Never Ending Dream.

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Chapter 6- New day, fresh start.

Despite all the thoughts that were stuck in my head, I somehow manage to doze off. Still I guess it must have been fairly late into the night because I woke up groggy and extremely tired. The weekend had come which means I was free despite all the homework and projects I was assigned to do. I sat up stretching my arms as well as releasing a yawn though the it was hard to ignore the throbbing pain for my wrist. Yesterday's game had really taken a lot of out me though it was mostly emotional rather than physical. Staring down at my injury I knew doing anything with this hand would result in pain so it was unlikely I would be doing any work today.

My arms dropped down to the bed and I was caught gazing at the small gleam of light that got through the closed curtains. I stood up feeling the cold floor beneath my feet, it sent up shivers through me, I quickly made my way to the bathroom, wanting to do my daily morning chores. Warm water ran through the taps and through my fingers. I was caught staring at the water as it ran through my fingers, I couldn't help but enjoy the warmth. I lifted my hands cupping water and splashing it against my face though I was gentle with the motion.

When I finished I eyed the mirror in front of me which showed my reflection. My cheek looked fine and my complexion looked a lot better than it did before, I released a sigh. "What to do… What to do…" I mumble the words. I was tempted to head outside to get some fresh air, though I was at a loss over where to go.

I dried my face with a nearby towel after brushing my teeth. Making my way back to the bedroom I notice how it was only around 9 in the morning and I was still tired. I was usually up by this time which was probably why I woke up despite sleeping late.

As I sat myself down in bed I realized my phone was left untouched on the side table. I pressed the button which lit up the whole phone. 'You have 1 UNREAD message waiting'. Seeing it brought excitement as I suspected Aikawa. Without waiting a second longer I unlock it and smile seeing that I had guessed right.

'Morning, Pony. I was thinking… if you're not busy today would you like to go out? I know its last minute but my job today was cancelled so… let me know?'

The ends of my lips curl upwards as my grip on my phone tightens slightly. My fingers got to work as they speedily pressed the buttons replying to the message.

'Good Morning, it's no problem. Where do you want to meet?' The message was sent and I laid back down on my bed while holding my phone awaiting his message. I always liked hanging out with him despite my condition and workload I sometimes had. I felt that it was the same for him or maybe even worse as he even worked while I didn't. Even if one of us were in a bad mood or had a difficult day, our company always eased whatever was on our mind.

As minutes passed, I grew somewhat impatient with waiting. Seconds turned into long waits that felt like hours and before I knew it the phone vibrated softly in my hands. Without thinking I unlocked my phone and opened the message.

'Lets meet at the park. You know the one we always meet up in. I'll be there in 30 minutes. See you then.' I reread the message twice making sure that what I saw wasn't part of my imagination. I closed the message and sat up knowing that I had to get ready.

I rushed to the closet, choosing a simple outfit of jeans and a long sleeve shirt and a scarf. I tied my hair in high pony tail like usually. Like Mu, we were able to change fast and we weren't much like girly girls as we didn't mind getting down and dirty. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs greeting my mother who had returned late last night.

"How was your game?" She asked after my greeting. "It was good, we won. Like always." I replied with a smile. "I'm going out to meet with Aikawa." I continued after beginning to eat the food she had given me.

"Ah, alright. Don't forget to do your homework when you come back alright?" She asked. My mother was hardworking along with my father as they both worked so it wasn't uncommon to not see them often around the house. I really didn't mind the lack of attention since I spent most of my time with after school activities.

After finished I bid my mother goodbye before leaving the house.

I rushed towards the park, knowing that I was running slightly late. As I reached I saw him on the swings looking as casual as ever. He wore a dark blue hoodie and long pants as well as wearing a light blue scarf around his neck. I walked over and his attention turned to me. "Sorry I'm late." I apologized.

He stood up and walked over giving me a hug, his arms wrapped tightly around me and he squeezed me as though as he hadn't seen me for quite some time.

"It's alright, I'm glad you were able to make it out today." He whispered in my ear softly.

He pulled away after sometime and I did my best not to look too surprised or flustered with his actions. He behaved a little differently whenever we were alone, but it was something I could never really get used to.

"So where are we going today Aika?" I asked while looking around. "Oh I was thinking a movie then maybe lunch. We'll see how things go." He said while grabbing my hand and walking in front guiding me. "How's the wrist? Did you remove the splint?" He asked though I shook my head. "Since we're out I figured I'd leave it in until tonight. I took some medicine before I left home though," she assured him.

