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Chapter 1

Fork me

Bella's pov:

My life couldn't get any worse, my gold digging useless mother is sending me to my dad, as I need to learn more ladylike qualities. Fuck that Monkey see, monkey do. She married a 10 years her junior wannabe baseball player and acts like a lovesick teenager in public where ever we go and I'm the one with a problem? So what I party and like fast cars, I shop and have many male admirers. I'm not a criminal. You see grandma and grandpa got lucky, money past down the generations, big estate, plenty of money and no financial problems. Plus they owned many companies equaling to quite a big amount of heritage. When grandma Swan popped her clogs my darling mother was still hitched to Charlie, my dad entitling her to half of the Swan fortune's. When they split I went to live with my mother and my big Brother Emmet stayed with dad, I'm still 17 so my 'Bella fund' don't kick in until September 13th, only 5 more months. I have to live on pocket money until then, but I suppose where I'm moving to there isn't many places to actually spend any of it.

I was kicked out of my private school in Jacksonville for my lack of enthusiasm and hectic social life. I did well fuck I did better than good, but I needed to learn how to act properly, so Reene is sending me to Forks, Washington to live with Charlie, his wife Sara and Emmett. The real reason is she wants her space with her new husband and Charlie knows this. Charlie lives in a huge mansion just on the out skirts of Forks, which to me is in the middle of no where. Over the last 13 years when I wanted to my dad Sara or Emmett we would Holiday in a hotter climate, my new home is basically new to me. Well I could do with a challenge.

The flight was interesting, sat next to me was a college student. Intelligent yes, but his face out weighted this. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. Charlie, Emmett and Sara. I gave the right greetings and excitement and slid into the waiting car. Emmett my twin brother and I are everything alike in ways nothing alike in looks. Hes huge and muscly but of course has the swan looks. I am shorter, thinner and have flowing hazel hair. I hardly wear make-up, I feel less is more. Emmett is what I would call a play boy, the stories he tells me about him and his mates at the infamous Forks High School are very graphic. Who needs friends when you got a brother like mine.

Well from what I have seen of this small place, I find very boring. Charlie and Sara are going away for a 2 weeks so they have just informed me, for a second honeymoon. Great no parental supervison, my favourite. Emmett and I wore the same sweet child smile as we waved them off.

"Liking what you've seen so far. Welcome to Forks?" Emmett screamed from the kitchen.

"What's not to like?" I replied sarcastically.

"My mates are on their way over, hope you don't mind" Mind? Me? Guys?

"Which ones?"I halfheartedly said back to him.

"Jasper Hale and Edward Cullen" Those ones, I've heard nothing but good things about them. I smiled to myself.

The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. Standing there was a tall, blonde god like man, with crushing blue eyes next was the breathtaking boy, amazing green eyes which captured you and redish brown hair gelled messily but very sexy. I smiled my famous smile and gestured them in. Both stared mouths open at me, my usual effect on the male species.

"You must be Jasper and Edward, come in" The both nodded and walked past me, Emmett charged from the kitchen and high fived them.

"Guys meet my twin sister Bella. Bella meet the guys" The both looked suprised at the word sister than anyhing else, I assume my brother didn't tell them about me. I pretended to be interested in what ever was on the TV and moved so that my legs were on show and the green eyed boy I'm sure was drooling.

"Was thinking about hitting Port Angeles, that new club has opened. So what you say Bells up for that?" Jasper and Edward both looked happy Emmett asked me.

"I suppose, could check out the talent this place has to offer." I said trying to sound as though I didn't really care. The blonde one and Emmett wondered off to the kitchen leaving me alone with the hunk.

"I'm Edward. So what brings you to Forks?" Oh even his voice turned me on. Mmm Edward.

"Needed a challenge. Got kicked out of my old school for inappropriate behaviour." I tried to sound seductively.

"What did you do? Got caught with a boy behind the bike shed?" He asked almost in a purr.

"Nope" I stood up to walk to the stairs and passed Edward not before I whispered in his ear. "It was the biology teacher, behind the bike shed" I giggle and left the room, for a little Bella time. That story was mostly true, I didn't sleep with the fuck wit though. I wouldn't sleep with any of the messy, pumped up egos that are passing for males these days. I flirt and tease maybe a kiss or two but actually having them near me sexually. No thank you. I have higher standards than that. People see me with guys and assume, I just don't correct them.

