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Carlisle POV

I couldn't believe that I was actually going through with it. There I was, standing in a ridiculous chauffer outfit next to an enormous stretch Escalade about to tell my sons to get in, sit down, and don't ask. It all started with Esme. She said that she was buying a new vehicle and we were going on a family trip. I got home from work this morning to find a note on a dry cleaners bag.

Wear this. Keys are in the ignition.

Follow GPS directions and DO NOT be late.

Love, Madame Esme.

Madame Esme?

With that, I could hear Jasper, Edward, and Emmett coming back from their hunting trip. Let the games begin.

"Welcome home, boys. How was the hunting?"

"Great, I bagged two grizzles and Eddie here took down three mountain lions. Even Jazz bagged two cougars," Emmett called out excitedly.

"Carlisle, what is this about a mission?" Leave it to Edward to not waste any time.

"Well, go up to your rooms. I am sure that each of you…" Before I could finish they were gone and before I could blink, they were back. Emmett was already dressed in the black slacks and dark blue button down that, I am sure, Rose had set out for him. He was always ready for a little extra excitement.

"When are we leaving pops?"

Jasper was next, still holding his garment bag, but he had a sparkle in his eye. I didn't need to be an empath to know that he was excited. Edward was down last, of course. From the look on his face, I could tell that Bella was still having to convince him to play along. Suddenly he froze, dropping everything that he was carrying.

"Edward? Son, is everything okay?"

"Eddie! Hey, snap out of it man! If we are late, Rose is going to be pissed! Hey... on second thought, a few extra lashes might be pretty nice. You have 10 minutes for your freak out and then I will physically put you into the truck."

Jasper turned to Emmett, "I don't think that you are going to have to go that far."

Without hesitation, Edward was in the limo with the door closed, and had the engine running. Damn, Bella was good.

Emmett POV

We were in that STUPID limo for what seemed like forever. "Hey Carlisle, you want me to drive? I know that we can make this thing go AT LEAST 170."

"No, Emmett, I have to follow this stupid GPS and they seem to have it set for last minute turns."

"Stop now!" Stupid GPS.

Carlisle hit the brakes so hard that Eddie and Jazz came sliding across the slick leather seats, causing me to slam into the back of Carlisle's seat.

"Damn it, Carlisle, what the hell was that for?" Edward yelled.

I thought that I was in a hurry to get to wherever it was that we were going. I don't know what Bella said to him, but we have had to talk him out of running every ten minutes. I wonder what she showed him...

"Emmett, could you PLEASE get that image of MY WIFE out of YOUR HEAD!"

Damn, when will I ever learn that he can see I what I think?

"Why did we stop, Carlisle?" Jasper, of course, was the calmest of all of us. With that, he sent a wave of calm throughout the limo.

"The GPS told me to."

"Bossy" by Kelis started playing from my phone. Who changed my ring tones? Just then, a picture of Rose lying on a bearskin rug with nothing on, except a red negligee, appeared. I quickly adjusted my pants to allow room for my reaction. "Yes, sexy?" I answered.

"Get out of the limo, go into the post office, and ask for the package for Hugh Normous. Enjoy!" Click.

"Getting my package, stay here!"

I had to remind myself to walk at a human pace. Luckily, there wasn't anyone at the counter when I got there and I was able to retrieve my package and make it back to the limo just in time for the GPS to start up again.

"Well are you going to open it, or just stare at it?" Edward was rather impatient.

I tore into the package and just stared.


"Beads. What the hell am I going to do with a bunch of cheap plastic necklaces?"

"Maybe she is trying to tell you that she wants some more jewelry," Jasper laughed.

"What are these girls up to?" I wondered aloud.

Jasper's phone started vibrating. "Hello? Um okay. Love you, too." Click. Jasper opened the armrest and pulled out a small remote control. Just then, a flat screen television appeared beside my head. Esme was on the screen. I was happy that Carlisle had vampire reflexes; otherwise, we would have run right into a tree.

"Take the next left and pull into the empty lot. There is a tree in the corner. Climb to the top branch and there will be a package for you."

