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Aki: Yahiro and Megumi are my currently favorite pair~ This fic is completely based on the manga version (not on the anime; I found those two versions quite different). This takes place after chapter 86, the part where Megumi confesses to Yahiro.

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.chapter 1 - a night.

He grew up rarely seeing his parents because most of their time was spent on their works; their employees probably saw them a lot more frequent than he and his brother did. So, for Yahiro to be spending a dinner night together with the Saiga couple was a really rare occurrence.

That night, he found himself riding off their limousine in front of a high class building where the restaurant they were going to eat at was sited. He had visited this place a few times in the past; mostly to attend parties setup by his parents' associates or to meet up with high ranking people who wanted to partner up their companies with the Saiga corporation (there were times when his parents requested him to attend meetings in place of them).

Entering the main door of the building, Yahiro wondered briefly why his parents suddenly went home and dragged Chitose and him for a "family dinner." There was probably a bigger reason behind their sudden appearance; his parents couldn't have set aside business matters and fly off to Japan just to have dinner with them. It was too suspicious.

To make matters worse, his mother's behavior was quite conspicuous. She was still as petite as he last saw her about a year ago during a company party; even the way she neatly tied her light auburn hair in a mid-high ponytail did not change. However, that night, Saiga Himari had a very devious smile hanging on her usually calm face.

Very suspicious.

Another disturbing thing was how his father had been telling him stuffs like "Hawaii has romantic sceneries" or "rings are very symbolic." Well, Saiga Natsu had always been a talkative brunet, but the way he talked to Yahiro that night sounded like he wanted to point out something.

Really, really suspicious.

Yahiro watched as his parents talked cheerfully to each other as they trudged towards the lobby.

"Mother," Chitose suddenly chirped and ran to pull his mother's arm, "I want to eat on an Italian restaurant tonight." Chitose tried to lead their mother to the exit but Himari simply smiled at the boy and begun leading him towards elevator. "I'm sorry, Chi-chan, but we're spending our dinner here tonight." After that sentence, Himari turned to look at Yahiro and smiled wider at him.

"Come now, Ya-chan." Their mother beckoned. "I'm sure we're going to enjoy this night." She giggled as the four of them entered the lavished elevator that was purposely made for the VIPs.

There was definitely something behind this dinner, Yahiro thought.

When the elevator door closed, Yahiro looked at his mother with his usual innocent-but-at-the-same-time-devious smile and replied to her. "Perhaps, this is a dinner for an arranged marriage."

It was more of a statement than a question, actually. Yahiro was positive that it couldn't be anything else other than that. A company bigger than the Saiga's (which was probably less than the fingers on his left hand) had probably set this dinner up. Why else would his parents come to Japan during a very uneventful night without telling them beforehand?

"Now, Yahiro." He felt his father's hand on his shoulder. Yahiro averted his gaze to his father and was surprised yet again when he saw that glittering smile on his father's face. "You know that your mother and I disagree on something as preposterous as an arrange marriage." Natsu clasped his son's hands and looked deeply in his eyes. After a momentary pause, he said, "don't worry Yahiro, we believe in true love."



The elevator door opened on the top floor of the building, revealing a wide hall that was lightened by the crystal chandeliers on the ceiling. The walls were painted with a cream-yellow color and adorned with well-known paintings. There were several people in the hall and Yahiro deemed them to be part of the higher class society; how else could they enter a place such as this?

Himari wasted no time and immediately scurried off towards a huge door. She was giggling like a young lady in love and Yahiro remembered that her mother only acted like this during the time when she learnt about his crush on Akira-chan.

This did not have anything to do with her, right?

Well, if they were there to see Akira-chan, then it wouldn't be so bad. A dinner with her sounded great. However, Yahiro couldn't help but wonder what would be the reaction of a certain brunette about him having a dinner with Akira...

"What's with that worried face, Yahiro?" His father playfully slapped his back as the three of them followed the direction that Himari took. Yahiro raised an eyebrow before smiling that ever plastic smile. "I'm just wondering who I would see inside behind this door."

