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Unleash The Night

Chapter Two: Hunting For Answers

November 2006

New Orleans, Louisiana

Sam Winchester stared at the city that he had driven into. Hurricane Katrina had been over a year ago but the city still looked like the hurricane had just torn through it. Businesses were still closed, houses and shop fronts were still boarded up but life was still going on around the scars, the reminders of what the city had endured.

New Orleans would endure, it would survive and eventually it would be rebuilt. The people of New Orleans would survive but they would live with the scars the hurricane had left behind. The inhabitants of the city like Sam, Bobby and the rest of the world would never forget the pictures of after the disaster.

They would still remember pictures of people stranded as the levee's broke, people stranded on their rooftops, people washed away from the flood and the harrowing stories to come out of the Super Dome when the survivors came out. Sam remembered watching the death toll climb and watching as the survivors looted the city until there was nothing left. It was devastating to see the city still suffering.

But despite the carnage it was also possible for Sam to see the rebuilding effort taking effect. He could see the new city of New Orleans beginning to rise from the ashes of the old. He could see the French Quarter still managing to thrive the only part of the city that had in anyway survived the wrath of Katrina.

He sighed as he pulled up outside a motel. It had been a long six months and still he knew almost nothing. He didn't know how that could be.

He wasn't an amateur at this and Bobby certainly wasn't. How was it that they knew nothing? They should have found something. But for the last six months there had been very little to find out what had happened to his father and brother. He'd met up with the civilians that had been with his father and brother and all they could tell him was his father and brother had died like heroes. While comforting to know that Dean and his dad had been doing what they did best he still wanted answers. Answers that just didn't seem to be forthcoming.

He walked to the motel and slung his bag through the door setting up salt lines as protection before picking up his laptop and heading for the nearest library off the French Quarter to start yet another day of research.

Sam had been through every sort of Hunt they could have been on Angry or Vengeful Spirit, Shapeshifter, wendigo, Demon possession, any pretty much anything else he could think of they would have been hunting. Sam just didn't understand it. There was practically nothing to go off and people that he knew his brother and father had helped didn't remember anything specific.

That in itself was weird. Sam may have given up hunting, but he had enough experience to know that after a hunt the victims and the people they helped? They didn't forget about it in a hurry. But the three people Sam had spoken to could tell him next to nothing.

Sam looked away from his screen frustrated. He knew there was nothing he could do now to help his brother. The guilt he felt, the guilt he still felt, just wouldn't go away.

He should have been there he should have been hunting. He should have been there to offer the back-up his father and Dean obviously needed. He had never known Dean and his father not be able to handle anything, but well, he got the feeling that this was something bigger, something bigger than they had known going into it. And Sam knew his dad and Dean well enough to know that even when they realised they were over their heads they wouldn't have backed out.

They would have stayed; they would have stayed and tried to get as many people out as they could before even thinking of getting out themselves.

They were gone but Sam still felt their ghosts hanging over his head like they were still alive. Sam knew he couldn't rest until he found the answers he was searching for no matter how long it took. He needed to know.

With almost nothing to go on it was hard to trace what they could have possibly been fighting. The witnesses remembered next to nothing and whatever had been there had left no traces. That in itself was a mystery, the supernatural always left traces. Always.

At that moment his cell phone rang. "Hi Bobby." Sam said without looking at his caller ID. "You found anything?" Bobby asked. "Not a damn thing." Sam said. "What about you." "Still looking but it's pretty thin on the ground." Sam sighed. That had been pretty much the story of the hunt he had started six months ago.

"Any little thing Sam might help." Bobby said. "I know," Sam said pulling a hand over his face getting annoyed that he had found next to nothing.

"But there isn't a thing. How can this be happening? I could probably find more on the existence of vampires than I can find on what happened to Dean and Dad." Bobby laughed but there was no humour in it. Sam couldn't remember the last time he or Bobby had laughed with any real humour. The death of his father and his brother haunted him and it overtook any other thought he had. He had to find answers. had too. He felt like his life was suspended until he had his answers. School had become a distant memory and though he tired to keep Jessica he knew his distance would soon mean she was a memory too. As much as he loved her he also knew he couldn't let this go and he couldn't let her know what he was doing so was it any wonder she was pulling away from him?

There were times he wanted to give up but he knew that Dean and his dad would never have given up on him. He wanted blood for what had happened to them. He needed to know. He now understood the drive John had had Sam himself had almost been consumed by it these past few months.

