Its no wonder I find women attractive. Its all their fault. Would they hold it against me if I told them? Would they call me a sinner, disgusting, not normal? Not that any of them are normal. Would they take offense if I told them it was their fault? Their fault, because they couldn't change the way they thought when I joined the pack.

But of all the women in the world, why did it have to be her? The one who stinks of vampires. The one girl I could have lived without in my life. I could blame everything on her, because she's brought out what they really are. She lured more of them to our territory.

This is Jacobs fault too. He spent all that time doing nothing but thinking about her. Thinking about what he wanted to be to her, what he wanted her to be to him, what he wanted to do to her.

And now I awake not from sleep but from fantasizing about her.

I rolled over in bed to take a look at my clock. I knew Sam would be upset, but I ignored my own nagging mind and pulled the covers back over my face. Then came an annoying knocking at the door.

"Leah? Leah!"

Go away Seth.

I was too tired and annoyed to actually say anything to him. Then I heard my door open and Seth was against my bed, tugging at my covers.

"Leah! Come on, we're supposed to be on guard! Sam is pissed."

I groaned and let go of the covers. Seth pulled them off of me and shrieked in disgust. The best way to get little brothers to leave? Expose your underwear to them.

"Ew, Leah! I'll meet you at the cliffs."

Seth hurried out of the room, slamming the door behind him. I sat up and sighed. I shook my head a couple times and stood, walking over to the full length mirror hanging from the closet. I stared at my self for a few minutes, turning to get better angles of different area.

I knew I was gorgeous. It wasn't hard to tell, when you catch half your pack staring when you phase back to human. It didn't bother me; I had seen all of them too. What bothered me is when I caught one of them thinking about it later, like I was some piece of meat. The pack knew better now. I had maimed Paul when I first caught him thinking about it. No one else dared to do it again.

I looked myself over in the mirror once again and reached down to pull on my worn cutoff jeans. I tugged my worn gray camisole in different directions to straighten it a bit, and walked out of my room. I ran my fingers through my short hair as I walked down the hallway. As I emerged into the living room, I saw my mother standing at the dining room table rummaging through her purse for her keys.

"Headed to the Swan residence?"

She only nodded at me and walked about the door. She never said much of anything since Dad passed. Not even to me or Seth. Especially if it was about unimportant things.

I followed her out the front door, and while she turned to the driveway, I turned the opposite direction to head the woods behind the house. I saw Seth as a wolf, and as soon as he spotted me, he sprinted off into the woods. I walked into the woods, and once I felt I was in a location that none of the other La Push residents could see me, I stripped and tied my clothes to my leg, and quickly phased.

My front paws just barely hit the ground when I was scolded.

Leah, you know you were supposed to be doing your sweeps around Bella's more than an hours ago, was the first this I heard from Sam, Jacob has been doing you sweeps. Go and relieve him. NOW.

I'm fine Sam! I heard Jacob complain, but I could feel his fatigue.

Idiot, was my response as I ran.


I growled as I changed my course to relieve Jacob. I heard everyone of the boys snicker.

You assholes should go take a lesson on how to shut up from Paul, I warned.

The snickering stopped. And then someone started up talking to Sam about Emily. I growled loudly and ran faster. I heard Sam scold whoever said it, but I was so mad that I ignored everything else.

I had to push myself against my will to make rounds near the Swan residence. I had no issues with Chief Swan. He had been a good friend of my father, and when my father passed, he was a real support pillar for our family. But I could not stand his daughter. Not only did she hang out with vampires, she was selfish, whiny, annoying, and a two-timer. Above all else, she had never even come to apologize for our loss… she didn't accompany her dad to the funeral, from what I heard, she was too busy hanging with a vampire.

Yet here I was, fantasizing about the bitch. Just as I thought this, I caught wind of her scent in the woods. What the fuck was she wandering in the wood by herself for?

I picked up my pace and headed straight for her. When I knew I was close enough to catch everything around her and where she could see me, I phased back to human and ran directly towards her.

"What the hell are you doing in the woods? Are you a fucking idiot? Jacob and Sam aren't making me guard this place for my health. Lord knows I have much better things I could be doing right now!"

Bella just started at my face, not flinching. It was enough to make me feel self conscious and turn away.

"I wanted to know who else was running sweeps," she said calmly.

I turned my head back to face her and looked her up and down. She did the same to me, but blushed. I shook my head, annoyed, and reached down, untying my clothing from my leg. I stepped into my cut-offs, not bothering to zip them up, and was getting ready to pull my cami over my head when she rushed towards me and pulled it out of my hands.

She studied me for a moment as I looked at her, trying to figure out what the hell she was doing. Suddenly she reached up and slid her arms around my neck, pulling herself against me, putting her lips to mine.

I stood motionless for a minute. What to do, what to do. But something in my head clicked and I raised my hand, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

She ignored me and let out as soft gasp, like the pain of me pulling her hair was pleasure to her. And then I couldn't stop myself.

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