Hey everybody I've recently become a huge fan of Supernatural. A die hard fan in fact. So is it any wonder I now have a story underway. Anyway this will be an AU with a crossover from Sherrilyn Kenyon's fantastic series Dark Hunters. For those who haven't read it all will be revealed in due course.

Disclaimer: I own neither Dark Hunters nor Supernatural although I so wish I did. Although if Dean came onto the market I'd be first in line.

Now with that over with on with the story!

Unleash The Night

Prologue: Fracture

Chicago, Illinois'

Summer 2001

Sam Winchester had one dream. He dreamed of what most other kids had. He dreamed of a normal life. The life he saw other people, other kids his age have, and not know what they had. He resented others for wanting to throw away the chance he had never had.

Never been allowed.

A life of normality was the only thing he had ever wanted. It was a life he had craved from the moment he had been old enough to realise how different he and his family were from others. He had hated, and still hated every moment of his life once he realised what it meant. What was so bad with being normal?

So they had lost their mom, he felt bad for their dad. John had obviously truly loved Mary he couldn't imagine losing someone you loved that much. It had to hurt. Sam was thankful that his parents had been the stuff of fairytales. Growing up that had been a comfort the stories his dad and brother used to tell him about before her death left no doubt in his mind.

But their family weren't the only family that had ever lost loved ones. And if he was truthful he couldn't remember Mary. If it wasn't for pictures she wouldn't know what she looked like. He hated that he couldn't remember her but you couldn't miss what you had never known.

But his Dad's anger and thirst for revenge against the thing that had killed her and made sure Sam never knew what it was like to be normal but made sure that he thirsted for it with everything he had.

It was his craving for his dream to be real that he had applied to college. Applied to do law, to make a difference in the world. Make a difference the normal way. He'd been ecstatic to find out he'd scored a full ride at Stanford University, but he'd known his family would not feel the same. Sam knew that if they lived in the world he craved his dad would have been as ecstatic has him but he dreaded his dad every finding out.

And as for his older brother, well Sam just couldn't predict how Dean was going to react. He loved his brother and he'd literally die for him. There were times when Sam knew he was the only one in the world that understood Dean Winchester and then others when Dean was a complete stranger to him, and yet he knew Dean could see right through him.

He knew that he needed to tell Dean about his Stanford letter before his dad found out. But he couldn't find the words. He knew Dean wouldn't be impressed to find out about his getting into college second hand. That more than the application would piss Dean off no end.

If there was anyone who made this life more bearable it was his brother. But how did he explain to his brother, the perfect little solider, the perfect Hunter that the life Dean thrived on was not the life for him?

Sam didn't know how he was meant to say it but he knew he needed too. He couldn't bare his brother finding out before he himself had chance the words he'd been missing to tell him. He sighed as he made his way back from school. Dean had managed to convince their dad that they should stay in one place for the rest of the year until school finished for Sam's sake. Sam had never loved his brother more then.

They'd settled on the outskirts of Chicago for the rest of the semester and Dean had turned up at Sam's graduation and had made more noise than any of the other family members when Sam's name was called.

Sam hadn't known until he saw Dean's face, how much he had wanted someone to see him graduate. Dean had grinned at him and took him out in the Impala for lunch and a celebratatory (all be it illegal on Sam's part) drink. It still made Sam smile to remember it.

He had finished his shift at the job he was working and was on his way back and as Sam made his way back to the flat they were currently renting he made a promise to himself that he would tell Dean that night.

But as it turned out, he never got the chance. Dean found out. And not from him. Sam had walked into World War Three. Sam let himself into the flat the three Winchesters shared to find his dad and brother at a stand off.

Sam stopped dead. This wasn't something that happened often, in fact Dean always agreed with his dad.

So what the hell had caused Dean to get so wound up? Wound up enough to yell at their dad? Sam wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer a pissed off Dean Winchester was not someone you wanted in your face. Not now, not ever.

"Dean it's not right!" John yelled.

"Whoa!" Sam said getting in the middle of them quickly. "What the hell?" He yelled. "Guys stop! What's got into you?!"

Sam pulled Dean away from their dad as Dean looked to be seriously considering hitting his dad in the mouth.

"AND YOU!" John roared. "How dare you go behind our backs like this?" Sam stared at his dad. "What?" He whispered. "You think you're too good for us?" John demanded "You think you can just walk out on us?" with that John shoved the Stanford acceptance letter in his face.

Sam felt like the world had tilted just that little bit as he looked at his dad. He had always known his dad would never agree but this? He had no idea what to do, what to say. What followed was the most horrific fight Sam had ever had to experience. He and his dad threw words back and forth at each other how it didn't come to blows he didn't know.

"I've got a place at college and I'm going!" Sam yelled. "And you won't stop me!"

In the end it was his dad that had the last word. "Samuel Winchester if you walk out that door don't ever come back!" His father roared at him.

