Yes! Random oneshot time again! If you're looking at this without knowledge, READ ORDER OF THE STICK.

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Is it Necrophilia if you're Conscious?

Tsukiko was walking through the remains of Azure City.
For those who don't know, Tsukiko is a human with black hair in two ponytails, and blue eyes, one darker than the other.

Really wasn't as pretty as it used to be.
"Animate Dead." she said, touching one of the dead soldiers.
"Animate Dead. Animate Dead. Animate Dead. Animate Dead. Animate Dead. Hmm. No more of them left." she said, waving a hand as the six zombies moved off towards the rest of the army.
"Now I need a high level character to use my big spell on…" she said.

"Hiya Tsukiko!" said a very enthusiastic boy, jumping out of cover.
"Who are you? Why are you here?" she asked.

The boy was around her age, with long brown hair and eyes. He had two katana in his belt, like those of the Sapphire Guard, and currently he also wore a mischievous smile.
"I'm Nasshi Konpaku. I'm here because you're my idol!" he cried out.
"Yeah! Well, I liked the Sapphire Guard more, but they wouldn't let me in…" he said sadly.
"You know that's not a good thing to admit here." she said. "Why didn't they let you in?"
"Because I'm not Lawful."
"Or good."
"What are you?"
"Chaotic Neutral."
"Ok. How did you get here?" she asked.
"I teleported just after the end of the battle and hid and waited for you." he said, nonchalantly.
"Wait, wait. You can teleport?" she asked. "Aren't you a fighter?"
"No! I'm a multiclass Sorcerer/Fighter, with ranks in Tempest and Dashing Swordsman!" he said, grinning inanely.

Tsukiko stared.
"Right… why are you here again?"
"I wanted to ask if you'd go out with me!" he exclaimed.

Tsukiko stared again.
"Slay Living." she said, touching his arm. "Create Greater Undead. Congratulations, you're now a member of Xykon's army." she said, throwing a key to the newly created, very confused undead. "Pick me up at 6."

* * *

Any good? Just a plot bunny I've had for ages. Hope someone appreciates it. :)