Sam stared at the computer screen for at least another half an hour before he gave up again. How could his dad and brother have died and there be nothing left of them. It was like every trace of them had been wiped away. The thought hurt Sam more than anything.

The argument they'd had before Sam had left for college was all he could think about now. He remembered looking at Dean's twenty-one year old face as he'd told him he wanted normal and how Dean had seemed to withdraw from him before his eyes before Dean had simply said his new normal life awaited. Sam closed his eyes his brother's voice echoing in his head.

"You better go. Your new life awaits. Your normal life." Dean's voice had been so controlled. But Sam realised now just how much he had hurt his brother now. The memory tore at him now.

"You made your choice Sam take it and don't look back." Dean had let him go because that was what Sam had wanted. Because Sam had to have normal. And he hadn't looked back.

He wished with everything he had that wasn't the last memory he had of his dad and brother, the fact that they'd died thinking he hated them when that simply wasn't the case. Although how they were meant to think anything else when he'd been such a prick that summer before he'd left them behind he didn't know. He didn't think the guilt of that would ever fade.

His emotions were clogging his every step as he headed to get some more books not ready to give in just yet.

This was New Orleans for Christ's sake. It was known all over the world for being the home of creatures of the night. He pulled some of the bigger mythological books off the shelves and then went back to his seat cross checking anything that looked good with things on his computer.

He had just about exhausted his leads again when he came to a section on vampires. Sam laughed his laughter bitter there was no real humour. His ability to laugh had died six months ago. It looked he'd find more evidence to the existence of vampires than he would find out what happened to his dad and his brother.

Still the vampire myths were interesting as a hunter he knew that all myths were at least grounded in some grain of truth and he had seen for the most part what the reality of the myth amounted too. But vampires? No hunter anywhere had found any truth to the existence of vampires which had Sam wondering where the hell the stories had come from.

He would have investigated further had it been any other time and place but it wouldn't get him any answers so he closed the book with a sharp snap his anger at his own inability to find answers growing with each passing second.

He scrubbed his hands across his face knowing he wasn't going to get more done now and that he was better off heading for the motel though sleep had become a distant memory to him in the last six months. He packed up his laptop and headed out of the library, or at least what was left of it since the hurricane had hit. He'd like to think that was maybe the reason he wasn't finding anything but Sam wasn't that hopeful. He headed for the exit. He'd left his car at some none descript motel the walk back would clear his head.

Sam didn't notice he was being watched, had been since the moment he walked in the library. Something Sam would have possibly been pissed at since his hunting skills had certainly improved over the last six months. But then there were few who could sense the man watching Sam unless he wanted to be found.

As he left the library a tall man, reaching 6'8 stepped out from behind one of the book cases his dark hair was long and had a streak of shocking red at the front it hung down his back tied back loosely at the nape of his neck. His eyes were covered with a pair of Oakley sunglasses but underneath his strangely coloured sliver eyes watched intently as Sam exited the library.

"Well, well..." He whispered in a strange lilting accent that would have been hard pressed to be placed as any accent from anywhere in the world. He pulled out his cell phone pressing a number on it he dialled,

"Hey Nick it's me. Yeah where are you?" He laughed to whatever was said on the other end. "Yeah well sue me I'm checking. I need you to do a sweep round by the rose motel at about five am." "Why? Because your best friend is going to need you right about then." The dark haired man offered a small smile into the phone at what he heard on the other end of the line.

"He's fine Nick I promise. Like I'd let anything happen to any of them." Ash's face became serious. "Especially him." "I know. There's just a bit of a situation will you do it? Okay bring him to me. He'll want to yell at me. Yeah I know see you later." Ash snapped the phone closed and looked towards the doors Sam had disappeared through.

"Well Sam Winchester time to show you're worth. I pray you do not fail. Nothing will help you if you do." Then the man vanished as if he'd never been there unnoticed by anyone in the library.

Sam was lost in his thoughts as he headed back towards the motel and after half an hour he looked around to realise he wasn't where he wanted to be. He paused trying to get his bearings, deciding on a direction he took it quickly keeping a careful eye on his surroundings but it didn't seem to be helping the buildings and the roads did not melt into ones he recognised.

Sam cursed colourfully as he came to a stop again. He'd walked further and further away from the library convinced he was on the right track but it appeared that he hadn't been. That annoyed him Sam could count on one hand the amount of times he'd been lost. His dad had drummed into him and Dean the importance of being able to read a map and recognise land markings.