After about an hour of loud music and boistrus banter, I left my room to see what the males in this house were up to. Typical the music was some excuse of modern rock and the Xbox was being played roughly by the competing boys, Oh my. Edward Cullen was having an unusual effect on me. He was a player, I've heard the stories from my brother. God Bella fuck up. Its just another boy wanting to bed you. What do I expect that he'll fall in love with me and live happily ever after?

"When we leaving?" I asked my bear of a brother

"About 8ish, okay?" He answered mildly distracted by the game.

"Sure, can I get anyone of you a drink?" I called over my shoulder as I bounded to the kitchen, not caring about the answer.

I was rummaged through the fridge when the door bell rang which was fast followed girl screams and shouts. I manged to catch "Idiotic lowlife" "Scumbag" and "Man whore" I like this girl already. I walked to the front room where I found the flabbergasted Emmett, Jasper and Edward staring at a still yelling slim blonde girl, most likely a model. Standing close behind her shooting glares at Edward was a short black haired elf like girl, outstandingly pretty also. Ex's maybe? A woman scorned sprang to mind, when the blonde clocked me.

"So I suppose this is another one of your 'friends', Edward?" She was demanding yelling towards the stunned three. So Edward was the man slut? Figures a guy that hot, but like I said before I'm not interested in going all the way with boys like that. I doesn't bother me who Edward Cullen fucks or it shouldn't.

"Actually I'm Bella Swan, Emmett's sister." I said before anything else erupted.

"Sister, Oh I'm sorry" This stumped the supermodel and she smiled apologetically at me.

"Oh no please continue, may I ask what they've done?" I said a little amused.

"Being the whore's that they are! One night-ing a good friend of mine! Sorry you have to hear this Bella" The little girl behind barbie answered, smiling.

"Oh please continue. Make them squerm." I said laughing now moving to sit on the bar stools by the two girls. All eyes on me until Emmett started pleading.

"Rosie! Sorry baby. I didn't know. I had nothing to do with it." My brother and this Rosie eh? I knew he has his fair share but the beauty? Mmm boys got taste.

"Liking Forks? I'm Alice Cullen by the way!" My attension was diverted from the scene in front of me to this girl. Cullen? Explains the good looks.

"Like? That isn't a word I'd use" I answered bluntly.

"Hahaha don't worry about it. It's not all bad. Are you coming tonight?" I assume the club, is what she meant.

"The club? I suppose" I noticed that Edward was staring at me, I was certainty not going to be his next leg over. Rose continued to yell at Emmett and Jasper sat there amazed.

"Awsome. Me and Rose could do with another girls opinion. We're leaving in about 2 hours. We really should get ready now!" She looked panicked. I liked something about Alice and Rose had balls. Possible friends? I laugh and nodded at her. Rose had now hit Emmett and was walking back to us.

"Bella, you wanna get ready at my house?" Rose asked, so calm now.

"Sure, I'll follow you guys out now" Rose and Alice departed and I grabbed my bag.

"Emmett, I like her, she's a keeper." I laughed at my red faced bitch whipped brother. "See you later boys" I called over my shoulder and left the house.

Edwards pov:

Jasper and myself were heading toward Emmett's house, talking about last nights adventures. I had a interesting date with a friend of my sisters. Creepy blonde who had already planned a future with me. I refused to let her indulge herself in such fantasies and left before dessert. The girls around here are all the small. Boring, childish and dumb. The see any bit of male flesh and the willingly throw themselves at them, not that I'm complaining. I just would hate to think this is it! For now I'm enjoying myself, but I'd like to meet a girl who made me do the chasing and who had half a brain. Jasper was mellowing out in his ways and Emmett the big bear has already claimed Rosalie Hale as his girl. Of course Jasper wasn't to pleased at first that his little sister had chosen Emmett but that soon settled down when we realized Rose is the one in that relationship who wears the pants, Poor Em.

"How was Katy last night?" Jasper asked, I knew exactly what he meant by how.

"I wouldn't know I bailed on creepy bitch was planning our kids names" I laughed at him.

