Author's Note: Hope you all enjoy this sequel to "Mothers Are Hell"...Here's the other parental unit, Thomas Jareau. NCIS Crossover. We do not own Criminal Minds or NCIS. This could not be written without my invaluable writing partner, Tonnie!

Chapter 1

Leroy Jethro Gibbs watched the black haired with the two pony tails swinging on either side of her head with a look of scorn. "I can't believe you're making me do this, Abs," Gibbs grumbled as he watched the lighted numbers above the door change. "We could have accomplished this mission with a simple phone call and you know it. I told you when you agreed to do this that we should keep our noses out of it! It's gonna backfire. I feel it in my gut!"

Bouncing around to face him, the woman in the black tshirt with a skull and crossbones across the front slammed a hand into his chest. Narrowing her eyes at him and pursing her ruby red lips, she retorted excitedly, "Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs! You know we couldn't do that to JJ! Tony specifically asked us to deliver this news in person. And since you, Mr. Grouchy Pants, refused to let him leave that crime scene, we're here to do the deed! This is a vitally important mission. It involves keeping Tony safe from his sister - who he assured us WOULD kill him if she didn't get an immediate heads up! You don't want that on our heads, do you? Of course you don't!" she rambled. "Besides, you know you don't want to break Rule 15!"

"Abs, this is HARDLY a team issue!" Gibbs argued.

"Of course it is…it's just not OUR team….it's more like our team of in-laws! It's all in the family! It's the perfect example of a TEAM problem. We have information in our possession that directly affects the continued sanity of our little JJ and it's our obligation to deliver this news in person! Come on! You know you've got a soft spot for the little blonde cutie pie! EVERYBODY has a soft spot for JJ! How can we not! Look at her parents!" Abby Sciutto justified, leaning forward to pop a quick kiss to the older man's lips before the elevator dinged its arrival.

As the elevator doors parted and the dark haired goth goddess took a step back, Gibbs growled, "Shoulda just hit the stop button cause I sure as hell deserve a lot more than a peck on the lips for this favor!"

Raising one eyebrow, Abs grinned. "Maybe later, Marine, IF you play your cards right!" Grabbing his arm in a firm grip, Abby began dragging her erstwhile boss cum lover down the hall to the glass doors leading into the Behavioral Analysis Unit. "Come on! It isn't gonna be that bad…we get in here, deliver our news and get out! What could happen, Gibbs? It's our duty, Gibbs, to inform Tony's baby sister and our friend that her straitlaced father is on his way! And if this Agent Rossi is anything like you, I'm betting he'll appreciate the heads up, too." Stopping for a brief moment to face him, she looked up into his penetrating eyes. "Or did you not appreciate the warning that my sister gave us before MY father showed up not so very long ago?"

"I despise it when you have a valid point," Gibbs mumbled.

"I know," Abby replied happily.

"Still, I don't think this required a drive from our Navy Yard to Quantico. A simple phone call would have sufficed. Hell, Tony could've called her from the crime scene for that matter," Gibbs bristled.

"News like this needs to be delivered in person, Gibbs. It needs the personal touch," Abby retorted.

Pulling open the glass door and allowing the younger woman to precede him into the unit, Gibbs snarled, "Hell, it could have been worse, I guess. We could be having to tell her that Dinozzo's mother was on the way again."

"NO! God, no! The last time that evil spawn was here I used up all my best voodoo curses just to get her out of my lab! And if I have to watch that vamped up Maralyn Monroe wannabe grab you butt one more time, I'm not gonna be held responsible for my actions!" Abby yelled.

Noticing that Abs' mini-meltdown had drawn stares from all over the bullpen, Gibbs quickly shoved her CAF-POW into her hands. "Drink, Abs. Steady yourself!"


"Now, you promise me, David Rossi, there will be no nefarious activities at tonight's festivities," JJ said, as her future husband backed her against the door to his office.

"No nefarious activities, Bella. Just a nice evening out with the boys. I'll be home be midnight and THEN I'm going to demand some of those pretty nefarious activities that you do so well," he smiled wickedly, bending his dark head to press a gentle biting kiss to the side of her neck.

"Oh, you think so? Are we just confident today?" JJ whispered, tilting her head a small bit to give him better access as his hands slid warmly up her sides.

"I just happen to know what my lady likes," David murmured roughly, caressing a cloth covered breast through her shirt. "AND exactly how she likes it," David added moving his lips from her neck to cover her parted lips. Kissing her deeply, sweeping his tongue against hers, he felt her body soften against hers as he pressed her further back into the closed door. "In fact, I could remind you right now in a small preview of our upcoming events tonight," he offered generously. "Right here against this very sturdy door."

Looking up at him with laughing eyes, JJ shook her head as she linked her arms around his strong neck. "Nope, not at the office. But, I mean it, Dave, no nefarious activities means NO STRIPPERS! Got it?"

Sliding a hand up to cup her rosy cheek, David whispered again, "I already promised you once, Bella, at my mama's house, no less, that there won't be any strippers of any kind. Just a nice little night in a little bar with the men. The only naked woman's body I want to see is the one in front of me."

"Yeah, but you've seen my naked body before. Repeatedly."

"And each time I do, I find myself even more addicted," he said hotly, bending to kiss the shell of her ear. "Your body is more than enough for me," he whispered, sliding his hands around to her buttocks to lift her against him, giving her no doubt about what the thought of her naked body did to him. "Or can't you feel that?" he whispered roughly.

"Hard to miss it, honey," JJ said against his ear.

"Good. It only happens when I'm near you. It only happens when I think about you. So, I'm telling you once again. There will be no strippers."

"Thank you, David."

"Thank me with your body, Bella," David urged, pressing more firmly against her.

"Tonight, I promise," JJ said with a shake of her blonde head. "Besides, you need go make sure our wedding license is in order with Hotch and see Henry's little tuxedo that Reid picked up."

"My son's tuxedo," David said triumphantly.

"Yes, honey, your son. I still can't believe you got Will to sign away his rights," JJ smiled, stepping away from the door.

"I made the bastard an offer he couldn't refuse," David shrugged.

"Okay, Don Rossi," JJ laughed opening the door, not really caring how David had accomplished the task, just that he'd achieved his goal.