With that, the camera pulled back. Alice, Rose, Bella, and Esme were standing behind a privacy curtain. We could see from their shoulders up and their ankles down. It didn't take a genius to know what they weren't wearing. I heard a low growl from Edward. When I looked at him, I could tell he wasn't mad; he was getting his package mentally.

Carlisle pulled the limo to a stop and was half way up the tall oak tree before we stepped out of the limo. I saw the look of shock on Jasper's face just as I heard the loud 'THUD' of Carlisle hitting the ground.

Bella POV

I couldn't stop laughing. Alice was next to me, did she just snort?

"Could someone please fill us in on the joke!?!" Rose was not one to be patient.

Esme was also beginning to look a bit aggravated.

"He......f....f...fell. He fell out of the tree," I managed between hysterics.

Esme quickly dialed her phone. I had a great advantage being able to connect with Edward whenever I wanted. It also gave me the ability to see what he was seeing in other people's thoughts. Since I knew that the fall didn't hurt him, the image of Carlisle falling sent me into another fit of hysteria. Edward chastised me in my mind for laughing at the one he considered his Dad. I couldn't help but pick up on the humor in his tone. He wasn't very good at trying to be stern with me. Especially when right now, I was clearly in control, and I had to prove it to him again.

"What are you trying to prove to me?"

"That right now I am in control, and you will do anything that I say."

"Oh really, and how do you plan on doing that?"

"There is a box in the trunk. The contents will complete my outfit. Don't be late!"

Even linked with his mind, his speed amazed me. I saw him open the trunk and pull out the box, debating as to whether he wanted to open it in public. Looking up, he saw that everyone else was still focused on Carlisle and opened the box, pulling out the black boa and black, six- inch, lace-up stilettos. I had to close off the connection before I gave away the rest.

"Carlisle is okay. I told you that I shouldn't have put the package in the top of the tree!" Esme said, as she hung up the phone, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

"He is a vampire! You two have been together for centuries and this is the first time that you have caught him off guard. All it took was a nude drawing and an oak tree!" Rosalie was actually laughing.

Alice's phone started vibrating. "Yes, Jasper... Your package is last... I know... Be patient... Yours just happens to be the biggest is all. I know that always makes you feel better." Alice grinned while hanging up on a very confused Jasper.

"Guys are so impatient. So, what is next on our little hunt Miss Alice?" I was beginning to get anxious myself. I could feel the heat between my legs.

"Well, they have the beads, Edward has his images, and Carlisle has his drawing, so next they find the masks! Texting Jasper now!"

Before Alice finished her sentence, the text was sent telling Jasper to get the next package from the center console. I opened my connection with Edward only to find him staring at the stilettos. I could see his mental image of how the lace would wrap around my legs and how his lips would follow the tie. His arousal caused me to form a pool of moisture. Damn, there goes another pair. The low growl, that I have grown to love, rippled through the connection. I was getting to him. He was ready to pounce.

"Did Jasper find the masks yet?"

He looked up and I saw that, indeed, they had. All of them were still clueless, which was amazing.

"Any guesses as to your destination yet?"

"Nope. You aren't telling and we aren't guessing."

"Oh, playing hard to get are we?"

"Remember the old saying, Bella, 'turn about is fair play'."

"I want you NOW! Get to the next destination so you can get here faster!" I had to cut the connection then, or I would run to meet him and tear his clothes off. And I thought that I was in control.

Alice POV

Bella's resolve was slipping. The guys were starting to catch on. We were going to have to step it up a notch. Bella's phone went off, then mine, then Rose's, and then Esme's. We all looked at each other in confusion.

"Pictures from Edward? I didn't even know that his phone had a camera on it. OH MY," Bella exclaimed, nearly dropping her phone.

Looking at my own phone, I knew why. There, sprawled across the back seat of the limo was Jasper, with nothing on except his mask and some beads. Underneath was a message, "Two can play this game." I guessed that each of our messages read about the same from the gaped mouth looks everyone had.

"Okay girls, we can play dirty, too."

