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Author – Chibi / Warlordess

Notes – Wow; another ToS fic so soon? I'm sort of proud of myself, though this is a bit sadder of a plot than I'd like it to be. Not angsty or anything, but not exactly bright or cheery either. Still, I'll deal. Even if I don't know whether or not this is going to be more than one chapter. . .

Warning – This fic is from the POV of Cruxis, kind of; this means that there will be spoilers for the end of the game. I'm not sure it matters, but I wanted to let you all know.


Title – "Lloyd's Role"

Summary – The mana lineage has born unto the land of Sylvarant a new Chosen of Regeneration and Cruxis has given her reason to die already. Colloyd-ish with a hint of darkness. Lloyd-centric at first.


As the Chosen's group continued on their way back to Meltokio, Lloyd couldn't help chancing a silent glance in Colette's direction. She stood there smiling and trying to talk to Presea, though it seemed to be a lost cause. They had just finished hiking up the Fooji Mountains and battling Pronyma. Lloyd had, in the midst of his adrenaline rush, challenged Yuan also, but he'd gotten away. . . Thanks to the traitor, Kratos.

Despite losing his chance to fight the leader of the Renegades and also possibly finding out more about why he and Colette were needed to accomplish their goals, he couldn't help feeling highly relieved about at least one thing.

Colette was back. He'd already welcomed her home of course - would have done it with open arms if that kind of thing wasn't known for making other relationships so awkward - but it still felt so good and unbelievable and dream-like that he had to turn around every few minutes and make sure that she was still her. After all, Lloyd had been proven so very, very wrong when he'd said repeatedly that Colette would always be Colette. He was sure more than anything that the person who'd been traveling with him up until just a few minutes ago - nay, not a person but the "lifeless being" attached to the Cruxis Crystal - had not been his best friend of at least eight years.

And yet, as pleased as he was to look her in the face and see her smiling and laughing and talking so lively back, he himself noticed his overly-cautious attitude. He felt like he'd been emotionally out of sorts since meeting Yuan and hearing about the Chosen of Regeneration and how she didn't have any say at all in her own life. It was worse now that he'd met that man again, rather, it was brought back full-force.

He blinked and suddenly raised his head. This wasn't good. He wondered if Colette noticed, or if she knew what had been said back at the Renegade base in Triet. All she'd said when revived a little while ago was that she'd known about him giving her the necklace, she'd perceived that somewhere in her unreachable, untouchable angel-stasis. . . What did that mean, though? Did she somehow come to grasp everything that had happened since she'd lost her soul or. . . were things still a blank to her? Surely if she'd known what Lloyd had learned she would have said something to him by now. Colette wasn't known for taking big, troubling things in such stride.

His thoughts were interrupted as the group began to discuss their next series of movements. They decided they would reenter the city of Meltokio and make contact with Sheena's friends. They would help the group from Sylvarant make safe travel throughout the world of Tethéalla. . . at least, for now. The last question came from Raine, who simply asked what they should do in the meantime.

Lloyd wasted no time in coming up with a hollow-toned answer, avoiding looking anyone in the eyes.

"I think we should rest. We just fought an agent of Cruxis, and Colette just got her soul back. We don't even know for sure if she's really okay or if it's. . . a temporary fix. I say we relax and eat something and move out a little later."

Everyone was staring at him, he could feel it. Sheena shrugged her shoulders in acceptance and Zelos more than happily pretended to collapse against her from exhaustion (after which she throttled him and left him laying in the dirt). Apparently those two were okay with the idea.

"That's a good thought, Lloyd. It's true, most of us don't know what to expect to go through upon trying to get into Meltokio as restricted outlaws," Raine praised.

"I guess I'll start on dinner then." Genis smiled and turned away with a kind expression, "Colette, you said you were hungry earlier, right? What are you in the mood for? I'll make anything you want."

Colette laughed with glee and crossed her eyes in thought. Even Lloyd couldn't help but laugh at the level of concentration she put into it. But then, knowing her, she wasn't even thinking about herself. She was probably wondering what she could ask for that would also suit everyone else's tastes. . .

An unfamiliar feeling raced through his heart. He wasn't used to it, but somehow he could still tell what it was; fear. But still, what was there to be afraid of? That Colette wasn't cured yet? Or maybe it was to do with the predicament Yuan had put him in. He didn't want Colette to know, he wondered if she actually already knew, he didn't want to blame her, he couldn't really blame her. . . could he?

