Author's notes: The Killers are amazing. I love the guitar solo at the beginning of this song.

11. All These Things That I've Done, The Killers

He had no idea why he was still awake, but he was. Two in the morning, and Jason Morgan was watching old reruns of Full House on Nick at Night.

Not only was it scaring him that he was watching the show, but he was also a little embarrassed that he knew the show usually came on at six in the morning, not two.


And then he heard something. And it wasn't Uncle Jesse throwing his comb or Danny knocking over a bottle of cleaning solution.

Then it was quiet again. Jason felt for the remote with his hands, finally gripping it and pressing the mute button. He knew it was somewhere on that coffee table.

Listening, Jason distinctly heard a sob.

Not bothering to turn off or un-mute the television, he sat up and ran up the stairs.


It was quiet, but something was wrong. Not bothering to knock on the door, Jason pushed it open, a slight touch supplying all the force necessary to enter the room.

He quickly made his way to the bed, where Spinelli lay pale and shaking on the bed, asleep. Jason observed how sweaty his face felt, and felt a slight feeling of fear and curiousness creep through his system.

"Spinelli?" He shook his friend and roommate's shoulder gently, trying to rouse him from his fitful slumber. No response. "Spinelli. Wake up. Spinelli?"

"Wh-wh... Stone Cold? Why are you jostling the Jackal's appendage?"

Jason, slightly relieved to see Spinelli awake, sat on the bed to speak to him. "You were having a nightmare, I think."

Spinelli slowly sat up. "Oh, um... The Jackal apologizes for awakening Stone Cold from what he is sure was an otherwise peaceful slumber." But he didn't lay back down.

Making his way into the bathroom, Spinelli turned on the light. Jason silently followed him, finding the hacker splashing water on his face in the sink.

"Spinelli... Are you alright?"

"The Jackal is fine, Stone Cold. Please go back to sleep," he said gently.

Jason put down the lid of the toilet seat and sat down. "No," he said, shaking his head, "something's wrong. And you're going to tell me what it is right now."

Spinelli turned around, and Jason saw the dark circles surrounding his eyes, now fully illuminated by the bathroom light. "Stone Cold, it can wait until the sun rises, can't it?"

He turned to leave, only to notice that Jason wasn't budging. Defeated, he turned around.

"If it makes you feel better," Jason sighed, "I was watching TV. You didn't wake me up."

"Oh, well... The Jackal has read in several reliable and trustworthy scientific journals that-"

"Spinelli," Jason interrupted in a warning tone, only to pause and add gently, "what's wrong?"

Spinelli sat down on the tile floor. "Sometimes, the Jackal... I mean, I... I keep remembering some events from the past. Events that I've not spoken about to anyone, not Stone Cold, not Fair Maximista... No one. And, if Stone Cold does not mind, I will not reveal any of these memories at the present, other than to simply state that there was a time when parts of the Jackal's life, personality, and actions were not as noble as might be expected."

Jason didn't quite know how to react to this. "Spinelli, we've all done things we're not proud of-"

"I'm not asking for your help, Stone Cold, I'm asking for you to understand. I've done... well, seen, and just been involved with- some regrettable and horrible things. The Jackal can not state enough that-"

"Spinelli, I'm here for you. And when... or if, I guess, you ever want to... tell me these things, I'm here. I know I'm busy a lot of the time, but... I'll make time for it."

And Spinelli was silent.

"Thank you Stone Cold."