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The thunder woke me up 7 minutes before my alarm clock. I had set it last night to give me extra time to wake up slowly. I rolled over and pressed the button, just listening to the rain outside. Of course it would be raining; I wouldn't be expecting anything else. I looked out the small window and saw that it was dark outside, the sun hidden over the thick storm clouds.

I heard a car pulling out of the driveway and realized that Charlie might really have gotten used to living on his own. I slowly rolled out of bed and grabbed my toiletry bag and clothes. The sweatshirt that I choose was actually used to belong to Charlie when he was in the police academy and I had somehow grown attached to it. Plus, it was broken in enough as to not attract any unwanted attention.

I finished with the bathroom in less then 30 minutes and I made my way downstairs. The kitchen was dangerously under stocked and I wondered how he kept himself fed. Luckily I found a box of pop tarts from a few years ago that still looked edible. I threw the wrapped in the trash and grabbed my backpack and raincoat, an ugly heavy thing that my mother brought at a rummage sale a few years back on a whim.

I smiled at my truck, I had to love something that huge and it was all mine. I climbed in slowly and started up the truck, grimacing when I heard the loud roar of the engine. I sat, trying out the radio but found that it didn't work. I waited a few minutes for the truck to warm up before I pumped the clutch and slowly pulled out of the driveway. I was happy to find that it drove well and I thanked Charlie again for being so generous.

It took me about 10 minutes to reach the school. I stared gloomily at the small building that made up the campus. The only way to distinguish the group of small brick buildings from the other places in town was the 'Forks High School' sign in the front of what had to be the main building. I checked the time and figured that someone must be in the office. I took a deep, calming breath and stepped out of the truck. I made my way carefully inside. Even with the rain boats, I almost slipped on the steps but managed to cling to the metal railing.

I took a second to regain my balance and went into the office, shaking off my rain jacket a bit to avoid making a puddle. I looked around and noticed the potted plants everywhere, the fading blue paint must have been used once to try to brighten the place up, but now it was rather dull.

"How can I help you, dear?" The older lady asked, not looking up from the file of folder she was looking through. "Oh my. You must be Chief Swans' daughter. Isabella, right?"

"Bella." I replied, cringing internally. If this woman knew who I was already that that meant that some students might know already too.

"Well Bella. It's good to have you here. I have some things for you." She shuffled through a few papers and pulled out some sheets.

"Here you go, dear. Your schedule and a map of the school. And this slip is to be given to your teachers to sign and bring it back at the end of the day. Any questions?"

I shook my head, looking down at the schedule and map. It seemed pretty basic enough. I gave her a small smile in thanks and went back outside. I pulled away from the curb and glanced down at the map to find the student parking spaces. I pulled into the closest empty space that I found and found three cars already there. One of them was obviously expensive, a silver Volvo that looked like it would cost to even touch it.

The other two cars that were in the lot were more like mine, old and sturdy looking that so at least I knew that it wouldn't stand out for that. I pushed the driver side door, having to hit it with my shoulder a few times to get it to budge.

I looked down and memorized as much as I could of the map and my new schedule. It seemed simple enough and the school itself wasn't that huge. The little buildings surrounding the main one had a certain small town charm even, so I doubted that I would have any real problems in making my way around.

I pulled up my heavy raincoat and looked up at the sky. The dark clouds hung heavy and low, a promise of the rain to surely come at some point in the day. Of course it would come, it rained practically every day here and I had mentally prepared myself for this but it still did nothing to alleviate my nerves. I sat down on one of the benches that were placed outside the door to the building where my first class of the day, English Lit., was going to be. Luckily, my next class was also in the same building.

I looked down at the map of the school and planned out the best ways to get to each class. Soon enough, cars began pulling in and the parking lot and I felt eyes on me a few minutes after. I tried to ignore the looks and just looked down, confident that I could navigate the majority of the day without getting completely lost.

I was the first one there, even the teacher hadn't come in so I waited by the door, biting my right thumbnail and scrolling through my iPod. I looked up when I heard the footsteps and found myself next to a tiny thing. She looked like a freshman, except something was off.

She had short black hair which was spiked to go in every direction. She was a tiny little thing, the top of her head came up to about my eyes and she was wearing heels. There was something almost manic about her, as if she wanted to burst out with energy.