Sam remembered when he'd been eleven and Dean fifteen his dad had dropped them both in the middle of a city and told them to make their way to a specified spot. Sam will never forget the panic he felt watching his father drive off leaving them on the streets of some big city with only a map and the basic provisions.

Dean however had calmly guided them through the city with what Sam realises now was practiced ease. And he starts as he wonders how many times Dean had to have done it by the time John allowed Sam out to be able to do it without panicking. He remembers Dean patiently showing him how to map read and what to do if you went wrong, if things had changed. He had them at the point well within the time limit but still John had laid into Dean for putting Sam in danger.

Dean had said nothing just took it all and then proceeded to sit with Sam while Sam asked him question after question about map reading.

Sam stopped again and once more he was the little brother listening to his big brother's voice telling him what to do. He knew now he had to have gone wrong somewhere. Which, given what had happened in New Orleans was entirely possible.

So much of New Orleans had changed after the storm that had almost ripped it apart. Streets that had once stood proud had been washed away, landmarks had been moved and shops had been closed or moved to other parts of the city.

Maps from before the 2005 storm were useless and even the newer ones did not count for the constant movement of the city as it tried to recover from the storm.

He could have sworn his motel wasn't that far from the library it's why he'd chosen the damn thing in the first place. He rarely looked at the places he drove too anymore. As long as they served his purpose they didn't matter. He sighed admitting to himself that he was lost.

He went back to what Dean and his dad had taught him if in doubt find a way back to the point you started with. Or a point that is recognisable and work forwards again from there. Dean had had to do that only once the first time Sam had been with him in the city they'd been dropped in.

He decided the best way to combat this was too retrace his steps until he came to the library and start again. He cursed himself for not driving in but he'd wanted to clear his head and stretch his legs after driving for six hours straight to get to New Orleans.

He turned and headed back the way he had come. After about forty minutes he made it back to the library realising that somehow he'd gone in a massive circle coming back on the library from a different direction. No wonder he hadn't recognised anything although that really didn't make him feel any better.

The fact it was also gone dark now proved just how much time he'd spent trying to find his way. He didn't like the reminder that he'd managed to go wrong even with the skills he had from dad and Dean. Yet another reminder, that even after six months, he still had a long way to go before he was competent again.

He readjusted the shoulder strap of his laptop that was starting to dig in just a little and continued walking.

He was just starting to recognise some of the buildings proving he was at least going in the right direction when he heard a commotion in one of the side allies. There were two men making a young woman's life a living hell. They had her surrounded and were intimidating her and she looked frightened that only seemed to be driving them on.

Before he could change his mind Sam dropped his laptop bag by the corner of the alley and started towards the group. Sam was surprised that all of them were at least six feet in height and two of the men where the same height as him. Sam was used to being taller than most people his brother was six foot one but Sam had still stood a good three inches taller than him.

"Hey!" He yelled into the alley. The duo turned as one and Sam had the sudden thought that maybe this wasn't the greatest idea in the world. But he hadn't been brought up a hunter for nothing. He'd been taught to fight and he'd fought more than two people in a brawl before. Three or more had been a typical Winchester brawl before he had left for college.

"Leave her alone!"

"Stay out of this!" The one to the left hissed. Sam stood his ground. "Stay with her I'll take care of this." "It's not pleasant to interrupt something that plainly has nothing to do with you." The guy said. "It's not pleasant to harass a girl either." Sam said adjusting his stance. He knew where this was going. There was only ever one way to show these assholes and that was to hammer them into the ground.

He'd tried to tell Dean once that talking worked but now Sam understood Dean had seen the world for what it was and people like the idiot in front of him only understood violence and fire with fire.

"You'll regret this." The blonde man said before he attacked. Sam was ready for the onslaught and blocked the punch with practiced ease. The blonde was momentarily stunned and then smiled.

"Oh a fighter. How entertaining." Then the fight really began and for a moment Sam thought he'd lost but Winchesters didn't believe in losing and he hammered on and slowly got the upper hand until a particularly well placed punch had the man on the floor with Sam stood over him. He glanced at the one holding the girl.

"Have I made myself clear? Or do I have to hammer your head into the floor just to be sure?" Sam snarled his breath coming in pants but the adrenaline from the fight making him feel good. The blonde holding the girl snarled at Sam but reluctantly nodded. He snarled again and let her go. "She's not worth the effort anyway." He let her go so violently Sam thought she was going to end up on the floor. She caught herself against the wall while the guy woke his friend and they staggered out of the alley out of sight Sam watching them the whole way.

