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Here is a small taster from the first chapter...

Ziva glanced at her phone. One new message, apparently. She read the message. It was from her friend, Channah.

"Ahalan =]
Channah x"

"Hi =]
Channah x"

Ziva keyed in her reply.

"Ahalan. Ma shlom-meh? Z x"

"Hi. How are you? Z x"

She laid her phone down on her bedside table. She really should be packing, she knew.

Her father had told her that she was being sent to a boarding school in America. Lucky me… she thought. She would be leaving all her friend behind, and she didn't know if she wanted to have a long-distance relationship with Hirshel, her current boyfriend. She didn't even know why she was agreed to date him…

To try and get someone else out of your mind… A niggling little voice in the back of her mind poked reminders of last summer at her. She pushed the thoughts away hurriedly...

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