A sacrifice I'm willing to give


She's all that I can see. Her raven hair loose, mixing with the blood that was trickling down her face. I need to help her, to stop the fear and pain displayed in her eyes. Time is frozen, no-one moves. This has to stop, I have to save her. I couldn't save them, but I can save her. I take a step forward, the gun once trained on her swings round directly aimed at my chest.

"Stop! Stay where you are!"

"McGee, stop!"



The only thing I hear is her voice pleading me to rescue her. I don't care what happens to me, as long as she's alright. A diversion to make him focus on me, not them, not her. And I have nothing left to live for except her. They will be able to take him out and ensure that the rescue happens. I take another step forward. Nothing. One more step, the gun still focused on me.

"I'm warning you, one more step and your dead!"

I don't care. Ever since the phone call this morning I had felt empty. I had told no one. They were gone and telling people about it wouldn't bring them back. And this was my job not hers. She needed protection; I am willing to give it. I would do anything for her. One more step and something hits me in the leg. No pain. It doesn't hurt. She must be ok. I have to make sure she's ok. One more step and something hits my chest, shuddering through my body. I stumble, and crash to the ground, descending into the blackness.

Around me movement, but I doesn't care. I can only think about one thing. Is she ok? Is she safe? I open my eyes and blink, and try to sit up but someone pushes my shoulders down. I tired and cold. Really tired. Really cold. Maybe I should just sleep. But I have to make sure. The sound around me came back. The screams, the sobs, the yelling. It's all in black and white, with just a few sprinklings of colour. The yellow of the mug, the green of the carpet, the blue of Gibbs eyes, the red of my blood. I blink again, and focus on the blue.

"Abby." I mouth soundlessly.

"She's safe." Came the reply. "Now I want you to stay with me. Tim. Stay with me. Don't go to sleep."

"Sorry." I say as I shut my eyes.

"No! Don't do this to us Tim. Don't do it to her. She needs you."

Running footsteps, and then complete darkness. I had done my job. I had saved her. What happened now didn't matter.