He heaved a sigh, understandably having lost his appetite somewhere along the way. Still, he scarfed down about one-third of what was offered to him and then laid down and - at some point, a fair few hours later - found himself the victim of a troubled and nightmarish sense of sleep. He didn't want anyone else to know, it was shameful. How could he even wonder about the possibility of his blaming Colette for what Cruxis had done to them? How could he pay such attention to Yuan's words. . . ?

So he decided he'd keep it to himself and that Colette would hopefully never find out. He was certain no one else would tell her; it wasn't their business. Slowly, he would get over it and move on, and the two of them would act like nothing had ever interrupted their friendship. Because for a reason he still didn't quite understand, her figuring out what had been said between him and the Renegades while she had lost her soul was something he would dread forever.


Lloyd thought his intentions were pure and good; he thought that the fact would ensure that nothing happened that would negate those intentions. Only, that thing came too soon for him.

"Lloyd, what's wrong with you these past few days? In case you haven't noticed, I was doing the cooking tonight, not Raine." Genis stated before turning to stare up at the ominous shadow of his sister, who than smacked him over the head through her bitter silence, "Ow. . . !" He took a moment to rub at his scalp while his sister muttered curses and walked away, ". . . Anyway why haven't you been eating the past few days? Is something wrong with the food?"

"Uh. . . Nothing's wrong," Lloyd noticed his voice was a little high so he coughed, pretended some invisible piece of food had gotten stuck in his throat (which he knew was impossible since he hadn't even started on the plate yet), and tried again, "Oh, I - I mean, I don't know. Maybe I'm just catching a cold or maybe I miss the feel of Sylvarant. . . I don't think it's anything serious though so you don't have to worry about me."

"Who said I was worrying?" Lloyd almost wanted to hit him even though he knew the half-elf was joking. "What I'm saying is if you don't want the others to start thinking that there's something you're obviously avoiding you'd better stop spilling your food around every time we sit down to eat and start actually putting some of it in your mouth. Colette's been waiting for it for almost ten minutes."

Lloyd jumped at the sound of his best friend's name and hoped no one would catch on to it. Still, he heard Genis admit under his breath about how obvious the problem was. He looked up and in that unlucky split second his eyes caught sight of a pair of ocean-hue blues. He looked down again almost immediately but it was too late.

"Um. . . Lloyd?" It was Colette, of course.

Damn, she'd seen. She'd noticed. She had to know by now that he was avoiding her. She wasn't that oblivious.

"Uh, yeah Colette?" He asked, looking up again slowly but surely. Somehow, suddenly, it was so easy to keep talking with her once he'd started. Unfortunately, it was over just as soon. Colette gulped down a bite of her own food as she stared him down from across the fire in the center of their campsite.

"Mm," she shook her head rapidly, either not wanting to talk anymore or not knowing what to say, "Never mind; it's nothing."

To sooth her soul, Lloyd finished about two-thirds of his dinner that evening, hoping that despite retaining all of her angel senses, Colette hadn't somehow heard the guilt-ridden beating of his heart. Of course, he looked up at her and she didn't look back again, which he supposed was a good sign, but the smile that had been on her face up until a minute ago was suddenly gone. He hitched a breath and caught eyes with Genis, who glared back. He could only imagine why.

Feeling very shameful he scarfed down the rest of his meal and walked away from the group. To train, he said, and it wasn't a complete lie. Colette watched him go and wished to follow after him but in her heart, she could only wonder what she could say to make the situation better.

The next week or so went on like that. Lloyd continued to be confused about his own feelings. He knew Colette had no control over what had become of his prospective family, and he knew more than anything that he couldn't find it in himself to blame her because of that and yet. . . and yet. . . ! Somehow he still didn't think he'd know what to say to her if she brought up the topic for discussion. He'd tried once or twice but every time she would laugh with some inkling of. . . embarrassment? He wasn't sure; she would excuse herself with a sense of urgency rarely used before.

He had thought she'd wanted to bring it up with him at some point too but the knowledge had been his plague and he'd done all but faced it like a man. There was always an excuse to be used, and while Lloyd and Colette continued to socialize with one another for the sake of their friends it was easy for almost everyone to see that their relationship suffered.

