Episode: None

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Challenge Word: Collapse


Acronyms are Fun

Finally, the hunt was over. Dean and Sam both collapsed to the ground, unable to stand any more.

"So, we sure showed that demon a thing or two didn't we?" Dean grinned at Sammy and raised a hand to wipe the blood off of his face and out of his eyes.

Sam looked self-satisfied, "Oh, so it's WE now, huh? I thought that I was the one that managed to get the demon off your back while you stood there screaming like a little girl!"

"That is sooo not funny Sammy, nor is it true at all. I tell ya, catch ghost fever once in your life and then all of a sudden you're always screaming like a girl or a wussy this or that. I am NOT a freakin' scaredy cat. I saved your ass tonight a couple of times too, you know!"

"Name one time that you helped tonight, besides by being bait," Sam challenged.

"For one, I took a swing at that WED bitch Lilith before she could gank you."

"WED?" Sam questioned, he's face furrowed in a perplexed look, "What the hell does that mean?"

Dean broke out into one of his infectious grins, "White-eyed Demon Sammy, get with the times, it's all about the acronyms."

Sam just shook his head and sat up off the ground, "I think we've wasted enough time here Dean, let's get back to the hotel before your WED comes back for round two and we do more than collapse."