Chapter 4

Alice pulled up to Tasha's apartment and they got out. "God I'm such an idiot," Alice said as Tasha unlocked the door.

"Na, a little stubborn maybe." Tasha said and began kissing Alice. "I missed you so much Alice. There was never anybody else. "She continued speaking as they moved to the sofa.

"I convinced myself that you were lying to me in all those text messages. Why I did it, I don't know because I know you don't lie." Alice said as Tasha began to deepen the kisses.

"I only wanted to be there for you Alice. To make your days and nights a little more bearable," Tasha said and began to rub Alice's back. "You wouldn't let me."

"I warned you what happens to me when I go all neurotic." Alice said, as Tasha began kissing her down her neck.

"Yeah you sure did," she said quietly and the two made up for the remainder of the night.

- - - - - -

Bette awoke to the smell of food cooking in the kitchen. She knew that Tina wasn't a huge breakfast maker, so had to think for a minute. "Lara," she smiled and got up out of bed.

"Morning Bette," Lara said from the kitchen, as Bette came in. "Tina got a call from Tasha to meet her about something or other."

"No Alice," Bette smiled. "I wonder if this means that they got things worked out. "Listen, I have a great friend that I think you've met many times but she's really straightened her life out."

"No match making for me," Lara said and turned off the stove. "Alice called, she'll be home shortly. I've fed the kids and Tina dropped them at their potential daycare."

"Great," Bette said and began to fill her plate, as Alice walked in with a smile on her face.

"The persistent officer won the battle." She said with laughter in her voice. "Bette you guys need to remind me when I'm being stupid and Lara, thanks for getting me riled up enough to go out that door last night."

"No problem," Lara said and sat Alice a plate on the table.

"So was it a full blow make up or just the initial stages?" Bette asked with a smirk on her face.

"Oh it was full blown all right. I just wish that it could last forever." Alice said and began to eat.

"You never know, it could be." Lara said in a meek effort to give words of encouragement.

"Say, why did Tasha want to meet with Tina?" Bette asked curiously.

"I have no idea," Alice said. "She left me a note and said that she'd catch up with me sometime after lunch hopefully. I figured it was something important but if she's meeting with Tina, maybe she's buying me something." The women laughed and sipped their drinks.

- - - - -

"Well," Tasha asked as Tina put the book down. "Am I crazy or what?"

"Oh hell no!" Tina's face was filled with rage. "They won't do anything about it?"

"Na, they said it's a closed case. I tried to get hold of her insurance records to see if I could entice them to file a fraud investigation. They've not called me back. I did all this before Alice woke up. I don't want to give her false hope." Tasha said with a worried look on her face.

Tina pulled out her cell phone and dialed a few numbers, spoke briefly and then finally smiled. "Yes Mrs. Margaret Carson please. Hello, this is Anna Washington from Liberty films, a new up and coming film company. I have just read a book belonging to a client of yours and would be very interested…" the conversation continued on for several minutes.

"It's a go," Tina said with a vengeful smile on her face. "She will meet with us at 03:00 for drinks and to sign a movie deal."

"That bitch better hope I do the right thing instead of what I wanna do." Tasha said angrily and prayed that she was right.

"If you decide to do what you wanna do instead of the right thing, you've got a backer." Tina added with a sly smile. "We've got to stay away from the women the rest of the day. Bette will try her damndest to get this out of me and we don't need to give anyone hope until we know."

"Agreed and you need a disguise in case she isn't the first person we talk with."

- - - - - -

Tina and Tasha walked into the out of the way motel. Tina in a long dress, wig, glasses that looked very expensive but were cheap "So it won't take her long to recognize these get ups you think?" Tina asked, as the clerk rang the room for them.

"Na," Tasha said and scanned the room. "This place looks pretty tawdry."

"No worries, I know my place and it won't be asserting myself as a hero in the matter." Tina said with a small smile.

As they walked up the stairs, which had seen better days, Tina wondered to what extremes Jenny would go to protect herself. She then pushed the notion out of her mind, she was safe with Tasha.

She knocked softly on the door and a woman answered. "Mrs. Carson I presume?"

"Certainly, mrs. Washington?" The woman asked, as Tasha glanced at a guy standing in the corner who looked like he was a major thug.

"Not yet," Tina smiled. "This is my fiancé and head of security." She had a slight southern twang to her voice as she introduced Tasha.

