Dear Boys

A Never Ending Dream

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Chapter 1- A new face.

The sound of basketballs bouncing against the wooden floors of the gym could be hear as students passed by. It was probably something that would have never been heard a year ago when the club was at a standstill, but somehow Mizuho High climbed the ranks of basketball all thanks to their new member. It was hard to believe that students prided themselves off Mizuho's male basketball team since they were common for bragging about the girls. It was a year now since Aikawa had come, but already the boys were working hard to get into the National Championship of Japan. Both the girls and boys team were working as hard as they could, but even with that a few managed to find time to indulge in romance. The two captains were now going out together, despite the limited time they actually had to spend together, they were still happy with what they had.

"Hey! Mumu, wait up! Come on, don't leave me here," I called out to my best friend. I hated it when she walked so fast, then again it was my fault for taking so long to change. We just finished practicing even though it was lunch time, Mumu short for Mutsumi is my best friend and the captain of the girl's basketball team. She plays point guard and boy does she play it well, she was confident and I guess that's partly why she's captain. "If you haven't realized the bell has rung, we'll be late," she replied as she turned and crossed her arms. She had gorgeous long brown hair and she was adorable. She was lucky to have Takumi by her side otherwise she would be flooded by boys asking her out.

"I heard Takumi is holding a party, it doesn't seem like him," I spoke as I finally caught up to her. We were on our way to class, but it assured me to see students walking about still despite the bell having rung already. "Well it's for his birthday, his mother decided it would be a great way to spend it.. I think he invited Aikawa and probably told him to bring you along," she replied though I couldn't help but chuckle. "I wasn't informed, but I don't think it's necessary that I go. I'm not even that close to Takumi, I'm sure you would enjoy spending some alone time with him as well," I replied only to get nudged rather roughly by her. Mumu now frowning as she walked shook her head in disagreement, "You are coming. You and Aikawa rarely get time alone. That boy plays as much basketball as Takumi, if they didn't need to sleep they'd play all night!" she huffed out with annoyance as we entered the classroom to take our seats.

The class was chattering away, everyone was in a relaxed mood since they had a good meal though the moment the teacher came in everyone settled down. Moments later another girl came in, the first thing I noticed was her fiery red hair, her uniform was messy as well, but that didn't seem to faze anyone not even the teacher. It was probably because she was new. "Hello! Name's Yuuki Yamine!" she spoke out as the teacher behind her wrote her name in Kanji for us.

Immediately the students were engrossed with her, well mostly the males. It was always like this whenever they got a new student especially a female one. Most of them had begun asking her random questions hoping to learn a little more, though Yuuki seemed to have heard an interesting one since she smiled. "Well there's so much about me that I wouldn't be able to tell you all of it now, but I'll let you know that I absolutely love basketball! I heard there's a team here too, I can't wait to try-outs!" She was beaming with excitement that I wasn't really sure on how to react. "Guess we're getting another player," Mumu whispered from beside me with a smile though I simply nodded.

"What position do you play?" This question had easily caught my attention considering how it was Aikawa that was asking. Glancing over to him then to Yuuki I saw her smirk. "Center of course," she replied with a hint of arrogance as Aikawa grinned. "Wow! You can really jump then can't you?" he replied with eagerness. It was common for centers' to play the jump off ball because of their height but it wasn't necessary. It was hard to believe that she was able to play center, she was rather small shorter than Keiko at least, but still I couldn't judge her on that. Aikawa was short himself, but his jump was beyond normal for his height. My attention was easily snatched away from her as I heard our teacher clapping as she tried to get all of our attention. "Settle down now, its class time. You guys can ask her questions later. Yuuki take your seat next to Mai," she spoke in which resulted in me lifting my hand up to let Yuuki know where and who I was. It was unfortunate that she had to sit next to me, there was something about her that made me feel uneasy, but still I smiled and welcomed her. "Nice to meet you Mai, I hope we can be good friends," she said before taking her seat as she focused her attention on the teacher.

"I'm late, I'm so late," I whispered as I dashed out of the classroom, I was held back for art class, lucky for Mumu she had English which was a lot closer to the gym. Being late for practice was probably one of the scariest things ever, considering that Ms H was our coach. She did not tolerate tardiness and I knew if I walked in late I'd have to do laps and even stay back to clean up. Just the thought of it was agonizing as I sped up my pace brushing past students in the halls. When I finally reached I was drenched in sweat and out of breath, my chest heaved as I opened the door only to see a small crowd of people cheering, as for what I couldn't tell. It wasn't rare for the gym to be filled with people since they really enjoyed watching the boys play.

"Am I late?" I muttered softly as I stood up straight in an attempt to calm my breathing. "Nope, but today is pretty lively if you ask me," Ranmuru answered whilst he was leaning against the door watching from afar. "Seems like a new girl?" he spoke as I sighed. I could care less for whom it was, I was just relieved to know that I was safe. Thank the gods Ms H wasn't here yet I don't want to stay back to clean, I thought to myself once more. I went ahead to get changed before I suggested to do laps with Ranmuru since he wasn't doing anything he agreed. When Ms H finally came the students were rushed out so that they could begin practice, we were all gathered and much to my surprise Yuuki was standing beside Ms H.

