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Author's Notes: This takes place in the same time as SWAK. When Abby was watching the video to see if she could find who delivered the envelope and found that Tony was there in the middles of the night and Gibbs said he does his best work at night. Abby responds back. So he says. This is why he goes in late. Just a short fic


No, please no. He dark haired man said as he tossed and turned sweat beading on his forehead. The moonlight slicing through the room resting on the agitated man in the bed tossing and turning. The silent night was suddenly interrupted with a scream. Tony woke up screaming again. He hated having these nightmares. He ran a hand over his face and then got up to the bathroom and ran the water washing his face with the cool water. He knew that he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep anytime that night. He quickly got dressed and picked up his gun and badge, locked the door and made his way towards his car.

Walking towards the bullpen he made his way towards his desk. He turned on his light and sighed and then took out the reports that he knew that Gibbs wanted finished. Not for the first time he wished that he had a normal childhood and had a good father that should have loved him then he would be asleep in his bed like everyone else was and not here alone at night. Two hours later he closed the file that he was working on and put it back in his desk and turned off the light and got up. He was going back home. He needed to take his shower, make his breakfast and then go back to work.

The End