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It was like the tingling of bells. Their touches were as gentle and sweet as the caress of raindrops, and twice as addictive. The world was black and silver, all cold lights and abandon. She closed her eyes and gave into her caresses…

This was one hell of a fucked up season.

Two wind currents had collided over the Northeast of Asia, which, combined with the high pressure and lay of the region resulted in a hot and stuffy weather…in the Early March.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the slim chances of rain made the airlines a little too optimistic, and made them take on too many appointments. Soi Fong cursed as she wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead and grabbed her bags from the converter. In the end, the plane had to roam over the Tokyo airport until there was a free strip for it to land. The passengers, already edgy and uncomfortable thanks to the twelve hour flight, were contemplating a riot by the time the descend started, and a few old ladies, driven to hysterics thanks to everything, had started panicking that the fuel was out and that the plane was crashing down.

Saying that she was glad to get out of the airport was an understatement. Only the years she'd spent fencing held her back from screaming and stomping out, throwing a fit. Ok, the fencing, and the years she'd spent dealing with unruly teenagers.

As she went through the schedules for the buses, Soi suddenly felt glad that she'd made the necessary arrangements a few months ahead. Just the thought of having to find a hotel, to check in, to fill in papers, just for a quick shower before she ran ahead to meet the principle of Shirakawa Academy…and that would be before she underwent the hell of finding an apartment…No, that was better.

The ride through the city took her thirty minutes, locating the complex-another half an hour. By the time she finished discussing some things with her landlord (no men after nine o'clock and you'll pay your bills on time), Soi was wondering if it would be acceptable to meet principle Yamamoto dressed in a sweat-soaked T-shirt and cargo pants.

Her hands were cold. She noticed it immediately, although it was the painful burn of the ice, but a soft hum of water. Slender fingers danced on her stomach, edging closer and closer until…Until the air around them got so hot they couldn't breathe.

Sun-sun woke up with the sound of screaming in her ears. For a few minutes, she stared at the ceiling, wondering if this was reality or perhaps she was still sleeping. Nobody had argued so loudly in the house since…well, since her father married Momo. She wiped the thin layer of sweat from her neck and thought for the nth time that she had to see someone for those dreams.

There was a thud and the floor shook.

"Oh, no! I'm awake…" She sighed and got off.

When she exited her room, the voices got louder. As she reached the top of the stairs, she saw Apache and Luppi kneeling on the floor in front of the study's door, listening hard. She frowned slightly-why on Earth would those two waste time lying there, you could tell what was going on from where she stood. Soundlessly, she walked behind her sister and slid down on the floor with her side against the wall.

"So, Mila-Rose dropped the bomb, didn't she?" her voice was emotionless-it had the kind of tone people used when they knew, or didn't care for the answer.

"Yup. Dad's blowing a fuse right now." Apache was grinning widely.


"AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!" The only person in the entire family that had enough voice for an all-out verbal battle with Sosuke Aizen was his daughter Mila-Rose. "IT'S ALREADY DONE, YOU BASTARD! YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?!"


"Please, no need to raise your voice?!" Momo's voice was tiny compared to that of her husband and daughter, and still she soldiered on "Think of what the neighbors will say! They can probably hear you!"

At that, Luppi, Apache and Sun-sun quickly ran into the kitchen, and made it just on time-the door of the study opened to reveal a red-faced Aizen. He wasn't raging, but it was good that he didn't find the eavesdroppers-the veins on his forehead were out like telephone cables under the wallpaper.

"Mila-Rose…" he continued, closing the door and turning back to his daughter. His three younger children, armed with glasses, went back to their previous occupation "…you spend in university is a time of…study, exploration, experimenting. I understand that you wanted to understand about life and I will close my eyes to the fact that you've been so reckless, but you have to consider! Women today are very misunderstood. Being an independent woman is very rare, and that's why it's also very prestigious. It shows that you not only have the capability, but also the courage and the determination to make it alone in a man's world. You've told me so yourself, when you decided to take up engineering, and I accepted your decision."

"So is that your tactic? Turn my beliefs against me?" Mila-Rose's voice was rising again "I'm not giving up on my dream, or beliefs here, Dad! But I also love him, and I want us to be together."

"Have I ever stopped you from seeing anyone? Even though I was never content with your choice, I've never forbidden it!"

"But you are now! How can you be so unfeeling?!"

"Mila-Rose, you may say that you want this, but I bet you don't even begin to comprehend what the consequences of this might be. You'll have to drop out, and when you do, there's no going back until that child would know how to take care of itself, and by that time, you'd have lost the advantage you have-the advantage of youth."