"Hi, I'm Mary-Alice Cullen. You're Isabella Swan, right?"

"Just Bella." I replied.

"Great. Alice for me. My mom thought it would be nice to name me after a great aunt or something." She said with a little giggle.

"Well, we were the last new kids to get here almost two years ago and that means we should be ready to get stared at for the next couple of weeks. And being the daughter of the chief isn't going to make it any easier."

I just stared at her for a few seconds. She was speaking so quickly that I didn't know how she took breathes. I just nodded and tried to follow along. I watched as she took my class schedule from my hands and took out one from her expansive looking bag and compared them.

"Great! We have a few classes together. And some of the advanced classes are with the seniors so you'll meet the others."


"Yes. Theirs my twin Edward, Emmett my oldest brother, Rosalie and Jasper." I noticed how her eyes lit up even more at the mention of this last name.

I offered her what I hoped was a nice smile. It must be nice having a big family. With my mother being so in and out with men in her life, she had never even thought of having another child, and Charlie didn't really have women around when I was visiting.

She hooked her arm through mine and led me into the classroom and towards the back row. "We were the last ones to move here a few years ago and it took a couple of days to get all our books in. You can share with me and I'll introduce you to the others."

She handed me the book to look at as students began to slowly come in. I kept my head down as I felt eyes staring. I smiled to myself when I saw that I had gone through most of the material in the index already at my old school.

A middle aged woman came in, balancing a coffee cup on top of a stack of books and trying to shrug off her rain jacket.

"That's Mrs. Gordon. If you know any Shakespeare, consider yourself one of her prized students." She whispered in my ear.

Luckily, I knew the material and the 45 minute period went by without too much hassle. It was a bit unnerving when I felt the other boys in the class turn and stare at me. I ignored them the best I could and tried to follow the teacher, but that grew boring fast. I opened my notebook to a fresh page and started drawing some of the cactus that I remembered from the backyard of a friend's house from back in Phoenix.

My next class was AP Trig, which I already knew was going to be difficult. Alice had walked me over and introduced me to Jasper Hale. The tall blonde had a surfer like appearance and I almost felt at ease with him. Alice introduced him as her boyfriend and I had to think about that for a second. They were polar opposite in appearance, but I couldn't help in noticing the look of pure love that they both shared before Alice turned and walked out of the building to go to her next class.

We walked into the classroom in silence, but it wasn't uncomfortable. "You'll get to meet Emmett and Rose. I don't think Edward will show up today for this class."

"I was under the impression that you were all siblings."

"No. Rosalie is my twin. Carlisle and Esme adopted us when we were 10. Emmett, Edward and Alice are theirs."

"And Alice and Edward are twins?"

He gave a little chuckle at that. "Yes, and act like they could read each other's mind most of the time. Quite creepy. Em is the oldest and dating Rose. I'm obviously with Ali and then there's Edward, who'll you'll hear about sooner or later."

I noticed that his voice was extremely calming. I found myself releasing the tension that I seemed to always be always on my shoulders. It might have been his low soothing voice or his calm expression, but I found myself wanting to be his friend.

We stopped talking when the students began walking in. Again came the stares and I officially hated the teacher. Mr. Robins made me stand in front of the class and 'introduce' myself. I felt my face flame up and I managed to almost trip on my way back to my seat.

"Bella, this is my sister Rose." Jasper said out of the corner of his mouth when the teacher turned and started to write some equations on the board.

The smile on my lips died right away. Next to Jasper sat what had to be the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. She gave me a cold glare as she snapped the mirror compact close. The bright blue eyes that Jasper had were the exact same color as hers, but on her face they were only icy.

She flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder and turned towards the front. A few seconds later, a folded piece of paper was slid onto the corner of my desk.

Don't mind her. She's a bitch to 90% of the female population at first. And she's trying to take senior classes without being that smart.

I gave Jasper a small smile and nodded, trying to stay focused on the class. Half way through I was lost, giving up and just started to write the notes on the blackboard so I could deciefer them later on. I shoved my notebook and papers into my bag and stood up with Jasper.

Where you headed to now?"

I pulled out my schedule, double checking it and waited until Rosalie sauntered by. Yup, she definitely hated me. "Art in building A." I replied.

"Great, you're with Alice again. Just go left and past the football and track field. Can't miss it. I'll see you at lunch." He said with a smile and went towards the opposite direction of where I needed to go.