"Oh Ms. Hecter will be impressed, she goes both ways you know." Mrs. Carson said and looked at her guy in the corner. "This is our security man."

The man put down a cell phone after reading a text message. "Ms. Hecter is requesting that you two prove yourselves cause she not into dealing with phony people."

"Of course," Tina said and looked at Tasha, who had just sent Tina a text stating that he had a gun and for her to stay as close to the door as possible.

Tina smiled at Tasha and then planted a very believable sensuous kiss on her friend. As they pulled away, she couldn't help but think how stupid Alice was because this one was a great kisser. "So, did we pass?" She said in a joking yet irritated tone.

"Yes yes indeed you did," said a voice, as sure enough, Jamie walked out of a room.

"Holy fuck," Tina whispered and tried to keep her look of shock hid.

"Back up," Tasha whispered and Tina swiftly dropped her purse at the door.

"I'll get it darling," she said and stepped behind Tasha.

"I was thinking about half a million at least," Jamie said with a big smile on her face.

"Half a million what, kicks to your ass?" Tina yelled with her hand on the door, as Tasha pulled her badge.

"Sir I'd suggest you put that gun down. I'm sure she doesn't pay you enough to shoot an officer and go to the pen for the rest of your life."

"What the fuck!" The agent yelled, as Jamie looked at Tasha in disbelief.

"Jamie, get down on the floor." Tasha coaxed, as the man tried to get Tina focused with his gun.

"Like hell I will!" She shrieked and tried to Rush Tasha but was put down on the floor as the man fired.

"Fuck," Tasha said. She shoved Tina through the open door and then fired repeatedly into the room.

"We've got a situation at Dale's rocken' motel. There was a shooting and upon retaliation, there is blood in the room." She said into the phone as Jamie rushed her again but Tina clubbed her in the back of the head with her purse and held her steady.

- - - - - -

"Where the hell are those two!" Bette shouted in an exasperated tone of voice. It was hitting 09:00pm and no sign of the women.

"This isn't like Tasha," Alice said with a worried look on her face, as a car pulled in the drive. "They're here, together!" Alice emphasized as she and Bette ran out.

"Chill out before you ask questions." Tasha said with a big smile on her face.

Tina looked at Bette and realized what the two were assuming right away. This fact angered her greatly. "Bette, don't you think that I can have a lesbian outing with a friend without screwing them?" Tina enquired angrily.

"Not when one's lipstick is smudged right there!" Bette shouted and glared at Tasha.

"Now hold on there tiger," Tasha protested but Bette swung at her. "I'm tired of getting' smacked around by you people." Tasha said and caught hold of Bette's wrist.

"Okay, voice of reason here. Something is fucked I agree but Tasha isn't going to cheat on me after fighting so hard to get back with me. I know my sweetie too well to buy that one." Alice said confidently but looked at the lipstick questioningly. "So, what's the explanation Tasha?" Alice asked with a confident voice but her eyes told Tasha that there was a slight bit of wonderment.

Tasha questioned Tina with her eyes, who replied with her eyes. "Tina and I shared a kiss." Tasha said, which caused Alice and Bette's fury to explode.

After a moment of silence, Alice looked at Tasha and Bette Tina. "Tash, what's going on? I'm not going to allow myself to dig a big hole here. I know you too well for that."

"Tina…" Bette knew there was a lot of fixing to do, if she didn't cheat.

"Well, thanks to a chance meeting with your supposed lover Lara Perkins, I ran across this book." Tasha pulled the offending piece of material from her jacket and handed it to Alice. "I went to the authorities when you were sleeping but they wouldn't bite. So I had to create a scenario for going to where she was and that's where she came in." Tasha looked at Tina, who smiled.

"I helped her find a fake reason for having to go to the motel where the author was staying, one that the department would buy. Then I helped her get in the room so we had to do a little pretending. You're off the hook Alice. We thought that it was Schecter in the flesh. It turns out that Jamie swiped Jenny's latest project and posed as the author after killing Jenny in hopes of framing you." Tina finished triumphantly.

"That bitch wanted me out of the way bad I guess." Alice said, hugged Tasha and then went for the phone.

"No Alice, I wanna celebrate properly with you. Gossip later," Tasha laughed and then kissed Alice firmly.

"All's well that ends well." Bette said with a hopeful look on her face.

"I'll let it go this time but we will be talking this out." Tina said, engaged everyone in a group hug and then the two couples went their separate ways for private celebrations.