They day had turned out rather pleasant, we watched a horror movie though I couldn't help but end up laughing in a few scenes with just how hard they tried to make the film frightening. What I really enjoyed was the arcade as we both competed in playing those basketball shooting games, he was hesitant at first until I suggested using my good hand and that he do the same. Course using one hand got us some strange looks, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Course he still beat me as the differences in points were obvious, but I didn't mind. He never eased up when it came to competing, something I enjoyed greatly because it meant that I could improve. "Good game" I stated after the game. He chuckled and patted me on the head.. "You played well too Mai. As always." He teased. It sent shivers down my spine to hear my name.

"I know this great place, has huge portions and it's real cheap." He mentioned though my stomach growled in reply. Feeling my cheeks flush I nodded. "Lunch would be great," I squeak out.

We were found street restaurant, though it was cramped I knew exactly why Aikawa suggested it. The portions were huge and it smelled heavenly as well. He went ahead and ordered clearly knowing what he wanted whereas I took a little longer pondering on what I wanted.

After ordering our conversations were filled with various topics ranging from including homework, projects and basketball of course.

"How is Takumi?" I asked wondering what he was doing today.

"Training of course." Aikawa replied with a soft chuckle. I looked down knowing that Aikawa would probably be training but instead spent the day with me. He loved basketball so much it made me feel slightly guilty that I took up his time.

"Ah… probably training with Mu… I haven't contacted her though," I couldn't help but chuckle with the thoughts of Mu and Takumi training, though a part of me wasn't too keen on speaking with her after what had occurred the day before. Mu and Taka were the type to get really into the match, they'd get rather aggressive whereas Aika was capable of a casual match. Captains were always on another level, that much was to be expected.

"Hey, pony." Aikawa said my nickname with such gentle tone it made my thoughts go blank.

"Yes?" I replied.

"As much as I love seeing your pony tail, your hair being down isn't half bad either." He mentioned casually, though I only laugh with how random the topic was. It was hard to know what was going on in that head, but it was something she found enjoyable since he was spontaneous. "You have no idea how hard it was to tie it like this," I replied with a small smile. It had taken me a while with my wrist, resulting in me doing it a couple of times until it was perfect.

Our food arrived and we began eating, the both of us were terribly starved from the arcade though he was sweet enough to let me try some of his.

After finishing our meal we decided on walking about to help with the digestion, though as we passed by a park we could hear sounds of children shouting along with the bounce of a basketball. It wasn't long until we caught sight of the group of boys playing. Aika however looked eager to join though he glanced over to my wrist. I only laugh before I offer him a smile. "Go on then. I don't mind watching," she assured him.

His eyes gleamed with surprise before he smiled. "Thanks Pony, won't be long." He assured before he walked over to the boys picking up the basketball that rolled out towards him. "Mind if I join you boys? One against you six?" He asked with a friendly smile. The boy immediately replied yes thinking that he was crazy for even suggesting that. There was no way he would be able to defeat them. Taking a seat on the side I watched. Like everyone else, the boys were awe stricken by his abilities that the short match ended up being an hour long.

After our game Aikawa came over offering me tea as he took a seat beside me. "Sorry for the wait, I didn't expect to get that into it." He admitted softly though I only smiled. The boys had gotten frustrated with him despite outnumbering him, but they began making up plans once they had a rough idea of his movements. It was interesting to watch Aikawa adapt to that and change things up. "I was supposed to have evening practice with Ranmaru, but seems like he's busy." He explained to me.

"I had fun today. Don't worry." I assure him.

"Me too." I replied as he sighed. "I enjoy days like this." He admitted before he finished the rest of his can and tossed it into the bin.

Silence came over us, however it was the type that was comforting. I couldn't help but wonder what we were to each other. We liked another, but we weren't actually together. It was sort of well known to the others that our interest in each other was obvious yet we wouldn't directly bring it up unlike Takumi and Mu. It was probably why Yuuki misunderstood them. Then again Aikawa didn't seem to take notice of her interest. Sighing heavily I take a sip slowly. "I hope I heal up for next week's match."

My words catch Aikawa's attention as he smiles. "Don't push yourself. Takumi needed time to recover, just as you will."

"I don't want to get replaced," I admitted softly as stare down at my lap. Aikawa however laughs before he pats me on the head. "Don't be silly. They need you." He assured. "Once you get better let's train a bit together." He promised knowing that I may be a little rusty after recovering.

Leaning to the side I press a gentle and short kiss to his cheek. "Thanks Aika, today was great." I whisper before I quickly stand up to throw away my drink, though I mostly did that to avoid seeing his expression since I was terribly embarrassed.

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