I made it to the classroom without completely getting drenched and saw Alice waving franticly from across the room. I smiled and walked over to her setting down my bag next to one of the empty easels.

"This is one of the best classes. As long as we do something, you get an A. Miss Robins is completely out of her mind. Emmett was working on a pottery vase for freshman and sophomore year and he had straight A's every semester."

I gave a small laugh as I saw a woman come in looking as if she came right from the 60's. Her wild hair and bohemian clothes reminded me a little of my mother and I felt a small pang of guilt in leaving her already.

"So, how was Trig?"

"Horrible. It's Trig." I replied.

She gave a little giggle and stood to walk me over to the supply closet. "We can do whatever we want. She just walks around the room going on and on about how one needs to 'find their inspiration' and leaves you alone. Just make sure you sign in the attendance and you're getting a good grade."

I saw her putting brushes and tubes of oil paints in a small tote bag that she grabbed from the hook on the door. I grabbed one and found some charcoal pastels so I grabbed the box of those. We walked back to the easels.

"Edward is in this class too but I don't think he'll make it this early." She said quietly.

"Must be nice to just be able to skip class." I mumbled, feeling the blush rising in my cheek. "I didn't mean it like that. I meant-"

"Don't worry about it. Edward is kinda on his own thing. The teachers let him get away with it because of the grades and sports. He's on almost all the school teams. And he has a sorta mad genius type thing going on and all his grades are perfect. He'll show up and smile at the teachers and it'll be excused." Alice replied, rolling her eyes.

We sat down at the easel and I looked around. A few kids turned their heads when I reached them but I knew that they were staring. A few people were near us working at the other easels and the rest of the class was spread out at different stations, with pottery, clay or other things. Nothing drew my attention so I just started drawing randomly.

"Wow. You're awesome." Alice said next to me. I quickly looked up and saw that the period was almost over and everyone was starting to clean up their stations.

"Oh, my dear girl, it's divine. Your use of shading is perfection." Ms. Robins exclaimed. I felt my face burn as the other students came to look at my work.

I had drawn an average looking forest scene. Nothing special, just an enhanced view of my bedroom window. I used the darker grays mixed in with everything, even the setting sun and I was embarrassed when the other students began to comment. The bell ringing saved me and I quickly gathered my things.

My next class, government was just down the hall and I was one of the first ones there. Mr. Connors, a balding middle-aged man looked kind enough and didn't make a fuss and told me that there were no assigned seats.

I made my way over towards the back when a girl approached me. She was a few inches shorter than me but with wildly curly hair and a strange smile. "You're the new girl, Isabella Swan, right?"

"It's Bella."

"Oh. Well my name is Jessica. Jessica Stanley. I heard you were talking to Alice Cullen this morning."

I rolled my eyes. Small towns were known to spread any tiny little thing like wildfire. I just continued to make my way across the room and she trailed me, talking nonstop the whole way.

She tried to give me a rundown of every person that walked into the room. Who they were dating, who they hung out with. It was rather difficult to concentrate on the lesson when she was whispering during the whole time. I just nodded and tried to seem friendly whenever the teacher turned to write something on the blackboard. I wasn't in a position to be too picky on who was friendly and who wasn't.

"So, hanging out with the Cullen group?" She said. I noticed that she seemed to be a bit bouncy. But while it was endearing with Alice, it just made Jessica look strange.

"Um, Alice just came up to and introduced herself. And Jasper and Rosalie were in my other class."

"Wow. Very impressive. The Cullen's rule this school. They were the last ones to move here and their dad is like the most awesome doctor that runs the hospital. They adopted the Hales before they moved here and it's just weird."

"Weird how?"

"Well, Alice is like dating Jasper. And the other girl, Rosalie-is a total bitch. Kinda a town slut too if you ask me. I heard she slept with Edward and Emmett. She has a thing with him now too. He's scary looking, you'll see. But it's just wrong."

"Talking about the Cullen's again?"

I turned and saw a girl skinny girl with light brown hair and brown eyes and a very kind smile. "Don't listen to Jess; she has a love-hate relationship going on there. I'm Angela." She said, holding out her hand.

"Bella." I answered. Shaking her hand too and giving her a smile in return.

"Nice to meet you. Are you tired of the looks yet?"

