This is just an extension to 'Jasper Succeeds'. My friend asked for this when I first began writing it. Though I probably won't be continuing it past the first few original chapters. Unless that is this does extremely well review wise.

I watched as Bella was handed the next present from the pile of gifts sitting on the table. Alice had been excited over this day for the past week. Her excitement was building in me.

I had become excited to see Bella's eyes light up at the sight of her gifts. The love and effort from all of the family, well nearly the whole family. Rosalie was still being stubborn.

I personally couldn't wait for the day that Bella would be changed. Alice still didn't know when, but as soon as it happened, my thoughts would no longer torment Edward with my bloodlust.


I thought it was Bella's voice that brought me back to reality, but it was more.

As I breathed in another quick breath without thinking it hit me.

The smell was beyond taunting. It was stronger then I'd ever smelt. Stronger then when I'd been changed during the war.

I tried, I truly did, but I couldn't stop my reaction to the amazing smell. Amazing didn't even cover the smell that I had been locked away from for so many years.

My mind couldn't even remember why I had stopped. It couldn't even make out the sounds of someone yelling out to me. Their words didn't even break through. It was only background noise as I quickly made my way over to the astounding smell.

I finally made it to that delicious smell and the taste was even better.

I drank and let the venom flow from my mouth instinctively. The taste was better than I could ever imagine.