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There were lots of pictures on their fridge. Magnets used to spell out words and make up phrases for fun, and as Carly kept reminding him, to make the grocery list. Occasionally Carly pins up an 'A' paper she's especially proud of, Freddie will put up an iCarly reminder, and Sam usually just re-arranges everything for laughs if she's not specifying what food needs to be bought.

But there's one photo in particular Spencer tries to make sure is central at all times, because he needs it in his line of sight as often as possible. A picture of Sam stays on the freezer door at all times. But it's a picture of Sam taken not long after Carly met her in grade school. Her hair is long and frizzy, and she's smiling broadly, the picture taken before she acquired all of her trademark cynicism toward the world. She is glowing, and Spencer doesn't know why Carly isn't in the picture next to her, but assumes he was an awful picture taker at the time.

It has to be that picture. The picture has to remind him of when it was taken. He has to remember when he had just become Carly's guardian and she just met Sam. He was the adult in the situation, driving the two home after school, and he has to remember that. He needs the reminder. Every second of every day, if possible. Luckily, the fridge is in the kitchen where Sam spends a lot of time, and Spencer can see it from the living room, and sometimes near the hallway if he strains his neck.

He needs to remember that Sam was a little girl when his granddad was already needling him about getting married.

Spencer doesn't need reminding that Sam is full grown now. He doesn't need to see how she's grown into her curves. He doesn't need to see that she can pull off any outfit iCarly forces her to wear and then some. Spencer knows what a gorgeous woman she's become without reminders, without pictures, and even without Sam in his vicinity.

Then one day as he's making spaghetti tacos he tweaks the picture on the door and freezes. He can feel her behind him, and even as he's staring at a picture of a ten-year-old Sam, he is attracted to the Sam behind him.

With a sinking heart, Spencer knows that the picture in his hands just isn't enough.

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