I laughed and nodded and followed them towards the cafeteria. Apparently all the junior and senior students had lunch during the same period.

I walked with the two of them and was introduced to a few boys and a couple of girls, almost immediately forgetting their names. I just tried to follow along and avoid bumping into them.

I was told that we needed to grab a table quickly or be made to eat under the air vents, which were freezing and smelled horrible according to a boy name Tyler I think. I found it strange that a large table by the window right in the middle of the room.

"The Cullen's sit there and whoever they decide is in there group for that day gets to join them." Angela whispered into my ear as we waited in line to get lunch.

I walked beside Angela, concentrating on not tripping or dropping my tray. I tried to seem into the conversation around me. I really did try but most of it all seemed so pointless and childish. Boys were throwing food at each other; girls were picking at their food and talking about this Edward Cullen. Angela tried was nice enough to not be catty or too nosey and just asked how my classes were going.

I was about to answer when my eyes were drawn to the doors. I saw Jasper open the door and Alice come in from under his arm. She looked like she was just dancing and I could see the love all the way from here shining from both their eyes. Behind them came Rosalie, with a massive boys' arm around her shoulder.

Her head was high and she obviously enjoyed having people star at her. The boy next to her was a whole head taller, his massive muscles not really matching the boyish face with dimples or the curly dark hair. He waved over to some jocks sitting near us but my eyes weren't on him anymore.

Behind them came in a new boy. I remembered going to an exhibit with my mom a few years ago and looking at Greek sculptures. His face was perfection-absolute perfection. His skin was pale, a little lighter then even mine and his hair was the most beautiful shade of bronze I've ever seen in my life. He was about as tall as Jasper and carried such an air of confidence that amazed me.

I looked right up to his face again and took in the straight eyebrows, the high cheekbones, strong jaw and full lips were absolute perfection, as if a master artist had created him simply for people to admire him. I couldn't take my eyes off him and out of the corner of my eye I saw that the rest of the female population of the room had turned their eyes for a few seconds to admire him too.

Behind him came a pair of boys and a few girls, one of them trying to keep up with his longer strides, and leaning her chest towards him. "That's Edward Cullen. And I guess he picked Lauren to be his um, 'companion' today. The rest of the guys are James and Laurent, his two hanger-on's. The other girls are the ones that want Edward but settle to be in the group by being connected to them."

I felt my lungs burn and I realized that I had forgotten to breathe. I forced my eyes away as he poured himself into the center chair at the table. Jasper and Emmett flanking him and the rest grabbed their seats. Jessica looked to be fuming and began to tear the rest of her slice of pizza to bits.



The alarm rang out and I reached an arm out to knock it to the floor, managing to stop the incessant ringing. I through my comforter off and stumbled towards the floor to ceiling southern window, overlooking the forest and river, of course it was raining. Over the past few years I have gotten used to the incessant rain in this miserable little corner of the world.

I looked down at my nightstand and checked my cell phone, and scroll through all the texts and messages. Four this morning from Lauren alone. I rolled my eyes; I'd fucked her a few times this week and know she thought we were some type of couple.

I pulled out a cigarette from my special pack, rolled in flavored paper that kept the smell at bay. I wasn't in the mood for anything stronger. I ran my hands through my hair, knowing that it was the only thing that would be even considered to making it have some sort of order. I didn't bother with it though, my mother would fuss with it before I left the house and Alice would make a remark about a haircut and gel. I didn't care though; it got me laid so it was working.

I walked over to my bathroom and started the water in the shower, leaving it running and going out of the room and across the hall, opening the door to the bedroom connected to mine to make sure the occupant was still sound asleep. I went back and went to relieve myself, stripping my boxers and sighing as I felt the warm water soothing my tense muscles.

I finished my shower in less than 10 minutes and wrapped a towel around my waist, walking into the attached closet, finding a pile of neatly folded clothes with Alice's girly script instructing me that it was I needed to wear today.

I chuckled and sprayed a touch of cologne and tossed my towel towards the hamper. I pulled a pair of boxers and the jeans. I pulled on the black t-shirt and laughed when I noticed all my plaid button down shirts. I think I just buy them to piss her off sometimes.

I pulled on the blue silk shirt but left it open, not bothering with the belt and stepped into the black shoes that she pulled out for me too. I had to hand it to her; she knew how to make us look good. Between Alice and Rose, we never had much of a chance to repeat outfits, which was a bit of a shame considering the dismal nightlife in this pathetic little town.