Interventions were made but failed upon impact. Zelos was even sympathetic and when Lloyd realized that, he knew he was in trouble.

A few nights later the group had escaped the Papal Knights and the Pope and their titles as traitors of Tethéalla, taking an overnight break in the shinobi village of Mizuho. Lloyd had had his conversation with Tiga awhile ago and the familiar air around him now reminded him of it. He had stated his idealist outcome for the new pilgrimage his friends were on. He wanted to find a way to save the two worlds without the sacrifice of anyone, including Colette. Then the group had been offered a place to sleep for the night since, next day, they'd be taking on Volt, the Thunder summon spirit.

The night before, Tiga had warned them that they'd need their rest. It was a good thing, too, because with Sheena's emotional attachment, it had been one of their toughest battles yet. . . and then they'd gone to save Colette from Rodyle after her kidnapping, and had since returned to Mizuho. . . Everyone was asleep now of course, last of all Sheena, perhaps also remembering everything that she'd had to experience again a short time ago. It had all left her understandably antsy since their rearrival. But she had finally grown exhausted from her edgy restlessness about thirty minutes ago and retreated to the hut where everyone else was.

This left Lloyd alone to mull over the words he'd told Tiga because, well, because he didn't want to think about. . . certain other things. He didn't want anyone to feel that their personal sacrifice was the way for someone else to feel fulfilled. He had to find another way so that nobody else would have to go through what Colette had gone through, what all the other past Chosen of the two worlds had gone through. He'd remembered the way she often looked at him in praise and pleasure and awe, and couldn't help wondering if she'd have done it then, had she been there during the conversation. He hoped that as assuredly as he'd stated all of it, she would feel thoroughly touched and concerned at once plus a few other scattered emotions in between. She would also have an expression of wonder on her face, as though asking him if he meant all that he said. In the slightly wild and imaginative dream running through his head, Lloyd wished there had been a moment in time when he could reflect on it all as something real so that he could tell her that he'd never meant anything so much in all of his life.

But there would have been no time for it. He realized now that it was easy to move on when everybody else was around and keeping him busy, but during moments like these - (breaks in the chaos, late at night, when he wanted to sit in the rare silence under the moon and just catch his breath) - that he missed her company most. After all, how many fulfilling discussions had the two friends had under the moonlit sky's guise?

"Lloyd. . ." It was a squeak, like the wind creaking against an old tree branch. And though Lloyd knew very well that it could have all been in his head, he turned anyway. Was it a stroke of good luck or far too good to be true?

"C - Colette?" But it was her, looking relieved to have found him, yet still uncomfortable with the situation. There was something else there too, but he couldn't tell no matter how hard he tried what it was. She squirmed over so slightly under what must have felt like his scrutiny.

"I'm sorry Lloyd; did you want to be alone? I just wanted to make sure you were okay so. . ." He quirked an eyebrow at her awkward, makeshift form of conversation. This is what they had come to, then. Guilty shifting and shallow words and eyes that couldn't meet. . . and one running away in avoidance just when the other might need them most. (Though he didn't necessarily mean Colette when he said that.)

"No Colette, stay. I want you here with me."

It was said during the vast silence of stars and the blanket of night so she couldn't pretend she didn't hear him.

"Um. . . okay."

She stepped up and sat next to him without another word and twiddled her thumbs. The two of them were like that for awhile and Lloyd realized at some point that he was barely breathing. And, despite the incrimination negativity he prayed the Colette was feeling the same so that the two of them could at least be on the same page somewhere along the lines.

Someone stepped all over the eggshells and glass without warning.

"So. . . how have you been?" Lloyd asked, hating himself for not already knowing the answer.

"Um. . . okay," Colette gulped, "It's really weird, suddenly feeling things, and eating, and sleeping again. . ." She blinked and reiterated, "Not that I'd give it up or anything! I mean, I don't regret it at all, none of it, except. . ."

"Except. . .?" Lloyd had now simply stopped breathing.

"I miss you." Leave it to Colette to speak those words so clearly and assuredly. She really was the braver of the two. And even when Lloyd released a guilty chuckle (which Colette mustn't have heard because she didn't say anything to him about it), he knew that he felt exactly the same way. "I miss us, I miss this. And I know it might just be me, I know you might not be able to help the way you feel but. . . but I. . . I'm sorry!" And, unfortunately for him, she clenched her eyes closed as though trying to hold back the tears and ended up releasing a few.

