The days passed and I continued to perform my duties as a maid in the palace. However my designated work wasn't cleaning or cooking, I usually had to spend the day with the princesses or I'd have to do some small physical work. This surprised me a lot because I was already prepared for whatever time consuming work I had to do.

What intrigued me the most was the cause of this choice of chores. As far as I observed here, the maids only started to have less work when they had worked for the royal family for a long time, and that is about 20 or 30 years. And here I am a new arrival without the hard work.

This generated some gossip between the others that worked here, they said that I was just designated less work because my ´hard´ work was at night when I would heat Edward's bed. Of course, in the rumors Edward was the hero and I was the impure, the germ that came from Greece to destroy the already formed structure. Of course there were no facts that this was based on from, since from that first night, he and I never saw each other again. Whenever I was with the princesses, he just didn't show up and I kind of grateful for that.

Kind of.

At the same time, I liked to have a distance to I could try to forget all the sparks between us, but on the other side, I missed him. As crazy as this sounded, I missed having him questioning me about my values, I missed his stubbornness, his smell and smile. I just missed him dearly and that was the proof that I wasn't forgetting him, I am just pretending.

But I couldn't have any hopes about us; there would never be an ´us´. Besides the fact that we were born as enemies, now I am suborned to him because he destroyed my country, my people. He basically destroyed everything good that formed me, my identity, and here I was daydreaming about having his lips on mine. This was just absurd and it had to stop.

"Bella, tell me once more, how could you not have married to a prince when you were in Greece?" Alice asked.

Alice and Rosalie, as they allowed me to call them, were kind souls. They treated me as a equal and tried to show me how the Romans weren't that bad, they just were proud and did whatever was necessary to win. But I still didn't see their point. In the end, it was nice to talk to them instead of just being alone. They were the factors that were making me dubious about my plans.

"Our culture is based on our rituals, you see. I was raised alone and my only happiness besides my father and brother were books. Books made me respect our goddess of wisdom, Athena. So when I was sixteen, I decided to become a servant of her temple. At first my father thought I was crazy, but since my brother was already going to inherit the throne he ended up accepting my choice," I explained to her and Rose.

"Bella, what do you miss the most about your old life?" Rose asked. I wasn't expecting this question; this was just a subject they tried not to talk about because they knew it was a touchy subject to me. But I just had to face it; even I didn't know the answer.

Tears started to form on my eyes as I remembered the peace and happiness I was awarded with. My days in my library, sword fights with my brother, talks with my father, walks on the garden and mostly my time to pray to my goddess. I missed that simple life that I thought had nothing special. But now I see how unique it was. I should have valued that when I could.

"Sorry to ask you Bella. I didn't intend to bring the memories," Rose apologized.

"It's not you Rose, it is something I have to deal with. Answering the question, there are a lot of things that I miss about my old life, but what I think I miss the most is my freedom," I replied.

We stayed quiet after that, just pensive over all the things that were going on. I didn't know what they were thinking; I had no way how to know. I just knew what I was thinking, what I have been thinking about since my first night here, my freedom.

After careful planning, today was the day I would escape. The hard part was getting out of the castle, but once I was outside, I would just disappear into the world and none of these disgusting Romans would have any information about me. I was planning on either going north or going south to the Mediterranean area.

There were many days where I wanted to put my plan in action but I had to stop myself because everything had to go right. If one little thing turned out wrong, I was doomed to live here all my life and that was the thing I dreaded the most. I wasn't beaten or anything like it but I felt like a bird in a cage. I felt that if I didn't run away, I would just end up crazy and alone. Outside I could at least try to rebuild my life, walking over these painful memories.

Now, after my late talk with Rosa and Alice, was the time, my only chance. The guards changed their posts once every night and this change usually took five to seven minutes. In those short minutes, I was going to grab the bag I have been cautiously preparing with the food I could gather and the money Alice and Rose unconsciously gave me, and run, run as fast as I could.

What I didn't count on was the growing affection I had grown for Anne, Rose and Alice. Those three were special and the friends I never had. But I just had to get away from their world of power; I had to get away from Rome, from Edward.


I somehow managed to escape from the Roman Palace, and had nothing besides my bag, the clothes from my body and most importantly the dagger I managed to steal from a guard that was sleeping during his watch.

I was now, for the first time, really on the streets of modern Rome, but soon I found out that Rome wasn't entirely modern and clean. All I could see were the dark streets and alleys, the rats on the corners and the coldness in my feet.

I walked for hours during the night and at one point noticed a group of men standing near me. They were well dressed and had clean faces so I figured out they were just leaving a party or something and I just continued on my path.

But my peace wasn't granted for long. As I continued to walk I started to hear some small steps behind me. I could catch the laughs, the smell of lust and drink being exhaled from their calls, their talk. I decided to walk faster through the crossroads and alleys but it seemed that they were catching my steps faster and faster. I tried to look around for someone and regretted the fact that I had left my safe roof. I was naïve to think that the worst fears were inside there, they were here and right now.

"Look Max, here we have a beauty walking alone at such late time," the taller man said as he grabbed my arm.

"Excuse me, let me go," I said quietly.

"Oh Richard, and what a fine beauty this is, imagine what we could do with her," another one appeared and replied.

"Come on guys, it is our right to do what we want with this peasant, let's do it," Richard, the taller man said.

From his demand, another two men appeared and started to grab my hair and my clothes, they were starting to try to violate my virtue, my precious jewel.

"Please, don't touch me!" I tried to scream, but they didn't care. At that time I was just a tool for their desire. Once again I would have to face the pain and accept. I tried to focus on something else since I had nothing I could do. My mind wandered through different scenes but the one image that stopped on my mind was Edward's smile and his sweet green eyes. I was such a fool; I had to get away from the only chance of falling in love. I thought about his smell, his voice…

"Get away from her!" the voice said.

Wait, it couldn't be only my mind. I opened my eyes to catch the scene: Edward was standing in front of me while the others were as stunned as I was looking at him.

"His majesty! Do you want to get in the party?" Max asked.

"No, and you should set the example of not taking advantage of the peasants, now she is with me, leave her alone." he said.

"Oh come on Edward, you could share …" Richard said.

"I said NO!" a extremely upset Edward said. I had never seen him in such anger, and the control he was managing to have seemed to be pretty amazing.

They let me go and I fell on the ground only to be caught by the strong pair of arms I desired the most. His arms felt right.

I was exhausted so I just laid my head on his chest and let go.

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