I brushed my teeth one more time, knowing that I would get that sad; disapproving look from my mother is she smelled any little thing on me. I grabbed my backpack from the corner of my bedroom and made my way downstairs.

I smiled as I caught the scent of breakfast coming from the kitchen. I tossed my bag on the couch and made my way across the dining room. I stood there for a moment, smiling when I saw her at humming along, wearing one of her pencil skirts and silky blouses, the elegant outfit interrupted by the fuzzy bear slippers on her feet, a gift from Emmett when we were kids.

"Knock knock." I said, forcing a smile on my face.

"Good morning, sweetheart." She turned, giving me that beautiful smile, as if I was still her little boy, as if the past three years never happened. I knew that I had caused her pain that the tears she shed were for me.

I went behind her, folding her small soft body under my chin and squeezing tight. When it was just the two of us, it was easy to pretend that all the mistakes I've made just never happened, that I was still worthy of such love and devotion from someone so wonderful as the woman before me right now. She put down the spatula and squeezed the back of my hands as hard as she could.

"Morning. Smells good." I said, pulling away in case someone else was running late.

"Glad you think so. Your brothers and sisters left already and I was finishing up this batch for you and your father."

"Dad's still here?"

"Yes, he's just getting up right now. He came in right before dawn from the hospital and I gave him an extra hour of sleep."

I rolled my eyes. Grabbing the offered plate of chocolate chip pancakes, a tradition at the start of every semester. I took a seat at the empty bar, eating as fast as possible to avoid any encounter with my father. I already had the speech that he would give me memorized.

"Edward, love." My mom said quietly. I fought the urge to just push away and leave the house but I fought it.

"Sweetheart, I have a good feeling about everything. This quarter everything is new and can be a fresh start for you. I mean, if you manage to keep your head straight, and be the man I know you really are, this can be the best year yet. Even Alice said so. I just wanted you to take this chance."

"I'll think about it, mom." I replied tensely. I quickly finished my breakfast, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge and headed towards the back door, the fastest way to reach Emmett and my garage. When I got there, I lovingly running my hand over my Aston Martin, my most prized possession. That was like my baby, only to be used for special occasions.

I made my way to my silver Volvo, my other baby. No one, not even Rose took better care of their cars then I did. My cars were spotless, I obsessed over them and poured money to make sure that they were in the best possible condition.

I slid into the driver seat. Pressing the button to slide the garage door open and turning the car on, letting the soft purr of the engine sooth me for a second. My cell vibrated and I rolled my eyes, knowing already who it was.

"Be ready in three minutes and don't even think about wearing lipstick." I hung up the phone, not letting her get in a word. I needed to release some tension and someone as easy as Lauren would have to do. I needed to plan a weekend away, I was running out of women in town and surrounding areas. I was being forced to repeat girls and they were getting it into their heads that we something steady.

I speed through the streets, at twice the speed limit but if I was going to make an actual effort to make it into school, then I needed to do this fast. I made it to the Mallory's tiny house, rolling to a hard stop, knowing that she would be waiting for me like I ordered.

She ran to the car. I didn't wait until the door was shut to pull out and start towards the highway. After I turned the first corner, I dropped my hand and unzipped my pants. "Get to work."

I had no problem at all concentrating on the road. Lauren gave the best head in town and even that was practically boring now. I pulled over to a worn path into the ever present forest, a path that I had used often one such morning.

Not for the first time I wondered what was wrong with me. What I did was wrong; I was a monster, someone my parents would be ashamed of. I felt as if I was falling down a rabbit whole type thing. Drugs, sex and alcohol had taken my life and fucked it up royally. It was all my fault and I didn't know what I could do to pull myself out of it.

I closed my eyes, trying to put everything behind me, to clear my head and just try to enjoy my blowjob, but it was difficult. I closed my eyes and pictured someone else; someone new and innocent. A girl that was so good that she would redeem me and drag me out of this hell. After holding onto this vision, I came with a grunt, moving the over processed blonde head out of the way and starting the car again.

A new term of school. A new start as my mom called it. I had to do something different, maybe they were all right-that this is what I needed. Only time would tell, but I almost felt optimistic as I pulled into the parking lot.