Chance Meeting by Gina

Rating: R

Copyright: 2009

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Summary: one year after season 6. Talice and Tibette centric.

(Contains possible spoiler from possible spin off about Alice being in prison.)

Chapter 1

Alice sat in the Hit club waiting for her friends. She was so excited that Tina and Bette were moving back home. They had decided to stay with her for a couple of months, while their home was put in order. Kit and Helena had said they had room but since Alice wasn't home much, Bette thought it would be better to stay there. Alice was glad that they decided to stay because she had no job and had to cover her bail. This made for a tight money situation for Alice. Her trial would be coming up in a couple of weeks and she wanted to spend this time to have fun, in the event that she was carted off to prison for good this time.

"Hey girlfriend? Did you see the girls yet?" Kit asked with a big smile on her face. The last couple of years had seen many changes for Kit but her sister moving back home had to be a good one.

"No, I had to file a report at the police station on my way home. Alice said in a not so happy tone of voice, which matched the look on her face. "Well I only had one left that wasn't maxed." She further explained with a downcast look on her face.

"Hey hey the gang's all here!" Shane came in shouting but then realized the guests of honor weren't there. "Molly is running late but I figured Bette and Tina would be here by now."

As Helena got Shane a drink, Dylan and Nikki walked in separately. "The gang will never all be here." Alice said with a sudden look of remorse on her face. Everyone felt badly for her, knowing what she must be going through, as Max and Tom walked in.

"Honey you got to believe that it will work out. We all know you didn't murder Jenny." Kit said with nods of agreement from the others, as Shane hugged Alice.

Molly came in, gave Shane a quick kiss and shot an apologetic smile towards everyone else. "Here they come!" Tom shouted as everyone jumped up to swarm Tina and Bette with hugs and kisses.

"Let the party begin!" Kit shouted as drinks were handed out.

"I am so excited to be home." Tina said and hugged Max, who truly was a man now. "How's the little Tina doing?" Max had named the baby after Tina because it was she who gave solid advice right up to the delivery.

"She's great and I am so thankful that I listened to you Tina." Max said and returned the hug.

"I think I need a hug as well." Helena interjected. "For heaven's sake, I talked you out of naming the little beauty after Jenny Schecter."

"Let's not go there." Bette added with bitterness in her voice. Jenny had done some unspeakable things the last few months of her life and certainly needed help. She didn't need death however and her absence was felt throughout the group.

"Sooo, Alice," Tom prepared to move the conversation to a lighter topic. "How's the love life coming along?"

"Same as last week when we had lunch." Alice replied and everyone laughed. "Same as the day before yesterday when I spoke with Tina on the phone." More laughter as she smiled. "Hey, remember that old thing we used to do guys? Well here goes nothing. The next person that walks through that door will be my one and only! Who knows, maybe they will save me from prison." Alice received a hug from Tina as she shot Bette a don't open your mouth look.

Everyone laughed and began to discuss how much trouble Alice and Jenny used to get themselves into with those lines, as the door opened and a uniformed officer Tasha Williams walked in.

"Oh it's the fates I tell you!" Helena shouted as everyone else looked around the quiet room.

"Hey there Tina," Tasha said and shook Tina's hand. "Nice to see you again Bette." She added and shook Bette's hand.

"Uh, hi," Alice said and received whispered laughter from around the room.

"Hey Alice," Tasha said and looked questioningly at her former lover.

"Did you drop in to see the girls or is something wrong?" Kit asked curiously. She had seen Tasha on occasion during the big splitting of the gang but not very often, especially in uniform. "Maybe something going on. We got a tip but not sure yet so I can't say anything more." Tasha said and stepped to the back of the room.

"I think I need a smoke." Alice got up quickly from the table and Bette stopped her briefly.

"We won't hold you to this one." Bette said quietly, as Alice rushed for the door.

As Alice moved for the door, being her usual self and not paying attention, she ran right into the person that she was trying to avoid. "Hey, I want to talk to you." Tasha said and ushered her the rest of the way outside.

"What, you want to tell me how good things are for you and Jamie?" Alice said, she was allowing the rage from the last thirteen months to boil over the surface now and attempted to shove Tasha away.

"Alice stop," Tasha said and took hold of Alice's hands. "Listen to me. There is nothing…"

"You know what Tasha, I have no time for this bullshit. All your sanctimonious preaching about thinking of cheating is cheating and look what you did to me!" Alice tried to break away but Tasha held her hands firmly. "I may be going to prison so I need to spend quality time with the people who care for me!" Alice shouted again and then the damn broke, spewing tears in all directions down her face.

"Alice," Tasha said and pulled the woman close to her. "Don't cry, you know I ain't gonna let you go to some fucken jail for some shit that you didn't do." Tasha wiped the tears from Alice's face, as the woman trembled in her arms. "I got this one Alice. You just gotta trust me."

"Trust you?" Alice spat out in between her sobs. "Where were you this past year when I cried, fucking Jamie?" Alice screamed, which garnered heads poking out of the bar and people standing next to their cars.

"Listen," Tasha said quietly and rubbed Alice's back. "Please Alice, it'll all come out, just trust me. You know that I tried to call you several times but you wouldn't answer. You had me banned from visiting you at the prison. Come on Alice."

"Did you not sleep with me after you saw that bitch naked because she turned you on?" Alice said and tried again to get away from Tasha.

"Let's go some place where we can talk." Tasha said and scanned the parking area.

"Tasha back off!" Shane shouted as she barreled out of the club ready to defend her friend.

"Shane don't!" Tina shouted, ignoring Bette's attempt to shut her up.

"Look Shane, I'm not hurting her. Just cool off." Tasha said as Shane pulled Alice away.

"You come near her out of uniform and I'll kick your black ass back downtown where it belongs." Shane said in an angered tone.

Tasha pulled off her badge, "let's go."

"Shane…" Alice started to interject but Shane hit Tasha and was put on her bum with a punch to the mouth. "Tasha," Alice tried again.

"Williams, it's a go!" A man shouted on her radio.

"Fuck," ok Alice I'll talk to you as soon as I'm finished with this." Tasha said, pulled away from Alice and headed for her car.

"Hey Tasha," Alice called and Tasha stopped. "You look nice in uniform and the cop car is looking sharp."

"Maybe I'll take you for a ride sometime." Tasha replied in reminiscence of their conversation years ago.

"What the fuck was that all about." Shane said as she stepped up beside Alice.

"She told me to trust her and you know what? For some fucked up reason, I do." Alice said and had a different look on her face, one of confidence. This was a look of confidence that her friends had not the pleasure of seeing in quite some time.

"Alice, get over it." Bette finally shouted and ran to her friend. "She's out of your life now."