Once he was sure they were gone he turned back to the girl. She was tall and blonde and she looked terrified. "It's okay," Sam said softly. "Come with me," Her eyes were almost too big for her face. There was a nasty graze along the left side of her face evidence that she had been definitely roughed up.

She looked unsure but Sam made sure she could see him and let her catch her breath. "I won't hurt you. Come with me I'll help you get home." The girl looked lost for a moment before she seemed to make up her mind and headed towards Sam.

"You didn't have to do that? Why did you do that they would have hurt you." "It was the right thing to do. And I really despise men thinking they can take advantage of women like that." The girl had tears in her eyes which she seemed to be fighting the urge to let fall.

"What's your name?" Sam asked more to distract her from what had happened to her rather than real interest. "My name is Sam Winchester." "Tia." She said softly. "Okay Tia." Sam said softly feeling like he was approaching a horse ready to bolt. "Let's get you home."

She nodded and Sam, letting her know where he was at all times before steering her away from the alley. They walked down one of the brightly lit streets had been walking for about ten minutes when Tia finally spoke up.

"Is there anything I can do for you to say thank-you?" She asked quietly. Sam looked down at her, not that he had to look far she was at least six feet straight it was kind of novel that Sam met a girl that tall. "I don't expect anything from you Tia. I helped you because you needed it not because I expected anything in return." Sam took a deep breath,

"But if you can give me directions to the Midnight Rose motel I'd be grateful I'm new in town and I got myself completely lost. Not something I'm usually in the habit of doing."

Tia smiled. "That I can do for you Sam. I live right by there so I'll drop you there and carry on my way home." Sam shook his head almost before she stopped speaking.

"No it's fine let's get you back first." Tia looked like she was going to argue but then looked behind her and seemed to think better of it.

Another ten minutes passed and Sam started to vaguely recognise the buildings and he started to feel like he might actually see his bed before dawn. Not that he hadn't that long and longer without sleep before.

Tia led him round another corner and was suddenly facing four very angry men. He glanced at Tia only to realise her body language had completely changed and she sauntered from his side to join the other four men laughing. It was then that it clicked. He'd walked right into a trap.

Oh fan-fucking-tastic.

"This one's soul is strong." Tia said to the men. And Sam was instantly on his guard. Soul? "He'll make us strong. Keep us strong there is enough for all of us." One of the blonde men nodded. "We suspected he would be when we felt him coming. He will do nicely." Sam cursed as he recognised the man he'd supposedly hammered into the ground.

There wasn't a mark on him. Sam knew then that there was something seriously not right with the picture. He just couldn't say what. But the little hair on the back of his neck were screaming at him that he was in danger and he was inclined to believe it.

Sam decided now would be a good time to get out of the enclosed space he'd allowed himself to get into only to realise that the men had surrounded him and he was boxed in. "What do you want?" He demanded. He'd fight worse than these idiots and come out on top he would not be intimidated.

"Nothing we can't take from you." Tia laughed. "Oh I have to thank you Sam you've made tonight so easily you can die knowing that you've allowed us to live."

Sam was stunned for a moment before his brain kicked in. Die? Oh hell no. He dropped into a fighting stance and the blonde that had taken point grinned. "You really don't have to fight us." Sam rushed him and the man parried easily. "But if you insist it will make it all the more fun," He grinned

And the four men and Tia converged on Sam but Sam was ready and fought with everything he had he punched the face closest to him and kicked another's feet out from under them. One of the others came at him with a knife and he parried the blow kicking the guy into the wall. The guy swung round and snarled.

Sam stared he realised what he was looking at. The man's eyes had started to glisten and there were fangs. Fangs. What. The. Fuck? Sam was a goddamn hunter there was no such thing as vampires. There had never been a hunter sight them yet.

That moment of surprise cost him and Tia and one of the men caught his arms and locked him into place. He struggled but they were so strong and soon they had him forced to the floor. The leader of the group stood in front of him.

"Playtime is over human." He said softly. "Now you die!" He reared back and Sam determined to stare the guy in the face waited for the blow that never came.

Sam heard it a second before it landed a low whistle of something moving fast through the air and then he saw a flash of sliver as it flashed right by his face to land in the guy's chest. Only for the man to freeze and then burst into dust and disappear as if he had never been there.

