit here with no shirt on! Come on, let me help you." she said as she started unbuttoning his shirt. She had already removed his tie while he laid on his couch at home, that was the tie she used to hold the ice pack in place.

As Brennan had just unbuttoned the last button (with Booth just staring at her face the entire time) and she was just about the ease it off his shoulders, Booth said, "Gee, ya know Bones, if you wanted to strip my clothes off, you could have just asked me – you really didn't need to hurt me first. I mean, I'm really not into that kind of thing - but hey, whatever knocks your socks off I always say."

"Uh, Booth?" Brennan said inquisitively.

"Yesss Bones?" Booth said, raising his eyebrows and flashing her his half-smile.

"Shut up." she reprimanded.

Thankfully the Doctor, the one they had requested, Dr. Patell, walked through the door just in time to save them from where ever that conversation was leading them.

"Oh good, hello Dr. Patell." Brennan greeted him. "Yeah, hey Doc." Booth said.

"Well, to what to I owe the honor of seeing you two again today? The Dr. asked, and just as Booth opened his mouth to respond, Brennan took over - "Booth hurt his back, and from what I can determine, it's pretty bad."

She continued before Booth could stop her, "I had initially noticed that his gait was off and it appeared to be from a strain of his anterior longitudal ligaments.

"Uh yeah Doc, and that was ALL that was wrong. . . what she just. . .said. Yeah, that is UNTIL she tried to paralyze me!"

"Booth, I did NOT try to paralyze you, and I would appreciate it - if you would stop saying that!"

"Yeah, yeah okay Bones, okay - simmer down. So Doc, let's forget about what made it worse (as he looked out of the corner of his eye, towards Brennan) and just figure out how to make it better!" Okay? Can you do that?" Booth asked.

"Hmmm, WOW." the Dr. stated, "I see that you two haven't changed from the last time I saw you – just 3 weeks ago, after your kidnapping and subsequent injuries Agent Booth. You two are still bickering like 2 love struck teens! Any chance your worsening back problems are perhaps related to the explosion that you were injured by? That caused quite an impact on your body." he concluded.

"Nah," Booth answered, "I just fell asleep wrong on the couch last night, watching the Hockey game on TV – and that's all that did it, let's not complicate things by tying it back to th. . . anything else." Booth stated firmly.

"I don't know Booth, he could have a point." Brennan piped up. "You did get hurt when that C4 went off, and some injuries don't show up until later, isn't that right Dr. Patell?"

"Yes, that could very wel. . ." the Dr. began to reply - "Whooaa there now you two, hold on! Don't go gangin' up on me & trying to convince me that this had ANYthing to do with that. . . other thing." Booth countered, not even wanting to say out loud just what the other "thing" was, which was nothing less than a near death experience in his mind.

"Now look, are we gonna focus here and run some kind of test or something? Or do I have to go find another Doctor?" Booth asked, clearly agitated.

"Okay Agent Booth, let's calm down and I need to check you out first and test some of your reflexes and such. Then I am going to send you to Imaging for X-rays AND an MRI of your lumbar spine. That will tell us exactly what we are dealing with here. It could very well be a slipped disk but you need not worry, that usually doesn't require surgery in every instance."

"Surgery?! Did you just say, Surgery?!" Booth hollered – then regretted the action as it completely jarred his spine. "OWW!!" he cried out.

"Booth," Brennan said as she gently laid her hand on Booth's shoulder, "It's okay Booth, let's not go there, think positive – this is going to be a minor injury and easy to fix without surgery, okay?" she said as she looked up into his brooding eyes and smiled at him.

"Okaaay," Booth replied, unable to resist her own puppy dog look and charm smile. As she had stated about his earlier charm, hers was also effective!

He then kept quiet allowing the Doctor to finish checking his reflexes, testing the strength in his arms and fingers, all of which can be affected by the pinching of a nerve in the back, caused by pressure from a herniated or slipped disk.

Then the Dr. finally spoke up once finished with his initial exam - "Okay, I suspect Agent Booth, that you do most likely have a herniation of one, possibly two of your inter-vertebral disks. If I had to guess as to what level(s) your injury is contained to, I would venture to say approx the L3/L4 disk and possibly including the disk at the L4/L5 level. Unfortunately, you are in the age range at which Disk Degeneration starts to make it's presence known."

"But," he continued, "Don't let that depress you because 7 out of 10 people end up with some level of disk degeneration through either hereditary factors, and/or from past injuries."

"I am sure you would both agree that you have seen your share of injuries in your lifetime Seeley," the Doctor stated, "And I have only been seeing you for the last 3 years!"


I will soon get to the part where Booth is first given pain meds, and show the scene we didn't get to see, where he tells Bones that the strong meds "make the furniture feel friendly" - ?