Season: NINE

Episode: "Do You Believe in Miracles?" – Episode 23

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*SPOILERS* Finale moments of season 9/episode 23 . Yes, I know, Season nine again, but it was just so epic!

WOW: bucket

Teardrop on the Fire

Sam fought back the tears as he struggled to place Dean's still form on his bed. He couldn't stand to see him like this, broken and bloody. He couldn't stand the quiet. Sam was already planning on getting someone, anyone, to bring him back. Not a deal, no, amends for all Dean had given. He went into the bathroom and fills a bucket with soapy warm water. Just right, he thinks, though it wouldn't matter to Dean now, it matters to Sam. He carefully clears away all the blood and the grim, giving his big brother some semblance of peace.