"C. . . Colette. . ."

She jumped to her feet in the mere half-instant it took for him to attempt to grab hold of her wrist. He missed by only a few inches.

"I'm sorry, Lloyd!" She cried out again, bowing so low that the curlettes of her long blonde hair skimmed the grass she stood on.

"C - Colette. . . ! What. . . what are you. . . ?"

"The others told me. I. . . I didn't really remember much from the time I lost my soul. All I knew for sure was that that part of me that Cruxis had taken - had locked away - was released the moment you gave me the necklace in Sybak. I remember it like a breath of fresh air. I took one gulp and could see and hear everything so clearly, but I couldn't move yet. It was like some part of my physical being was. . . healing itself somehow. And I wouldn't be able to take back complete control until it had.

"I remember watching my hand move like a flash of blinding light when I kept Pronyma from taking my necklace at Mt. Fuji, like it wasn't mine. . . and then it was!" To her it had all become like a picture show before regaining herself. The gaps in time, and she always felt like she was watching someone else when her body moved around - during the time she remembered anyway. The parts she didn't she had tried to ask about but. . . well. . . Lloyd hadn't seemed emotionally available to her all of a sudden.

And so the others in their group had compensated and told her every important detail she'd begged of them. She clenched her fists in expectance.

"Lloyd. . . when I got my soul back, I remember you telling me 'welcome back.' You always tell me that after something happens to me and. . ." She looked him in the eyes for the first time that day, though Lloyd could say that he was at least partially to blame for that. What she had to say must be important then. "But. . . if you're only doing it for my sake, please - please - don't Lloyd. I'm sorry but. . . I couldn't bear it if you didn't really want me here and you were only acting like you did f - for me. . ." Her hands unclenched again and she took a deep breath before holding it completely.

Lloyd blinked in reply. He honestly hadn't expected that, hadn't thought Colette could put all of those emotions into words. . . and he wouldn't have wanted her to. They were bad feelings, those of uselessness and abandon and to know that she was asking him, knowing that he'd made her feel that way. . .

He stared at her, not sure how to tell her in the nicest way possible that she was wrong, and then he noticed the look in her eyes. She was waiting for an answer and she'd already assumed she was right. She assumed that whatever she'd given up during her time as the Chosen of Sylvarant - her ambitions, her personal gratification, relationships, and her humanity - had come down to this. And she assumed that she'd lost. . . lost him.

"The Professor told me about what happened at the Tower of Salvation and after, too. She said that the Renegades saved us from Cruxis and took us to their base. They wanted to keep me from becoming Martel's new body. They wanted to take me to ensure I wouldn't be and, to make sure you didn't want me around anymore, they told you about Cruxis turning me into who I am, told you my choices in life were made through the system that creates the Chosen.

". . . And that's how I met you, Lloyd." Tears welled up in her eyes again as her retelling came to a close. "F - For so long I've been grateful for you. I knew you best of anyone and grew to depend on you. Your bravery made me want to be brave too. . ." He decided he didn't like where she was going through the flattery and wanted her to stop talking, though he didn't tell her soon enough and she pursued the point of conversation. "I was born the Chosen of Sylvarant, and when I was four my father and grandma Phaidra told me that I could save every person I'd ever met, and even those I hadn't, if I went on my journey. They told me I'd die. . . but even though I couldn't say no, I also didn't understand why. . . Then I met you."

And now he knew more than anything that she needed to stop talking. He opened his mouth to finally say so but she went on anyway.

"You were everything I needed to see to know I was going to do the right thing. I was making the right choice. I was going to die because you would have lived happily in the world my death created. I - if you could be happy there, would be happy there, then I had to give it to you. . . Will you tell me now that those thoughts and beliefs are wrong, or that they've been provoked by Cruxis all this time?"

"No!" Lloyd was the one on his feet now, jaw clenched and hardened stare focused, "No, you dork, I couldn't ever tell you that! Not when I would be the one who would willingly die for you too! I couldn't let you go, I could never. . . never. . . let you go! I want to save the world, both worlds, but if you die then what's the point in it for me? I would have returned to Iselia knowing that all of those things I'd told you about - about wanting to protect you and make you better and see that regenerated world with you - meant nothing!" Lloyd, who had shouted it all in one breath, finally took a chance to catch his.