"This is Yuuki everyone, it's not common for us to get new students during half way through our year so she's unable to tryout, but I've given her permission to come and display her skills since she's only played basketball for a month. From there I'll decide if she can join," she explained as everyone greeted her. "Today we'll start off with a friendly match to access Yuuki's playing level and to warm up, then you boys can return to the usual schedule I have set up for you today," she added as everyone nodded. She then moved to the side as the girls gathered for a bit, Keiko was to sit out of this match to even out the playing field since Yuuki was playing today, a few questions were asked before they heard the whistle which signalled them to get into place. Yuuki had insisted to play center, so the position was given as she faced off against Takumi. Within seconds the whistle was blown and the ball thrown.

I watched the ball fly into the air, but with ease Takumi got it as he quickly passed to his teammate. The ball was passed around heavily without any points being scored thankfully; it was incredibly hard to match up with the pace of the boy's. Especially Aikawa's, but one thing I loved was that they never went easy on us. They would play use seriously and it helped us improve even if they had already surpassed our level. "Yuuki!" I heard Mumu shout as the ball was passed over to her, quickly Yuuki dribbled it managing to get past Ranmuru as she jumped into the air with the ball. With ease she dunked the ball as everyone stared with awe, a girl that was rather short playing center and also managing a dunk was completely unheard of. "No way," these words had left past my mouth as we heard the whistle motioning to the point being scored.

After practice ended we all planned to go home except Aikawa since he had work, Mumu had already gotten changed along with Takumi and Aikawa though I hadn't bothered since I was helping Satomi clean up. I felt bad for her that she had so much to do even if she insisted that she didn't need help. "That was a great game earlier girls, I always end up having so much fun when I play with you guys," Aikawa spoke, his spiky black hair was messy from all the sweat, but everyone knew he looked fine with it, it was a little odd to see his hair fully down after all. "Come on, you guys wiped us out, with ease, you didn't go easy on us did you?" Mumu asked only for Aikawa to laugh as he shook his head. "No way, ask Takumi," he said only for his best friend to smirk. "Who knows," he replied nonchalantly before walking ahead, only for her to frown. "Hey I'll see you tomorrow," she said before rushing ahead to match her boyfriend's pace. I smiled as I heard her bickering to him asking if he was serious just now, Mumu liked being challenged so the thought of having been gone easy on was probably bugging her. "You going home now Pony?" Aikawa asked as I shook my head, "Satomi asked for some help with cleaning the balls, you can go on ahead," I spoke though it was a lie. Satomi had already cleaned up with her, but she had wanted to get some extra practice in. Aikawa nodded before walking ahead as I watched from behind, I was in love with him. Of course I didn't have the guts to say that to his face even though it was obvious to everyone around us. It was hard to blurt out 'I love you! Want to date me?, even Mumu didn't do that yet she managed to get Takumi.

Now pouting I turned as I returned back to the court, picking up a ball I bounced it casually listening to it. How was it possible that Yuuki was able to dunk? I was taller than her surely I had a better chance of it didn't I? I frowned as I ran towards the basket dribbling whilst I did, though when I was close enough I jumped and attempted to re-enact what I saw, but I wasn't even close. Falling back to the ground I landed on my feet having been unable to even reach the net. "Just how on earth did she do it?" I murmured as I dropped the ball jumped once more in attempt to touch the rim but alas my effort was in vain. I repeated this process until I realized that I just couldn't reach that level that Yuuki managed, but that had frustrated me. She played for a month and she could do such a jump? It was ridiculous; within another month of training she could surpass Mumu's level. For some reason it unnerved me to know this and without realizing I began to practice my shooting nonstop. I threw in ball after ball trying my best to work on my three pointers since it was one of my strengths but even then that didn't satisfy me. Finally I fell back onto my back as I lay on the ground exhausted. I depleted all my energy and felt a little more at peace. It was night now… I lost track of time, a part of me was worried she'd call and find out I wasn't there. She really could get too protective of me, yet despite knowing this I knew I couldn't move. Not yet at least.

After resting for five minutes I forced myself up as I began cleaning up the balls, placing them back in the basket. I let my hair loose, since I was all sweating over there was no need to hold it up anymore, smiling to myself I knew that I could use a shower after all that sweat. "Pony!" I jolted as I turned around to see Aikawa at the entrance looking concerned, how did he know I was here? "What are you doing here?" I blurted out only for him to frown, "I should be asking you that! Mumu calls me up saying he haven't gone home yet," he replied as I take my watch out of my bag only to gasp at the time. "9:30!? I've been here for three hours?" I gasp with shock only to see Aikawa smile, "I just got off work, I was worried," he admitted as I quickly grabbed my things and made my way over. Closing the doors I was a little jittery with how Aikawa had come to check up on me. "I'm sorry to have worried you," I apologized to him knowing he had to make the effort to come look for me, still I should have kept a closer watch on time since I overdid it tonight.

"Get on," Aikawa spoke as he kneeled down in front of me with is back facing me. Blinking with surprise I shook my head, "I'm fine, I can walk," I replied unsure of why he would even suggest carrying me. "You were practicing all this time, there's no way you're not tired, please?" he asked having turned his head he was pouting, his eyes pleading me to get on. Sighing softly I relented as I wrapped my arms around his neck allowing him to lift me up. My cheeks were a light hue of pink as I was able to smell him from how close we were. "I'm sorry I worried you," I murmured whilst resting my head on his shoulder, I could hear Aikawa reply, but I couldn't understand what he had said. I closed my eyes and without realizing I had drifted off to sleep.

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