I grabbed Bella's hand. She was still wearing the schoolgirl outfit that got Edward into the limo. She was going to have to get rid of it for what I was about to do.

"Alice, wait for me, I want to play dirty, too," Rose called as she ran after us with a bag full of goodies in her hand.

"Nothing says dirty like experience, girls." Esme had a point there. The best part about this whole game that we were playing was the spontaneity, so I couldn't cheat much. For once, I liked being surprised.

"Okay girls, they want to play dirty. It's our turn. Thank goodness we invested in all of this camera equipment. Now, strip!"

Emmett POV

"Carlisle, STOP!" Edward's sudden outburst made us all look up.

"What is it, Edward? Why do you want me to stop?"

"See that Fed Ex truck following us?"

We all looked to see the young man as he shook his head and headed to the back of the truck.

"He was flashing his lights, but someone wasn't paying attention. He has something for us."

"Forgive me if my mind is a little preoccupied." If Carlisle could sweat, he would be, in bullets.

The deliveryman emerged from the truck with a rather large package. He wasn't a short man and the package was as tall as he was. What had they done now? I like surprises, but I wasn't sure how much more of this game I could take. I opened the door and stepped out. Fortunately, it was twilight, and the sky was still overcast.

"Are you Mr. Getsum?"

"Excuse me?" What did he call me?

"Mr. Cumin Getsum? Some lady called and said that we had to chase down a stretch Escalade with that license plate number and give Mr. Getsum this package." I couldn't help but smile, they were playing dirty.

"Yes, I am Mr. Getsum. Thank you for your trouble," I said and slipped him an extra hundred. I could only imagine the effort that he put in to get this to us.

I was glad that we had a stretch, because this package would not fit into any other vehicle. I carried the package around the truck, leaning it against the side.

"What do you think it is?" I asked.

"I think that I'm scared to look," said Carlisle, his voice getting high.

"Well, let's get this over with." Even Edward wanted to see.

We waited for the driver to leave and pulled off the brown paper wrapping. Not one of us moved, or breathed.

Jasper POV

Oh my God! What were they thinking? Were they trying to drive us all mad? My first thought wasn't jealousy, as I thought it would be. I was intrigued and aroused.

I was waiting for Edward to blow up and rip the picture to shreds. At first, all that I could feel from him was jealousy and then, oddly, it changed. He was aroused, more so than jealous. I turned to look at him and he just smiled back.

Of course, Emmett was grinning like a kid in a candy store. His arousal was nearly affecting my own. Carlisle was just in shock. If his heart hadn't already been dead a long time, it would have stopped right then. I looked back at the picture. It was beautiful.

There was a chaise in the middle, set at an angle. Esme was lying on her side with her legs folded over one another. Her hand was resting on Alice's back. Alice was doing a split with her back to the camera peering over her shoulder and leaning in towards Esme. Bella was seductively leaning over the back of the chaise, the top of her breasts pushed up from her weight. She was biting her lower lip and her hand was resting above Esme's breast. Rosalie was at the foot of the chaise on the floor. She was on her knees with her upper half draped on the end of the chaise. Rose's hand rested on Esme's thigh. None of them had on a stitch of clothing, and each of them had a look of pure lust on their faces.

It was then that I noticed that Carlisle had sat down in the dirt.

"Carlisle, are you okay?"

"Yes, son, thank you. I am just taken aback at the moment. I think that we need to get where we are going soon, before these women kill us."

"I couldn't agree more," Edward said, his voice turning husky.

If I couldn't already feel his need, I could hear it in his voice. He stared straight ahead but I could tell that he wasn't looking at anything in particular. He was talking to Bella.

"Bella says that if we take the next right we will find our last package and we should be there in two hours."

"Where are we anyway?" I asked, looking around.

It had been a while since any of us had actually looked at our surroundings. There wasn't much to see. We were on a long stretch of highway with nothing but a field and some cows. I walked back to look at the GPS and noticed that we were in Oklahoma.

"What is with the long faces? If THAT is waiting for us wherever it is we have to go, I would crawl to get there." Emmett couldn't hold back his excitement any more. "Let's get this picture in the truck and go."

