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I woke up in the morning to find Gerard staring at me with narrowed eyes and the side of his mouth pulled down. I wondered what could possibly be wrong. I raised an eyebrow and he decided to explain.

"You sleep talk." He reminded me.

"Yeah, and?" I asked.

"You mentioned him." He said and I shrugged. "Bella don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about." He carried on looking at me through narrowed eyes. "Fine, I'll quote for you. 'Edward, I love you. Please, come back. It's not the same with Gerard.'" He sounded exactly like me, my eyes widened and I bit the inside of my cheek. Shit, I forgot about that, stupid sleep talking. "Well?" He asked.

"I don't know." I answered with what were the only words I could think of.

"So, do you want me or him?" He asked and his voice broke on the last word. I just sat on my bed with teary eyes and playing with my fingers and trying to avoid looking at his face. "Bella. Me. Or Him?" He demanded. I mean what the hell, when you look at it clearly Edward left for my safety meanwhile all Gerard could think about was doing me and checking if he was the one I wanted. That's not love, that's lust.

"Him." I answered and after a moment I heard Gerard sigh.

"Fine." He nearly hissed. "I hope he doesn't end up crushing you Bella. You know what vampires are like." I then looked up. "Can't trust them." He said and his eyes narrowed even more –if that's even possible- and a wicked smile played across his lips. "You really can't trust them." He then crouched and laughed. "Do you seriously think that I'd ever fall in love with a human?" He laughed again. It felt like he just slapped me and inside my chest my heart gave a funny, painful squeeze. "I was sent here to convince you to turn yourself into a vampire and join the Volturi but I guess what's the point in trying to sweet talk you into it. It only really works if you're willing, and the only way you'd be willing to come was if you were in love with me. You would follow me wherever I went. But oh well, I'll just drag you to Italy, but of course, after I've bitten you, I couldn't disappoint Aro." He said and stepped back once as if he was getting ready to pounce. I was sitting there frozen in shock. All this was a lie? He made me reject Edward so he could gain some approval from some vampire Royal twat?

"Why?" I managed to squeak out. "What do you get out of this?" He smiled.

"A position at Aro's side. It's would be quite an honor to work for him, to be part of the greatest coven known to all vampires. To be feared by everyone." He was power mad! A flaming lunatic!

"But why does Aro want me?" I squeaked again.

"You're Edward visited Aro for help and Aro was extremely pleased with what you could do with your power once you were a vampire."

"But I don't have any powers!" I yelled and remembered Charlie. I risked a glance at the clock and saw that he must already be awake.

"You do. And don't worry. Charlie's not here. I told him that I was going to look after you." He grinned menacingly. "He went fishing with Harry. But I guess I best get on with it." He said and then pounced towards me. I screamed and squeezed my eyes shut but his weight never came, I heard a crash and the growling began. I opened my eyes and saw Claire, Amiee, Alex, Jason and Alice, Jasper and Emmett. I didn't even know my room could fit that many people in here. One minute Jason had his teeth next to Gerard's throat and the next he was flying through my window and the rest of them jumping after him. I started to shake uncontrollably and Rosalie appeared at the end of my bed.

"Now look what happened." She said and rolled her eyes at me. I just stared at her with wide eyes. "You hurt my brother and then your lover ends up being a… a…" Rosalie struggled for the right words. "A weirdo!" She ended her sentence with weirdo? I raised an eyebrow. It was unusual for vampires to be lost for words. "He will forgive you." She said and Déjà vu struck me like a bolt of lightning.

"It was you!" I yelled. "You sent the text message!" I yelled again remembering the message.

a second later my phone beeped again. This number, I did not recognize.

He will forgive you.

"Well who else?" She asked sarcastically.

"But, but, but…" Now I struggled for words. "You don't like me Rosalie. Why would you… you know? I expected it to be Alice or someone, but not you." I said and stared at her.

"Urgh!… Bella, my brother loves you; it was a pain in the backside seeing him miss you so much. It annoyed Jasper the most because he could feel what Edward was feeling, and therefore everyone near Jasper started sending off waves of Edward's pain and it annoyed me. And Emmett missed his brother and their usual bickering and fighting. Edward was just lifeless. Okay? Lifeless." She said and looked at me with the most serious look I've ever seen in my whole life. "Take. Him. Back." She ordered me. I quickly looked at the floor.

"He wouldn't want me back. I hurt him yesterday." I said. He couldn't have possibly run that fast away from my house to not be able to hear that I wanted Gerard instead of him. But that was a lie too. I sighed and tears came running down my cheek. And to my own shock, Rosalie laughed.

"You are truly unbelievable." She said and grabbed me out of my bed and jumped out of the window. I saw a flicker of orange in the trees and tried to turn my head so I could see Rosalie but I was slung over her back so that wasn't possible.

"What's that light?" I asked her.

"They burnt him." She laughed a skin crawling laugh. I shivered.

"Nice." I muttered sarcastically. "How did you know he was going to... urm… bite me?"

"Alice." Was all she replied with and I nodded. Alice would have seen it and then told my family. No wonder the whole lot except Edward was there.

"Where is Edward?" I asked and we broke through the trees and I saw only the stairs Rosalie had run over and then flung her house's front door open and again ran up the stairs. She didn't even bother knocking she just burst into Edward's room and put me on my feet.

"There." She pointed behind me and I quickly turned around feeling a bit embarrassed that I was standing there in my pajamas. I heard the door behind me click and I turned around the check. Rosalie had left me and Edward alone.

"Hey." I mumbled and looked at the floor. I shook and got goose bumps from the breeze coming in through his open window. In a flash Edward was next to the window and shut it. He then disappeared again and returned with something that looked like a night gown. He extended his arm with it and I took it and put it on. "Thanks." I mumbled again.

"What brought you here?" He said and smiled.

"Rosalie. Like you didn't see." I said and rolled my eyes. But it still didn't make much sense why Rose did so anyways. He laughed.

"I see she didn't even let you get dressed. Must have been in a hurry." He said and came over and took my hand. "And your family thinks I'm a jack-ass." He said and laughed again. Tears ran down my cheeks again. I felt like a twat. He had done all this for me and I rejected him for someone who only put on the image of loving me when all he wanted me for was to gain some status. "Sorry." Edward mumbled and hugged me to his chest.

"No!" I screamed. Okay, maybe an over reaction. "I'm sorry." I mumbled and he kissed my head.

"I should have taken better care of you." He said and then I felt him shake a bit. "Hell! I shouldn't have left in the first place." He yelled this time. "Forgive me?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded and he lifted my chin with my tears still running down my face. He lowered his head slowly and touched my lips lightly before kissing me and wrapping his arms tighter around me. I did the same and just then the doors flew open.

"Oh geez! Flaming heck. That was quick Bella. Urm… I'll give you a minute." Alex quickly said, clearly embarrassed and shut the door. Edward and I laughed with our mouths still moving in sync until I finally managed to relax in his arms and enjoy the feeling of having him back. Of finally finding the one I love and the one who loved me. He wasn't a fake and neither was I, unlike Gerard. I'm sure Gerard could have found his perfect match someday if he hadn't decided to try and get inside the Volturi coven so desperately, but that someday will never come. My true family had dealt with him. And he will never bother me again.

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