"So what ARE you suggesting? That I abort the child? This isn't just a thing, Dad, it's my baby! Your grandson!"

"The only reason you want to marry this man is because of this child. The only reason he'd stay with you is for its sake. I will give him credit for that, but when it becomes too much for him, he'll leave you, and you'll end up alone, poor, and dependant-all those are things you wanted to avoid."

"Are you even listening to yourself?! Credit? Dependency? You are such a bastard sometimes, I can't believe you?!"

"Instead of arguing with me, can you give me at least one solid evidence that there is a point in this marriage?"

"Solid evidence? He LOVES me, I LOVE him, and we are having a baby, whether you like it or not?!"

"I will not permit this marriage!"

"Well, I don't give a flying fuck, and neither does he! Why can't you be glad that we've bothered to come here to ASK for your blessing, when we could've just ran off to Holland?!"

Sun-sun left her glass in the kitchen sink and headed upstairs, her brow furrowing in distaste. She knew well enough just where this was going. Her sister would come out, dragging her fiancé out of the house, slam doors and Momo would come out, trying to calm her down and make everyone look normal for the neighbors.

She sighed and sat down on her bed. Downstairs, the Armageddon was on the verge of exploding, so she got her i-pod out and turned on the first song that came on. As the loud beat resonated in her ears, she eased back on the mat and let her mind drift away.

What's wrong with me?
Why do I feel like this?
I'm going crazy now

The pages of her file whispered, but Soi Fong didn't look up. She knew well enough that Yamamoto-san was well acquainted with it, and she waited patiently for him to finish. She could just picture him-tall, broad, impeccably dressed, with a long beard and fuzzy eyebrows-a man that never seemed to change. Every time she saw him, or even talked to him, he made her feel like a naughty schoolgirl-Thank God she had had time to wash herself and put on a suit.

"Well then…" Yamamoto-san left the folder and looked up at her "I hope that your trip was uneventful, Soi Fong-san."

"Nothing of consequence happened, Yamamoto-san." She answered politely

"I must thank you for answering our request so quickly. I understand that getting a working visa, an accommodation, a transfer…it must've been very troublesome."

"Not in the least. I have a double citizenship for Japan and the United States of America, getting a visa was the easiest part."

"I hope that your lodgings suit your needs."

"They are sufficient."

"Well, your record is acceptable." Yamamoto said "The students you've taught have done remarkably well on the school-leaving exams, and most of them have been accepted in prestigious universities."

"Yes, Yamamoto-san."

"You teach English?"

"Yes." Soi answered, feeling a weight in her stomach at the thought of the question that was bound to come next.

"What was the reason for your leaving your last occupation?" Oh, he knew damn well why she left, but he wanted to hear her say it. Controlling men! Soi took a deep breath to calm herself…or her voice at least.

"There was a complaint filed against me by the family of a student."

"She said that you were…sexually harassing her…" Yamamoto-san added calmly. Soi narrowed her eyes-if he wanted to play like that, she wasn't going to sink to that level.

"Yamamoto-san, let us be open about it. The police did a throughout investigation, and I cooperated completely during it. They found nothing, simply because there wasn't anything to be found. The girl that filed the complaint was lately discovered to be a schizophrenic, and at that time, I was engaged." Well, had an affair, but it was always more prestigious to say engaged. "There was never a trial, because the parents of the girl hushed it up before they were publicly humiliated, but since 's is a Catholic Girls School, my presence would've been an inconvenience both for me and for them."

"I understand you completely." Yamamoto arranged her papers before handling them back to her "I want you to know what we believe you and that we're sure that you're no threat to the health and life of the students. We wouldn't have recruited you if it was otherwise. I hope that your fiancé takes the separation well."

"Actually, I'm no longer engaged. He…didn't stick around long enough to hear all the revelations on the case." That cowardly bastard "I will do my best to help my students, but I warn you, I will not tolerate such treatment. I want you to trust me, I am not the kind of person to do such things."

"I believe you, and if such a case comes up again, you will have my support. However…" he eyed her critically. "…I was wondering if you could do something about your hair? Even though this is probably the…modern trend in the USA, this is a conservative academy. It would be best if you weren't too…extraordinaire in your looks."

"This hairstyle isn't the trend, but it's easy to keep, Yamamoto-san. It's also easy to tie and hide some….things." like the fact that she was female. God, it would be so easy to hide her gender in this school, she thought. If she wore pants every day and refrained from jewelry, her students would never know. Nature had made that so laughably EASY!