With their eldest son opening the said door, they found themselves inside a huge room. The ceiling was high above and crystal chandeliers hang about them. The walls were covered with royal blue wallpapers with diamond-shaped patterns and, on the right side of the diner, was a huge glass window that showed them the great scenery of the city near the ocean. The moon and its vivid reflection on the sea were clearly seen from the restaurant's location. It was a very pleasing sight.

However, Yahiro was not able to admire the scenery for long because something else immediately caught his eyes.

Somewhere on the west side of the restaurant, walking unsurely and appearing very confused, was none other than Yamamoto Megumi herself. What was she doing here? And alone?

Yahiro's eyes automatically narrowed as his gaze followed the brunette. She obviously has some matters on her hands again (she had that stupid-looking sullen expression painted all over her face) and Yahiro couldn't help but think that she was solving another problem by finding a boyfriend (she seemed to think that a boyfriend was always a solution to her predicaments).

He noticed that she had brought the drawing board that he gave her and Yahiro was rather relieved that she was not going to use her voice to communicate to unknown people. He did not like the idea of Megumi speaking with other people using her beloved voice; after all, she valued it a lot (and he, too, but he wouldn't admit that out loud).

Despite the fact that the restaurant was an exclusive place, there seemed to be quite a number of people there that night, making it rather hard for Yahiro to watch Megumi from where he stood. He was planning to spy on her and watch her act foolishly yet again, but his father stopped him before he could even excuse himself.

"There's our table." His father gestured towards the east side of the place and Chitose and Yahiro followed him. While walking towards their table, Yahiro took a glimpse on where Megumi was and saw that she was now being assisted by a waiter (who was acting way too courteous in Yahiro's perspective). Perhaps she was here to meet somebody? Then, wouldn't that somebody be an elite person who could afford to go at such an exclusive place? Yahiro was now curious to know Megumi's purpose there.

The table they took was beside the window where the ocean and the further east side of the city could be seen. There were three seats on either side of table and on its center was a vase with a single but fresh looking rose standing in it.

Yahiro took a seat on the side where he could see the larger part of the restaurant (for the purpose of spying on Megumi while they dine) and Chitose was about to sit beside him when Natsu stopped him. "Chitose, won't you sit beside me?" Natsu smiled at his younger son and Chitose sat beside his father on the other side of the table. Yahiro took this as a suspicious act. So the guest was seating beside him, huh?

"Now, where did Himari run off to?" Natsu asked more to himself than to his sons as he turned his head to search for his wife.

Yahiro also begun to look for his mother; albeit what he was really trying to do was see what the brunette was up to. There were a number of people standing here and there and Yahiro wanted to complain about the supposed-to-be exclusive place being crowded; they were making spying on Megumi quite difficult.

The sound of the piano soon filled the restaurant and Yahiro's gaze averted towards the other side of the place where the piano was located. The pianist was accompanied by a violinist and on their front was a middle aged lady who begun to sing the lyrics of a classical song.

Yahiro momentarily listened to the lady's voice and watched her sing. Her voice was soft and complimented the rhythm that the piano made. However, Megumi's voice was far more melodious than that.

Speaking of Megumi, he was supposed to look for her and see what weird plan she was up to. He was about to resume on looking for the girl when he saw his mother running towards their direction.


A half-confused, half-surprised look reigned on Yahiro's face.

It was not the very cheery tone on her mother's voice that disheveled him. Nor was it the fact that she was waving excitedly at them while leaping on her every step. It was also not the way his father directed a broad smile at him. Nor was it how Chitose exclaimed "Ah, it's grandma!"

Yahiro was surprised because Saiga Himari was pulling somebody with her.

"I found your girlfriend~"

And that somebody was none other than Megumi.


Aki: I'm thinking that with Yahiro's behavior, his parents were probably not the serious type (like Megumi's mother). I imagined his father to be a calmer version of Tamaki (from Ouran) and her mother to be someone who gets giddy when it comes to her son's love life. Anyway, I thought that the "fact" that Megumi and Yahiro were dating would soon reach the knowledge of others after Rin's concert and Megumi's singing. XD Review?