"But now it's so hard to look at you and not feel like I'd deserve it! Lloyd, the Professor told me about everything that happened while my soul was gone. . . including how it's my fault that - that Cruxis went after your mother. They killed her, Lloyd, and all so you would end up living with Dirk and having to meet me." Her gaze was steady and she didn't look too hysterical anymore, though if anyone could tether their true intentions to the best extent, it had always been Colette.

This was what she had been building up to, obviously. His mother. The thing Lloyd had been thinking of all this time, the one thing he'd wondered about, far more than about meeting Colette at all.

"You're such a. . . Colette, you'd die because of that? Because one of our enemies who we know we can't trust said you were the cause of something like that? You would be dying for all the wrong reasons! If you had to, why would you choose to die because the leader of the Renegades--"

"--Because I can't keep you here! You're so important to me, I love you so much, and I knew forever that if there was any reason to give up my life it would be because of you, for you! It's why I left you in Iselia, why I lied to you about the journey, and being sick! I know you, Lloyd; you wouldn't be able to say that it's okay - it's against your nature. But I wanted to protect you. . . and now, beyond that, what could I really choose to do other than that? After what happened to your mother, your family, your life. . . !"

". . . You really. . . you think you're really the one to blame? Colette. . ." Lloyd rifled through his hair with an available hand, his other just itching to grab hold of his best friend and keep her close, keep her from making stupid decisions. He knew somewhere within himself that he was the only one who stood a chance. "Cruxis killed my mom, Colette, not you. And then they tossed us into the middle and made things happen a certain way. What would you have me say? Do you want me to blame you?"

"N - no, of course not. . ." She refused to look him in the eyes.

"You do, don't you? I'm sorry I can't make it easy on you, Colette, but I could never find a proper reason to blame you for something like this."

It hit him then, like being struck across the face, why he didn't want her to know what had happened at the Renegade base in Sylvarant. He had no problem finding someone else to blame but he had known somewhere inside from the very beginning that Colette, selfless as she was, wouldn't be able to help but blame herself for what had happened. He hadn't wanted that for her so he'd tried to keep it all to himself and, unfortunately, had caused a subconscious change in his behavior towards her.

She only looked up at him in silence and waited for the punishment for what had happened to him - what he'd lost - because of her status as the Chosen of Sylvarant. Because of that it was easy to see why she flinched the next time he said her name.

"Colette. . . I don't know how things would have turned out if I hadn't met you. Whether Cruxis influenced it or not, it doesn't mean anything because I wouldn't be able to imagine my life without you in it. I need you here with me; I wouldn't be who I am without you by my side. As for my mom and dad. . ." She flinched again and he continued to speak despite it, ". . . Like I said, I don't know how it wouldn't turned out anyway, but I - I do know that I'd regret not knowing you. Colette, I miss my mom and I wonder about my dad almost everyday but those what if's and maybe's and if only's are bearable because I have you and Genis and my dad - (meaning Dirk) - and the others around."

Colette finally looked up at him and, she had to admit, she'd never admired what she'd seen more than she did now.

Unfortunately, as inspired as she was, it only led to more tears. And this confused Lloyd greatly.

"Do - don't tell me that you're still not convinced?" He exclaimed and grasped his head in wonder and exasperation. He didn't know what else to say to make her understand. Fortunately for him, Colette chose to respond with a rapid shake of her head and raised her arms to get his silent attention.

"I just. . . didn't know what to think, what to do when the Professor told me. I - you were always the best thing in my life and I wanted to keep you and those feelings safe forever so. . . so when you stopped talking to me I assumed it meant you really didn't want me - want me here - anymore. And I understood why you must have felt that way. . ."

"Don't think like that, Colette. I always say I care but never specifically do I say. . . you're my family. I miss my mom but I can live and move on because I have you." Lloyd finished with a troubled expression on his face. It was like he wanted to say it a certain way or with a certain meaning but was having difficulty getting to that point without a doubt, "Back in Iselia you made school in the village worth going to, and on the Journey of Regeneration - back when we thought we were doing the right thing - I was always so proud watching you become an angel for everyone. . . After my exile, fighting with or - and for - you made the pain of my mistakes worth bearing. My ideals," Lloyd couldn't help but use the words Tiga had earlier on, "only exist the way they do because I learned most of them from you. But when you said in the Tower of Salvation that your time had come and you were dying to regenerate the world, I knew in my heart it was wrong and that I couldn't give you up. Not yet; not ever." And he finally found the strength in himself to lean forward and grab her hand.