Sam stared at him at a loss for words. Then all the anger, all the resentment that he had been feeling since he was old enough came roaring out and he yelled,


Dean watched as Sam stormed past him into the bedroom they shared and watched as his brother started throwing things haphazardly into a bag.

"This is what you want?" He asked quietly. "I don't want to be a hunter Dean." Sam said looking away from his brother. "I never wanted it." "You want the college life? The whole white picket fence thing?" Dean asked.

"I don't expect you to understand!" Sam snapped. "You've always been dad's perfect little soldier. I want to go to school. I don't want to be different." "And that means you've got to leave?" Dean asked his voice quiet.

"Before I suffocate. Before being with you kills me. Before it turns me into you." Sam said before turning back around to continue packing his things.

Dean stared at his younger brother's back in quiet horror. There was no way he had heard those words come out of Sammy's mouth.

He had spent two months fighting to get their dad to settle somewhere so Sammy could have his wish and finish school and graduate with some sort of normalcy. So that Dean could make sure he went to Sammy's graduation, so that Sammy would never feel the disappointment of graduating without anyone there as Dean had.

He had watched Sam graduate and clapped the loudest so Sam knew he had been there. He had then grabbed his little brother and took him out to celebrate. They had gone for a ride, a meal and a celebratory (okay so a little illegal on Sammy's part) drink but he knew Sam had enjoyed it. And that was the point. And this is how he repaid him? Throwing that shit in his face? Sam really thought that of them?

Sam had turned and looked directly at Dean. The older brother just stared back at him in shock, for once his mask slipping. The words Sam had yelled at him still smarting. He had defended Sam, protected him, given everything and now he could feel everything he had worked for falling apart around him.

It couldn't be right. All these months Dean had planned for when Sam would leave school, adding more weapons some he knew Sam liked and found a few hunts they could do together to ease them in. he'd started writing his own journal and had started to plan how to use Sammy's lap top to their advantage. But he should have known it would be all for nothing.

Should have known Sammy would run at the first chance but damn if it still didn't hurt.

Dean watched as Sam zipped up his bag threw it over his shoulder and stormed past him and his father and out the door. He watched as John swore and tore out the house and tore out the parking lot. Turning again Dean looked down the steps to Sam throwing his stuff into a newly arrived taxi.

The taxi that would take Sam out of his life and Dean was smart enough to know that if Sam went now he'd never come back.

"So that's it?" He couldn't help asking

Sam stopped and looked over at his brother. "I want a life Dean."

"And this isn't good enough?" he asked stepping off the porch. "You're too good for us?" The 'for me', was left unspoken

"I want a normal life Dean!" Sam snapped. "I don't want to be a hunter, never asked to be one." Sam yelled. "This is dad's fight, not mine."

"What about us?" Dean stood a few feet from him. "All the time I've planned a future for us, rambling like a complete idiot about the hunts we'd go on and the hunts we'd have on the road and all this time you've been doing your own planning. Planning a future that didn't include any Winchester but yourself."

Sam sighed. "I got a full scholarship to Stanford." Saying the words out loud to Dean for the first time.

"Well isn't that nice." Dean spat out. "You're so special then, aren't you? College boy. Smarter than your dumb ass grease monkey of a brother."

"I don't expect you to understand," he sighed. He looked up again, "How could you?"

Dean stared at him for a few moments, his face completely emotionless and then motioned towards the taxi. "You better go. Your new life awaits. Your normal life." He couldn't help but add.


"You made your choice Sam take it and don't look back." Dean clapped Sam on the shoulder as he moved towards the Impala.

He stroked the bonnet of his baby as he opened the door and slid into the drivers seat. He watched as Sam settled himself into the taxi and watched until it was out of sight.

As the break lights faded from his sight he felt pain spread through his chest. Pain he had barely kept in check. The parts of himself that Sam had filled where now empty and devoid of life. He had been such a fool, a complete moron. He had had the opportunity of a life time offered to him, a chance to have a new life. Georgetown a complete scholarship. Engineering. Mechanics, physics, maths and moving parts. All the things Dean was good at. And what had he done? Turned it down flat.

For Sam.

For their family. He laughed but there was no humour in it. To think he'd been fool enough to think they needed him. That they would ever think of him.

He started the engine, taking comfort from her low purr. The voice that spoke directly to him. Like he had told Sam- he had once made the same choice it was time to make the most of that choice. It was time to live with the choices he had made in his life.

It was time to be a Hunter. Alone.

He grabbed the information he had gathered together, the hunt looked like a spirit, a regular salt and burn. Upstate New York. Dean smiled evilly. He felt a bit sorry for it in the mood Dean was in it wouldn't stand a chance. He hadn't left anything where they were staying he'd only got back from a hunt two days ago, everything he needed was in the car.

The valuable stuff was in the car. He tore away from the inn wanting to out run the memory, the look on Sam's face as he left for a new life. One with out Dean in it.