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Izzy was on his computer looking at his emails he was now 16 and still didn't have a girlfriend, then he suddenly got an email from an unnown address, he opened it and it said:

To Izzy,
You know me and I know you but I love you and you don't.
From your secret admirer.

Izzy read it over and over again before he began to smile, he emailed to the mystery girl:

To whoever you are,
please let me know who you are I will promise to go out with you if you do.
From Izzy.

Yolie was also on her computer and she was the one sending Izzy the emails, that night she was convinced that she liked him and would tell him.
After about 10 minutes later she got a reply from him. Oh no he wants to know who I am I wonder whether he would really go out with me if I told him, might as well take the risk.

To Izzy I am Yolie please don't be shocked I have liked you for years and wanted to tell you but I was always too scared to say it out loud.
From Yolie.

Izzy was waiting for the reply very eagerly, 'I wonder who it is maybe its.... Yolie wow I think I like her.' He thought to himself. About 2 minutes later the reply finally came he qiuckly opened it up and read it.
He couldn't believe it it was Yolie wow! He qiuckly typed:

To Yolie I think I like you to but I could never admit it to my self or you so please be my girlfriend.
From a very eager Izzy.

Yolie was very nervoise about what the reply would be she sat there sweating like crazy when Izzy's reply arrived she opened it right away, she nearly jumped with joy, instead of emailing him again she ran to his appartment and knocked on the door, luckily Izzy answered the door.

Izzy heard the doorbell ring since he was the only one home he answered the door and standing there looking happy was Yolie in person she ran to him and kissed him right in the lips, Izzy was so shocked but he happily kissed back.

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