A.N- Here's what you've all been waiting for… THE CULLENS AND BELLA PRANKING EMMETT!



This was the moment we'd all been waiting for. Boy was Emmett going to hate us for this, but we didn't care.

"Alice, how long have we got?" I asked impatiently. Everyone watched her intently, waiting for an answer.

"Five minutes." she grinned cheekily. Bella tightened her grip on Edward's hand out of excitement, Esme exchanged looks with Carlisle, and Rosalie's lips were twitching as if trying to hold back a smile.


I hummed as I parked the Jeep in our garage, everyone's cars were gone. Strange. At least I would have time to think up some brand new pranks without the annoying Eddy poking around in my mind and telling tales. I pushed open the door, the lights were all on. I slumped onto the sofa and grabbed the remote that was lying beside me. I flicked on the TV to the Sports channel; it was a sports news update. I was thinking about the pranks I could do on some of the teachers at school when the channel changed. I froze, I hadn't touched the remote. I glanced up at the TV screen. What I saw disturbed me! It was a horror movie, about a serial killer. I gripped the armrests of the sofa, I was feeling scared.

"Tsk. Emmett McCarty Cullen doesn't get scared." I said to myself. Then I realised that talking to one's self is a first sign of madness… so I stopped. If I could cry…or sweat…or throw up… then I would have. This movie should have been illegal! People were dropping like flies at the hands of this crazed………freak! Then the lights started to flicker, the TV screen flashing on and off. I whimpered. Where was my so called family when I needed them? If my heart wasn't dead, it would have thumped out of my chest. I thought about running for the door, but I'm no coward…. actually maybe I was. I started to run for the door when I heard a voice coming from nowhere.

"The rubber ducks are coming. The rubber ducks are coming for you. The rubber ducks are outside the front door." I heard a raspy voice croak. I squealed, hyperventilating thought I didn't need the oxygen. I galloped up the stairs to mine and Rosalie's room. The lights were out. I fumbled for the switch and nearly had a heart attack. There were rubber ducks EVERYWHERE!

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. Then I heard a loud quacking noise. Maybe it was trying to talk to me in its own language!

"Please don't hurt me! Please! What do you want from me?" I stuttered. The rubber duck didn't answer, so I ran back downstairs for the front door. Just as I got to the bottom of the stairs I realised that the whole living-room was filled with the evil rubber ducks too! I saw a phone in the corner of my eye, I went over to it and grabbed it. I started to dial Rosalie's number when I realised that this phone was plastic. I heard a note come through the door. I rushed over to it and read it.

"Look up." this reminded me of the prank I'd done on Jasper… WAIT A MINUTE! I looked up to see millions of rubber ducks rain down from the ceiling. I shoved them off me and pulled the door open. I sprinted for my life. The rubber ducks were after me, I couldn't ever stop. I ran screaming down the main road of Forks.

"THE RUBBER DUCKS ARE COMING! HHHHEEELPPPP!" I screeched. I saw Edward's Volvo pull beside me. Everyone was in fits of laughter… I should have known. I saw Rosalie in the back seat, clutching her sides and giggling. As much as I loved her… I really hated her for this. THE RUBBER DUCKS COULD HAVE KILLED ME! I stormed off, my arms folded and my lips formed a pout. I felt strong arms wrap around me and pull me into the Volvo. I stared out of the window on the way home. The others dragged me out of the car and pushed me onto the sofa.

"So. Was that enough payback?" Alice laughed. I nodded. Then I became curious.

"Carlisle…was the plastic phone your idea?"

Carlisle smirked.

"Yes. After you swapped my professional medical items for plastic ones, I thought it would be fair to do the same to you." he explained. I turned to Jasper.

"Was it you who wrote the note?" I questioned. Jasper gave a small nod. He looked all smug sitting there… it made me angry. I was just about to leap at him when I suddenly felt all calm. Damn Jasper's power. If this was the kind of payback they thought up… then I, the prank master, wouldn't be pranking them anytime soon!


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