"Ah, very good." The principle nodded "You understand that we shouldn't encourage…inappropriate emotions in our students, don't you?"

"I understand completely."

"Very well then." He reached over the desk and shook her hand. "The opening ceremony is tomorrow. You will be introduced to your class after it. I look forward to working with you."

"So do I." Soi Fong nodded, before exiting the office.

Sun-sun smoothened her white school blazer and then looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked like a ghost-all white clothes and black hair, she seemed so pale, so…lifeless. She already craved for the next break, and an opportunity to wear her own clothes. As it was, they were put away and locked up.

A tap on the door tore her away from her reflections and she rose to her feet to greet her father.

"Getting ready for school, I see." Sosuke Aizen smiled brightly, although his eyes remained detached. Sun-sun always had the feeling that they were blocks of ice. Oh, please, don't let him give her the Speech "This is your senior year, Sun-sun…" damn it! "You must study vigorously, as it's very important that you get into a university. Do you understand?"

"I do. Getting into medicine is extremely hard, father." She said nonchalantly.

"Indeed. But being a medic is a very noble profession, and it's worth it. You must show commitment…and strength of character. Your mother and I expect a lot from you."

"I understand." She nodded "Then I shall go take Apache, Luppi and Tesla and head towards school. We mustn't be late for the opening ceremony."

"Indeed." Aizen nodded "Off with you then."

Sun-sun pursed her lips as she walked off with her brothers and sister. Yesterday, Mila-Rose had successfully pissed him off and broken up with him. Their family was getting smaller despite the fact that they were over the average number for this country. And now, when it was made clear that he was one daughter less, he had to re-arrange his ambitions on the others.

If it wasn't for the fact that she really did want to be a doctor, she'd have told him off as well.

Soi studied her image in the bathroom mirror one last time before she nodded contentedly. The clothes were simple, all clean lines and soft, black material. The jacket fell feely without showing any curves off, but it didn't cling, which meant that people wouldn't take her for a cross-dresser. Her hair was ruthlessly tied back, the short lock only falling around her face like dry hay. With a pair of glasses she was ready to go.

The opening ceremony wasn't much different from what she'd known in the USA-the principle held a speech, reminded to the students their duties and obligations…perhaps the only thing that differed was the fact that the students were sitting on the ground and their parents-in the corners of the room. The perfect discipline clamed her-even in St. Rebecca's, the order hadn't been so great. Perhaps it was because Yamamoto-sensei wasn't loud and angry, like the nuns that preached about chastity and religion.

No, the principle of Shirakawa academy was the kind of person that spoke of authority with every gesture he made. His very presence demanded respect, and the people around him got an instinctive urge to obey his commands. As she ran her eyes through the room, she couldn't help but wonder-no paper airplanes flying around, no notes were exchanged, not a whisper echoed in the room…It was a miracle. But then again, it was also a miracle that she got an offer that helped her leave the states in the middle of the school year-in Japan, it started in March and nobody would be suspicious. Thank God. She'd broken enough taboos as it was.

Sun-sun read absent-mindedly her book of haiku and then stared out the window: Hana chirite ko no aida no tera narikeri. The sakura falls off and the temple peeks behind the trees…It suited the season, although the cherry blossoms had only began to show from underneath the winter snow. However, the branches remained naked, plain, and the school, the temple of knowledge, was hidden behind it.

She turned her eyes away from the view and looked at her class. They were supposed to talk to their new homeroom teacher, get to know him, and receive their duties for the term.

The entry of principle Yamamoto caused everyone to shut up immediately and sit down. He gave the class a look from underneath his eyebrows, then said:

"You know well that I don't like giving speeches, so I'll keep this short-due to Kurimoto-sensei's sudden…retirement, you've been deprived both of a homeroom master and an English teacher. However, we're in luck-Soi Fong-sensei, who received a master's degree in English in Harvard three years ago, has agreed to come all the way from the united states to teach you. I hope that all of you work well together." He gave them all a warning look, and then nodded to someone at the door. "I leave you to talk."

Sun-sun watched with detached interest as he exited the room and handed the class journal to the person in the corridor. A few students extended their necks to get a better look, but before they could see anything, their new teacher came in.

It didn't hit her at first. Not at once. There was a strange twist in her gut that made her more careful, but it wasn't until Soi Fong-sensei faced them that she realized what it was. And then…then…what happened afterwards was that she died and was revived in a millisecond.

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