It was the rejuvenating breath of fresh air that she'd been needing, and then some when she felt his grip on her, and she knew he wouldn't let her shake it off even if she tried her hardest. It meant that he really wanted her to stick around, then.

The two collapsed backwards so that their faces barely felt the whiskers of the cool grass beneath them. They stared up at the night sky and the stars and Colette realized she'd missed them. She'd been so distracted since she'd gotten her soul back, and before that - well - obviously it wasn't a sight Martel's vessel would bother noticing. . . but they shown so brightly, so strongly. Straining her neck a bit and glancing in front of her, she could see the outline of Tethéalla's Tower of Salvation. At some point, that would be their destination, wouldn't it? It was a little scary but suddenly she thought she could handle it, and she knew why. With Lloyd holding onto her with all of his strength it would be impossible for Cruxis to tear them apart, right?

She was interrupted by an almost silent chuckle and let her head fall back again, turning to face her best friend inquiringly.

"What are you laughing for?" But it was infectious, and though she didn't understand it, she joined in too.

"Oh, well, I thought it was funny. I mean, Yggdrasil or whoever it was that supposedly had us meet. . . They expected us to be close enough for you to die for me, but not close enough for me to protect you from that, to stop you. It doesn't really make much sense. I mean, knowing that I'd never see you again and that they would be using what was left of your body to bring the Goddess Martel back. . . What did they expect me to do? Just let it happen because, while you cared that much for me, I didn't like you enough back?" He laughed again, this time a little louder. "They don't know who they're dealing with, what they've gotten themselves into. Because," and here his grip on her hand tightened even more though it wasn't enough to hurt, "I plan on putting a stop to everything they're doing, all of their lies and schemes. They don't deserve to get away with any of it, and you don't deserve to die just so I can live in a slightly better world than before. Not if there's another way, or other circumstances. Too bad they didn't see it coming, right?"

She giggled too and curled a little closer to him, her cheek landing on top of his arm, almost along his chest. Somehow it seemed much more comfortable than where she'd been before.

"You're right Lloyd; you always know better." She was proud, she was impressed, all like never before.

Tug. And she was sure that that one had come from her heart, and that he'd felt it too.

The warriors and leaders of Cruxis didn't stand a chance against them now.


Notes – Hah, I realized after posting this that I hadn't put any ending notes. I was just excited to put it up, huh? But this is good. Hopefully. I mean, I'm sort of scared that the plot didn't go where people may have expected it to, but. . . Anyway, this gives me a chance to introduce the theory for my next fic (already started on it); my first Colloyd confession fic! YAY!

But seriously, I plan on making this thing my. . . hm. . . my masterpiece? Lol. That sounds right. The whole thing centers around Colette getting sick again (trying so hard not to use the Japanese spelling for her name, and the others too) only it's sort of different. She's lovesick for Lloyd, and for whatever reason, it's causing her to lose her angel-enhanced powers. Heh, when I say lovesick it makes it seem funny, but it gets kind of serious. The best part is that it's the first fic where all eight characters in the party (including Zelos, not Kratos; I hate the fact that you have to kill Zelos to get Kratos back in the group) have some sort of part or line in the plot. It's a good thing because I need to learn how to write them. I sort of have an idea for a Sheelos fic in my head, and even a little serious one-shot for Gesea. Wow, that's weird to say. . . I don't even know if I support that last one, but when I came up with this idea in particular, it just fit so. . .

Anyway, no more rambling. I've finished the prologue / first chapter (not sure which) of that story already on my computer, while I've drafted 3.5 others in my notebook (still need to type about fifty percent of it). I'm working a few bugs out of the plot (pretty sure I've finished that though) and will probably end up posting that story either next week or the week after. Oh, and it's my first Tales of Symphonia fic that's longer than three chapters too! So exciting!

But I'm done now, I swear. Um, please review, please. Only one person has for this fic and it's sort of sad. I'm hoping now that it's finished and clearly documented on FFN as completed that a couple more people will step up to bat.

Thanks in advance! Hopefully. Heh. Goodbye!