The Swan house was practically next to mine but the estates around the houses cover a vast amount of forest and its easier to drive to each others houses. Emmett's parents were going out of town and for two weeks we had a parent free house. Jazz rang the door bell and I followed behind him. The door opened and this unbelievably gorgeous brunette answered with milk chocolate eyes and a body to die for. None of the girls around her look like that, sexy but innocent at the same time, the best thing about this angel she was wearing no make-up. I was opened mouth as was Jasper. No way would Emmett cheat on Rose, so who was this honey? Future Mrs. Cullen I hope. Then the goddess spoke.

"You must be Jasper and Edward, come in" Her voice was almost as attractive as her face and the way she called my name gave me goosebumps. She smiled this amazing smile making me just want to taste those lips. We both walked past her opened mouthed.

"Guys meet my twin sister Bella. Bella meet the guys" Twin sister? I knew of an Isabella sibling of Emmetts and from what he talked about was a brainiack. Private schooled, top class etc. I stared in shock. Beauty with brains.

"Was thinking about hitting Port Angeles, that new club has opened. So what you say Bells up for that?" Club sure I could do with an escape and he invited the luscious Bella. Jasper smiled at this too but I don't think he was as infatuated as myself. Those legs, wow.

"I suppose, could check out the talent this place has to offer." Talent? Honey I'm right here. Jazz as though right on cue left us.

"I'm Edward. So what brings you to Forks?" I had to introduce myself hoping that she didn't think I was Jasper.

"Needed a challenge. Got kicked out of my old school for inappropriate behaviour." Kicked out? I'm sure shes flirting with me,maybe I could give her the Cullen charm.

"What did you do? Got caught with a boy behind the bike shed?" I purred back to her

"Nope" She got up from her seat and headed for the stairs on before she whispered . "It was the biology teacher, behind the bike shed" In my ear and I caught the full impact of the fruity scent. Strawberries now my favourite thing on earth. There was something about this girl that called me, a feeling that I can't describe. My head was spinning with Bella's spell. The boys returned from the kitchen giggling about something, how manly of them.

"What's up girls?" I called to them

"Nothing. What you think of my sister, then Eddie boy?" Emmett the strange creature that he is practically sang to me.

"She's cool" I answered the most wrong word of choie answer for Bella. Cool? She was more than that. Emmett and Jasper were staring at me like idiots "What?" I questioned them.

"Nothing" they both giggled again. We continued to play Xbox and play music. I hoped a little part of me that Bella would join us.

After about an hour of boys time, Bella entered the room and distracted my full attention even when she spoke to Emmett I could only stare, I was only brought back to the room when Rose charged in with Alice and started screeching at me. Damn whats her name? Creepy blonde giving them the story of me bailing. Fuck I hope Bella doesn't hear this.

"What the hell did you do to that poor girl? You idiotic lowlife! What kind of scumbag would leave her at the actually restaurant you fucking man whore" Rose yelled to me, before I could answer Bella was standing in the doorway, getting the completely wrong impression of last night, but I'm sure that Emmett has told her about our Fork's high adventures but still a screaming blonde in her living room really isn't going to go down well.

"So I suppose this is another one of your 'friends', Edward?" Rose looked at Bella who was open mouthed "Actually I'm Bella Swan, Emmett's sister." She quickly said before Rose mouthed of anymore.

"Sister, Oh I'm sorry" Insulted your boyfriends twin really wouldn't go down well.

"Oh no please continue, may I ask what they've done?" Bella looked highly amused at this scene.

"Being the whore's that they are! One night-ing a good friend of mine! Sorry you have to hear this Bella" Alice defiantly got the wrong impressions of whats her face's crying down the phone and if she was actually home last night she would have got the correct verison of the story. One night-ing her, no way. My dick had better standards.

"Oh please continue. Make them squirm." She said laughing moving to sit by the traitor of a sister. We all were staring at her, my eyes refusing to leave her even when Emmett started pleading is innoccence in my date. I was still fixed on Bella who was now talking with Alice. That little pixie will get it later. Rose was still yelling at all of us only Emmett's face felt her fury.

"Bella, you wanna get ready at my house?" Rose asked Bella

"Sure, I'll follow you guys out now" Bella replied and reached for her bag,

"Emmett, I like her, she's a keeper." I had to hide my laughter and Jasper did the same, Bella walked towards the door. "See you later boys" She called to us and the left.

Bella Swan, mmm. I could do with a challenge.