"Are you really going to suspend Robin Scorpio?" Alice asked as she prepared the twins' lunches at ten-thirty Monday night.

"It wasn't the first time she crossed a line. Scorpio has been giving her opinions, wanted or not," Tracy said. She chopped carrots and cucumbers. Alice leaned over and stole a carrot.

"So I got a call from Alexis today," Alice said. Tracy waited for her wife to continue. When she didn't, Tracy said,

"They didn't take the deal, did they? When do we have the trial?"

Alice sighed. "Alexis will get back to me but considering that I'm two months along, probably sooner than later."

Tracy hugged her wife from behind. Alice turned around and leaned down to kiss her wife.

"Mere?" Aidan asked as she stood in the doorway.

"What, cub?" Alice broke away from the kiss.

"I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Um, I think you should sleep in your own bed," Tracy said.

"But your bed's warmer," Aidan pouted.

"Why don't I tuck you back in and read you a story?" Alice said.

"O.k." Aidan scampered off. Alice and Tracy exchanged smiles.

"Can you finish the lunches?" Alice asked.

"Of course. I'll meet you later."

Around three in the morning, Tracy glanced at her wife who looked back.

"At least sooner the trial, the sooner we can move on and focus on this new little cub," Tracy said.

"Mmm-mmm. I just worry about how this will impact the cubs and the rest of the family," Alice whispered.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine," Tracy said, yawning.

Alice turned over and, before she knew it, sleep overtook her.

--Two weeks later--

"Good morning," Tracy whispered.

"We have court in three hours," Alice said.

Tracy nodded, "Are you nervous?"

Alice looked at Tracy. "It's going o.k."

"Worse comes to worse, we'll leave for Europe to raise the kids," Tracy got out bed and heading to the shower. Alice sighed.

Georgie was already making eggs and Dillon had the coffee ready. Tracy sipped hers and read the paper.

"I wish I could go with you today," Dillon said, "But I'm in the middle of cutting a film."

"That's o.k. Ned came in last night. He'll be there," Tracy said.

"Where are you going?" Morgan asked.

"We're going…" Alice thought for a moment, "We're going to see a person because we're fighting with some people and this person is going to help us stop fighting."

"Oh. O.k. Will you be home for dinner?" Aidan asked.

"Definitely. And I think we can make BLTs for dinner. So I want you to be good today in school," Alice said.

"Mom?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah, baby boy?" Tracy said.

"Things are going to be o.k. , right?"

"Absolutely. Now get your book bag ready."

Ned smiled at the couple.

"Hey Mom, Alice. How are you?" He asked.

"We're o.k. Allie had some morning sickness. The cubs are doing good. Oh, Morgan wants you to help him with his fingering," Tracy said.

"Of course. Is he driving you crazy with the guitar?"

"We've soundproofed the basement," Alice said.

"Are Monica and Alan coming?" Ned asked.

Tracy nodded at Alexis and Diane as they entered the courtroom.

"Alan and Monica?" Ned prompted as they settle into seats.

"Ah, they are working," Tracy said.

"They are having a hard time with this whole thing," Alice said.

Just then Michael and Sonny with Ric walked in. Michael smiled at Alice. Alice shivered. Then the bailiff announced the judge and Alice took a deep breath.

"What are we here for, Joe?" Judge Henry Knick asked.

"Quartermaine v. Corinthos."

Alexis stepped forward. "We move to relinquish the rights of Michael Alan Corinthos. The child's mother wishes her wife to adopt the child at birth."

"And I suppose you object?" The judge asked Ric.

"Michael wants to step up and be a father."

"How old is Michael?" Bones asked.


Bones sighed. "How did the pregnancy occur?" He asked Alexis.

The room was silent. The judge asked again.

"Mr. Corinthos raped my client and she became pregnant."

"We admit that Michael is responsible for the pregnancy but we insist it was consensual," Ric said.

"O.k. I'll hear arguments from both sides after lunch."