Sam blinked and was hauled round as the others hissed but Sam could almost smell the fear, something had changed. Then Sam saw it. A figure at the end of the alley where the blonde mob had trapped him.

The darkness obscured a clear look but there was a lone figure at the end of the alley. He was tall and Sam could tell he was a fighter just from the way he was stood. He had a confidence that was born not learned and an air of danger that made Sam want to run as far from this place as he could. He was looking directly into the alley completely unafraid.

"We'll kill him!" One of the blondes snarled. "You can try," the voice was dark and lethal and made Sam swallow hard. Just what in the hell had he gotten himself into?

One of the blondes made a move and the man's hand moved faster than Sam could track and suddenly there was a dagger planted firmly in the chest of the blonde a second before he too exploded.

"Running from me wasn't fair." The man at the end of the alley said taking a step closer. "We hadn't finished. Now I figure spoils to the victor lets finish this bitches."

Sam was suddenly on the floor free of the two holding him as the man came forward moving faster than Sam could believe to meet them in what seemed like a mini explosion the way they clashed.

The guy turned and looked directly at Sam, "Well what are you waiting for? An invitation? Run!" Sam's rescuer snarled, "RUN!" Sam was doing as ordered almost before he realised he had he was out of the alley and across the street before he thought to think why.

But then Sam's brain kicked in and he spun on the spot. He couldn't leave that guy there regardless of the fact he seemed to know what he was doing. Those things weren't human. The guy had to be a Hunter and Sam was not about to leave a fellow hunter in a mess. No way.

He didn't get chance to do anything at that moment Tia came flying out of the alley her long blonde hair flying behind her. She dived at him knocking him into the road the impact of the tarmac had him winded and he heard Tia scream, "Me or the human you decide Hunter. You decide!"

Then Sam heard it the unmistakable sound of a car coming right for him. Sam could clearly hear the engine but he knew he was too hurt to move and then suddenly he was sailing through the air again to skid across the floor and he saw the dark figure take the brunt of the car impact. The guy hut the bonnet of the car and somersaulted through the air to land on the road.

The guy groaned and Sam tried to get himself up to help but hunter looked at him from behind a pair of designer police sunglasses, that were almost trashed and in pieces, and said,

"The car clipped me. You did not see this. I've hit my head and it's knocked me unconscious. But you see no need to ring an ambulance. You know I'll be fine in a few hours."

Sam stared before the guy seemed to loose his battle to stay awake and slid to the floor.

There was laughter and Sam swung round to see Tia watching him. "Hunters. Always so predictable. This is why they will never win against us!"

Her eyes were alight with fire and her face showed no sign of remorse for what she had set in motion. "Well Sam Winchester it's been interesting. I'll have you yet. Then she dived into the passenger side of a car that screeched up next to her. The car peeled away leaving Sam lying in the pavement.

He looked into the road and realised that the man still hadn't moved from where the car had clipped him. Sam felt guilt surge through him

He hauled himself up wincing as his muscles protested after being thrown around like a rag doll. His legs felt wobbly but he was able to stand without ending up on his ass again so Sam figured that had to be a bonus.

He looked at the hunter that had come to his aid. He could have been seriously hurt throwing himself in front of the car like that. Luckily he'd only been clipped, something about that didn't seem right how had the car missed that much of him? But Sam had seen it with his own eyes. The Hunter had come tearing out the alley and pushed him out the way getting clipped and he'd hit his head a little. This was one lucky son of a bitch and despite the fact the car clipped him he could still be seriously hurt.

Sam wasn't going to leave him lying in the street. He made his way over to the unconscious hunter and for the first time got a good look at his rescuer.

His heart almost stopped. The hunter was younger than he appeared in the alley. Possibly younger than Sam himself he was dressed in black jeans and a plain blue t-shirt thrown on under a black leather jacket. He wasn't as tall as he had first appeared six two at most still shorter than Sam himself. He had dirty blonde hair that was cut short but the thing that had Sam's heart stopping and then hammering like he'd just ran a marathon was the fact that Sam knew him.

Sam recognised the hunter instantly. Once there hadn't been a point in his life without the other hunter in it. Because the hunter that had undoubtedly saved Sam's life tonight, the one that had obviously sustained injuries in helping him was someone Sam had never thought he'd see again. But here he was, right there in front of him. Sam couldn't believe it but there was no denying what was in front of him. Who was in front of him.

"Dean." He whispered.