We had to open the back hatch and move some furniture, but we managed to get the picture in.

"Well, if we didn't own it before, we do now. I wonder whose wallet gets the dent?" Carlisle seemed slightly amused now. "Let's get this over with," he said, hitting the gas.

The lust and arousal in the truck were nearly too much for me to bear and I couldn't take much more. I hoped that the next stop would involve more vehicles.

Emmett POV

As we rounded the corner, my phone started vibrating. How could she change my ring tone when she didn't even have my phone? "Yes, my sexy bitch?"

"Oh baby, you have no idea," Rose purred into the phone.

"I like the gifts, not sure what all of them are for…" I said, thinking that maybe I could sweet talk a hint out of her.

"That is a tiny glimpse of what I have planned for you." Her husky voice brought the image of the picture into my head. I shifted in my seat to allow extra room in my pants.

"Oh, Rose, the things that I am going to do to you."

"Pass along a message for me, hon. Leave the garment bags and picture in the truck, a driver will pick it up. There's a change of clothes for each of you in the trunk. The keys are in the side pocket of the duffel bag. Enjoy your ride." Click.

What the hell? Just then, Carlisle stopped. We were at our next destination. I knew that Bella and Alice had a thing for bikes, but Rose? Okay, I always knew that she liked a lot of power between her legs…

"You have got to be kidding me. I don't know how to ride," Carlisle said nervously.

"It isn't so hard, just stay upright." Jasper was almost giddy.

The sales man came walking over to us. "You must be the Cullens. She said that you would look a bit...disheveled."

I looked around and noticed we were a mess. Carlisle had leaves in his hair, Edward looked like a junkie, Jasper was pitching a tent, and so was I.

"Sorry, man, it's been a long day. Point us in the direction of a men's room and we will be out of your way." Apparently, I was the only one who could still speak. He turned his head and pointed towards a door on the side of the building.

"Bathroom's through there. The bikes will be waiting when you get out. The driver will leave with the truck while you are getting changed. Good luck guys, hope that you make it in one piece."

We nodded our thanks, grabbed the bag out of the trunk, and headed towards the building. Edward was torn about leaving the picture.

"Don't worry, dude, I'm sure that we are paying them more than enough money to do nothing but drive. Let's get changed and get out of here." I didn't like leaving the picture either, but I knew Rose and her instructions well. I wasn't about to cross her.

We got into the bathroom and pulled out the clothes. Other than sizes the outfits were identical: blue jeans, black shirts, leather jackets, and black boots. It looked like they had all agreed on something. We finished changing and walked out the door. There, in front of us, were four brand new bikes. Each had a bow and a nametag.

Edward's was a midnight blue Ducati 1198. There was a green Ninja ZX-14 for Jasper. Carlisle got a silver and blue BMW HP2 Megamoto, something that wasn't too big for him to handle, but not small enough to mess around with. Right next to it was my Buell 1125CR, midnight black. All of our phones started vibrating. They had texted us the final directions, along with an estimated arrival time of one hour and forty-five minutes. We were all on the bikes and pulling out of the lot in less than a minute.

Bella POV

"They are leaving the lot now. How long until they get here, Alice?"

"With the way they drive, I would say about an hour tops."

That didn't give us much time to finish getting everything set up. We could hear the crowd starting to get rowdy outside.

Alice went to open the French doors to the balcony, "You ready, Bella?"

"Yea, I think that I am okay for now, my mind is elsewhere at the moment," I said, and it was. We had come up with this idea today to give the guys a little pay back. Little did we know how much fun it was going to be for us. We were supposed to be all dressed up for the ball when the guys got here, making them suffer a little bit more, but I was not sure if any of us would make it.

As Alice opened the doors, we could hear the street performers and murmur of the crowd. The parade didn't start for another few hours, but that didn't stop the festivities from starting early. The French Quarter was a very unique place, especially during Mardi Gras. I grabbed the green, purple, and yellow ribbons and helped Alice put the finishing touches on the dance floor before heading off to our room to await Edward's arrival.

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