Author's Note: I know I've officially "retired" from fanfic writing, but I decided to come back for a no-pressure deal. So I'm liking this whole one-sentence deal people keep doing. I'm also liking the iPod shuffling challenge on the Spinelli lj.

Therefore… Short iPod snippets. I'm not promising anything beautiful, but I feel like writing, and I don't have much time for anything spectacular. They might be a bit longer than one-sentence, just because I'm not that creative.

This really doesn't follow any particular plot. It's strictly Spixie, anti-Winnie-the-POO, and JaSpin friendship, with the occasional SpinLu friendship.

Oh, and I'm probably going to cheat. My iPod is filled with show tunes that already have a story, and I don't feel like disrespecting the plots of good shows with my own stories. Unless it's something obvious (aka RENT, something weird, occasionally Phantom or Avenue Q)…

Here goes.

1. Hey Jude, the Beatles

He's not sure which is more accurate- the reflection of his face looking drowsily bored and depressed in his whiskey, or the one glaring at him from the glossy counter of the bar. He's not sure of anything until Lulu shoves him off the bar stool and tells him to get over himself.